Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Help ! Help ! Fire in my office !

For the first time in my undercover daytime working experience, I had to face a fire situation in my own office (can't imagine if it's on my own level) .. I panicked a while, at the same time contemplating whether or not to take the alarm seriously (could it have been just a fire drill practice??) But everyone was going down the stairs so fast.. What should I do??

Duuuhhh.. when I went downstairs, I saw so many people gathering around because the fire alarm rang so loudly.. I was still confused and tried asking around but it seems that nobody knows what's happening..!

Hmm...strangely, there was no smoke or fire coming out from my office building which got me thinking, "Hey, this must be a joke..!" Well, it was actually a fire drill, aiya!! Panic for nothing... But it seemed so real, man!

So all in all, it took around 30 minutes for the firemen to gather everyone outside the building.. But in the meantime, a few people sneaked around and went up to their office.. What-lah! haha :D ...

"Nokia 6300 is very very good !!!"

Yup, that was what my good friend Serine told me abt her phone. As you can probably see now, Superhero S is still undecided over which hp to buy - Samsung E-830 or this Nokia 6300. But having seen the Nokia 6300 in its real physical form and having mingled around with its controls, "hey! Nokia 6300 appears to be very very good eh!!!"

Well, having seen the quality of the pics taken from her current ailing SGH-E720C (see related post), it doesn't seem that sharp and beautiful when Superhero W puts them up on the blog (you can judge for yourself at the quality of the pics as seen from our recent previous posts .. here and here) Maybe it's high-time she she gets a hp with a good camera! (Yess!!)

I might just go for the Nokia 6300. Looks beautiful, sleek and ultra-elegant! Any of you guys currently using this hp? Superhero W asked around at Lowyat Plaza and was told by those salespeople that the price is RM950 (Zitron set + 1G memory card) Pretty reasonable since Superhero S got her SGH-E720C at the price of RM1450 a little over 2 years ago! (*Fuh!)

P/S : Special message from Superhero S to Superhero W : "Honey bunny sugar pie, my birthday's coming..." *ahem ahem, wink wink...! haha :p

What's up for dinner??

Well, Superhero S turned on her cooking mode and whipped out a few dishes for dinner time yesterday. Cooking is no joke since she just came back from her undercover daytime job and the two superheroes were both famished! (stomach playing to rock 'n' roll tunes already!) hehe.

But well, somehow she managed ( tired...!) and cooked Superhero W's favourite Kacang Botol Masak Sambal (spicy winged beans), Omelette with Chinese Cabbage and finally, Black Pepper Chicken. Oh, what a spread! :p

You can take a look at what we had from the pics below...

p/s : superhero W - fuh... my stomach growling :D

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

This is my Watercress Soup...

As Superhero S is always crazy over soups, she has made it one of her top priorities to be able to master at least 1% of her sifu, Superhero Mum's cooking skills in order to survive far away from home. After being so jelak (bored) of cooking only old cucumber soup and ABC soup for the past few months, she has decided to branch out into cooking this Watercress soup!! (sai yong choi thong) Yum yum! hehe.

First attempt and it turned out okay. Haha. Phew! You can take a look at the soup from the pic above. Superhero W is not really a soup person, so he needed a little coaxing to get him to drink some of the soup. So far, he has successfully managed to accept the old cucumber soup and the ABC soup, and now this. So what's next? Maybe lotus root eh... (my fav!)

You're gonna love these BALLS !

Last Saturday, after having our yummy Nyonya Laksa for breakfast, Superhero Mum brought the two superheroes to feast on yet another fav for the locals in Malacca. What else other than the superbly delicious, Chicken Rice Ball!!

Oh!! Yummy yummy yummy!!!

You see, whenever the two superheroes go back to Malacca, those chicken rice balls are like our staple diet! We MUST have them whenever we're back! hehe. Oh yeah...! But not every stall in Malacca serve excellent chicken rice ball you see. It's all about going to the right shop for the best chicken rice balls in town! Only 2 - 3 places in Malacca serve quality chicky rice, but please never ever eat those from franchise chain outlets. They are too commercialised!

Well, the one the we love is located near Ujong Pasir. The restaurant has been operating for a long time, and as far as I can remember, Superhero S practically grew up eating in that restaurant! (I'm not kiddin') hehe. The food is really really good. They serve chicken rice balls, roast or steamed chicky, meat ball and fish ball soups, and those fat, juicy bean sprouts. Just look at the pics and you'll get what I mean!

P/S : You gotta go early before they run out of chicky balls! :p

FIFA 2008..Look at this stupid BUG !!

FIFA PC 2008 is the latest football game launched by EA Sports. Actually, I am a fan of this game. I've played it since FIFA 97 and a little bit of calculation show that it's been 11 years! So, as the FIFA PC 2007 made its curtain call last summer, I've been waiting for the latest version.

Last week, I finally managed to get hold of the game! (arhhhhhhh!!!!) I was eager to play the game ( you can ask Superhero S :) ) I started playing a few games feeling so happy! EA Sports has made this game more real than their last predecessors. They are concentrating on the Game Play and want to give more room for the users to control the game.

But, when it came to a game between Manchester United vs Arsenal, I spotted a bug...!! (what the *tut!) :D Well, you can see it from the image below ( click on the image to enlarge it )

There was only the goalkeeper in the field ( red dot ) ... but all the team players ( MU ) are somehow standing outside the field.. What the *tut! I was leading in the game at that time, so I decided to continue and tried to control my goalkeeper to avoid Arsenal from scoring. Phew! Thank goodness I made it through.. But the bug was gone after I made a substitution..

As a regular player for EA Sports FIFA PC game, I am quite disappointed but I hope the bug would remain out of sight so I can enjoy playing this latest version of the game.. (puh-leaseeeee!!!) :D

Monday, October 29, 2007

Try this authentic Nyonya Laksa...

The two superheroes went back home to Malacca last weekend (which explains why there weren't any post of Sat & Sun. We apologize!) So Malacca being the home for Peranakan cuisines (Baba & Nyonya food), the best Nyonya Laksa had surely gotta come from this little historical town!

Superhero S along with her Superhero Mum explored deep into the jungles of Malacca (haha! no-lah, just kiddin') and drove to Tengkera to savour one of the best Nyonya Laksas in town! Well hidden out of the busy Malacca town, the shop is located amidst a lot of big trees (thus creating a very relaxing and cooling ambience) at the side of a small road connecting Tengkera and Kg. 8. One may just drive past that road without realizing that it's there!

My Superhero Dad used to bring my Superhero Mum here. So now, my mum brought me here for the fantastic, ultimately genuine Nyonya Laksa. They sell other delicacies such as Mee Siam, Pai Tee, Nasi Lemak and their famous cendol too. Mum ordered Laksa Bee Hoon (rice vermicelli) while Superhero S ordered Laksa Mee.

The laksa arrived in a ceramic bowl and the first thing I realized was the colour of the laksa. It was fiery red but at the same time, it was all too fragrant because they added some of those leafy herbs as well (I dunno what it's called). The first bite was really exhilarating when its first flavours all exploded in my mouth, leaving me with a deliciously hot and spicy after-taste. The kuah (soup) was really thick and after downing it all, I really wanted a second helping!!! *Cannot, have to control... hehe.

The laksa is good. Very very good. A little big pricey for Malacca standards (RM3.30 a bowl) but well worth it. Try it when you're in Malacca!

My Google Page Rank is now 2 !!! (Arhhhhhhhhh...!)

On this date, 29th October 2007, our blog is 1 month and 5 days old. Within this first month, the two superheroes have seen lots of achievements being made in "A Tale of Two Superheroes". But of course, most importantly, we've made a lot of friends in this blogosphere..

However all these while, one thing has always remained illusive to us and the one thing that I've always thought about and discussed with Superhero S - our Google Page Rank. Of late, I've encountered many postings about Google Page Rank being downgraded in a lot of blogs, with some of those affected being very significant bloggers like John Chow, 5xMom, and a lot more other probloggers.

Just now, my friend Xyiry suddenly told me that the Google Page Rank has come "alive" (oh yeah...!) and has made a mass updating to all blogs. But for me, I was thinking that "hey, a 1-month old blog wouldn't have any difference in the Page Rank because the last time we checked our Page Rank, it was N/A (not available) *down!

But, I was shocked when just this morning, I checked "A Tale of Two Superheroes" and found that we have a PAGE RANK of 2 !!! Arhhhhhh!!!! what a big surprise!!
But hey hey hey, we're not going to stop at that. We strive to go further and promise to continue bringing a lot more exciting contents to all our readers!!!
Thank you all and thank you Google!! :D

Friday, October 26, 2007

Domino's Delivery Vs. McDonald's Delivery

Aisyoh..this one...
Cannot even compete ar!

Domino's delivery wins HANDS DOWN!! (cheers!!! fiu-vit! fiu-vit!)
McDonald's delivery ar, go back and ta-pau la! (pack your bags) *shooh!

This is scene from one McD delivery experience not too long ago (Superhero S's chairman wanted to give a few of us a McD treat and decided to ask for McD delivery)
Our colleague, Ah A did the calling and after placing the orders, Ah A puts down the phone and all of us waited.

Ah A: the guy said he'll be coming in 45 minutes

Us : long ar. 45 minutes just to get here?? McD Ampang Park is like what? 5 minutes from our office???

Ah A: aiya, never mind la. You got nothing to do in your office meh? Do your things and wait lo.

Us : ....

45 minutes later

Us : eh, 45 minutes already. Why the guy still haven't reach ar?? Sesat is it? (sesat=lost)

Ah A: lemme call that bugger.

Calls McD.

Ah A: just now I asked for delivery, how come now still haven't come? 45 minutes already.

McD : huh? er..wait..lemme check. Oh! our delivery guy is on his way already. Reaching soon. Just wait a while more.

Puts down phone and we waited.

Another 30 minutes later

Us : Ei..I thought you said the guy said the delivery guy is reaching already

Ah A: This McD ar!

Calls McD

Ah A: Ei, you said you guy is reaching already?? where is he?

McD : Huh? er..wait..lemme check. (want to check how many times???) Which branch did you order from?

Ah A: Ampang Park

McD: You should've ordered from KLCC.

Ah A: Huh?? Ampang Park is so much closer! And why now only you tell us this? didn't you direct us to the Ampang Park McD??

McD: Wait..lemme check again. (#%^*%!) Btw, who are you? (got time to ask who are we somemore!)

Ah A: The general manager la! my client is going home already! (us laughing in the background)

McD: Oh ok ok ok...lemme check with our delivery guy. Sorry bos!

Puts down phone and we waited

Another 15 minutes later

Us : Wah, ini macam tak boleh oh. Wait until no mood to eat already.

Ah A: Don't make me call that bugger again.

Just when Ah A was about to lift up the phone, comes poor delivery boy panting and sweating like hell, looking so scared!
What's worse! The food is bloody cold!!! EEEEK!

So, it took McD 1 1/2 hours to get from Ampang Park to Superhero S's office which is like 5 minutes away and ended up serving us cold food. (I personally dunno what to say) Good job, McD!

You can never beat Domino's who reached us in less than their promised 30 minutes. They served us hot pizza in only 20 minutes! I salute you, Domino's!

We're going to Domino's! (now now..don't be jealous)

*This post is written by Superhero Baby3. (the pig wants to promote itself because he still hasn't found his gf...) - (See related post)

ahem... ah.. erm... (nervous)

"I'm going to DOMINO'S PIZZA tonight!!!"
After waiting for so long... Yessss!!!!
I've been waiting for them to come to me (Domino's infamous 30-minute guaranteed delivery) for this entire week and finally, "Victory!"

My Superhero mummy & daddy are bringing me to them instead! (My Superhero mummy has been cooking this whole week...So no chance to ask for delivery)

Erm, btw, anyone interested to come along with me as my gf? *blush blush (the pig still hasn't given up on finding a gf!)

p/s : click here to see my biodata.. hehe ( I want a GF! (Pls send me your photos) )

Check these out!

The two superheroes sing, dance & hum to these current favourite tunes!

Introducing... *ahem ahem
"Whatever You Like" - Nicole Scherzinger Ft. T.I.
"Clumsy" - Fergie
"Stronger" - Kanye West
"The Way I Are" - Timbaland Ft. Keri Hilson
"Me Love" - Sean Kingston
"Love stone" - Justin Timberlake

Check them out!
hehe. Superb.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Champions League Update ( 24-25/10/2007 )

This week's champions league cup matches are listed below (EPL club) :

what a surprise Liverpool lost to Besiktas ( must wake up )
- Here's the link to the highlights :

Arsenal(7) vs Slavia Prague(0) ** history had been made ( 7 - 0 )
Dynamo kiew vs Manchester Utd
Besiktas vs Liverpool
Chelsea vs Schalke

Details :
Thursday ( 25/10/2007 )
Besiktas (1) 2 vs Liverpool (0) 1 FT
Hyypia (og) 13
Bobo 82

Gerrard 85
UCL, Kick-off: 19: 45
Att: 32500
Chelsea (1) 2 vs Schalke 04 (0) 0 FT
Malouda 4
Drogba 47

UCL, Kick-off: 19: 45
Att: 40910

Wednesday( 24/10/2007 )
Arsenal (3) 7 vs Slavia Prague (0) 0 FT
Fabregas 5, 58
Hubacek (og) 24
Walcott 41, 55
Hleb 51
Bendtner 89

UCL, Kick-off: 19: 45
Att: 59621
Dynamo Kiev (1) 2 vs Manchester United (3) 4 FT
Rincon 33
Bangoura 78

Ferdinand 10
Rooney 18
Ronaldo 41, (pen) 68
UCL, Kick-off: 19: 45
Att: 43000

Oh, I'm in LOVE!

My Superhero S cooked me this bowl of Mi-Suah (can't recall what it's called in English) for dinner! She had wanted to cook earlier on but had forgotten to defrost the chicken meat. So, this time, she has firmly decided that "die-die" also must cook her Mi-Suah!

Looks good eh? Tastes even better! *wink wink... (must "ampu" a bit)
Filled with so much chicky meat because she knows that her Superhero W loves chicken meat! She also added some sawi Jepun (Japanese "choy sum") because she loves vege...
AND, she had quietly popped an egg inside the bowl, hidden nicely below all the noodles to surprise me! heh heh...

What can I say?
"Oh, I'm in LOVE!"

p/s :
MEE SUAH - This thin, delicate noodle is made from rice flour, and is usually sold dried in boxes. It takes no time to cook, and is generally served in a soup. Representing 'long life', it is customary to serve a person Mee Sua soup on his or her birthday in Nyonya homes. ( quote from - MalaysianFood )

John Chow was here !!

Early this morning, when I opened my blog and scrolled down to the MyBlogLog Widget.. What a surprise when I saw that two great visitors have actually dropped by our blog! Who? Who?

The two professional bloggers who had entered my blog last night are :

- John Chow(money making problogger) and
- Gila Chess/Andrew Ooi (problogger) - my collegue's sifoo ( PHP master :D )

Just wanted to say "Welcome!" and please do come again..
And to all of A Tale of Two Superheroes' readers, a warm welcome and hope all of you would enjoy our blog postings and continue sending us your comments..

Chao, amigos.. **Yawn, morning...! :D

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I don't want to get LUNG CANCER!!

Help! Help! *sob sob...
Some freak in Superhero S's office is puffing away endlessly every single day! Have some courtesy for those who can't stand smoke, will you? There's a reason why they have an open-air section or a place dedicated to smokers. So don't smoke in an air-conditioned office with your doors open!
Grrrr.... "I don't want to get lung cancer la!"
Second-hand smoke is far more lethal than whatever that goes into the lungs of smokers. I don't wanna die from inhaling second-hand smoke!

To all good souls out there, anyone has a good idea to help Superhero S get rid of those cigarette smokes? Don't get me wrong ok? I'm not against smokers but I would just like to emphasize on some consideration for those who don't smoke.

Superhero S has been using "Long Lasting Shaldon Pot" air freshener but it doesn't seem to be helping much (not that long lasting also!) Any other remedies?? A friend suggested charcoals. Maybe that'd help?

Kenny Rogers vs. KFC

Wah..this is tough!
Superhero W is a chicky fan, so this means that he likes all kinds of chicken meals (I'm not kidding!) but Superhero S has her moods (sometimes she likes it, but sometimes she can turn all vegetarian or all fishy)

We both love Kenny Rogers and KFC, but we would only eat either of them on very different occasions. When the two superheroes are feeling a little more "light & easy" , we go for our fav, more healthy Kenny Rogers. But when we're feeling a little "wild & mad" , we go dig in our sinful fried chickys!

Well, just the other day, the two superheroes just had their Kenny Rogers with one of Superhero S's close friend, Serine at Kenny Rogers Roasters MidValley. Service was near-sucky but thank god the food was okay. The two superheroes share identical taste buds and ordered Kenny's Quarter Meal (Black Pepper with extra sauce) and 3 side dishes : mac & cheese, coleslaw and the potato with the olive oil thing (forgot what it's called); while Serine ordered just mac & cheese (she's a sucker with cheese!)

The conclusion?
The food was good.
But the service was bad. Tsk tsk tsk.
**Kenny Rogers should start hiring more experienced ppl rather than banking in on those younglings to serve their customers. Shame on you!

p/s : Superhero W - actually, before I went back to Sabah two weeks ago, we planned to eat Kenny Rogers ( related post ).. But because of our cute, little baby3 wanted to eat McD breakfast at the LCCT Airport, we have to postpone it until now. :D

Our Baby is 1 Month Old !!!

Yes, our baby is finally one month old.
One month ago, same day, September 24th, A Tale Of Two Superheroes was born!
Our first post was published on that same day! (related post)

You know, the first month is always the most significant. For the two superheroes, having broken our 1000th mark last week and having made a nice community of friends here is an extremely happy start for us. We promise to continue using our superpowers to excite our readers and fellow bloggers in more posts to come!

So, hang in there ppl and continue to walk through this journey with us, because we'll be bringing you more abt food, food, food, baby3, eh...hehee...and more abt our adventures in discovering this exciting world of superheroes!

Happy "1-month" birthday to us! :)

p/s : Superhero W - I read chanlilian's posting about her 3rd year blogging anniversary yesterday, remind me about our 1st month blogging birthday.. huk huk huk.. Happy Anniversary to everyone also !!! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Truth about Korean Instant Noodles!

The two superheroes had their favourite Korean instant noodles last night for dinner; Shin Ramyun for Superhero W and Samyang for Superhero S (both hot mushroom flavour! Yummy!!!)

Yes, eating instant noodles is unhealthy but take it in moderation laaa... Please don't makan your maggi mee every day ok? Can die of malnutrition. Hehe. Okay okay, so Superhero S wanted to cook mi sua for dinner last nite, but decided to change plan immediately because she had forgotten to defrost her chicken meat! Aiya...

Next option? Maggi mee lo, since Superhero W was too hungry to wait for anything that needs longer than 5 minutes to cook! So, to save Superhero W from the brink of hunger, Superhero S decided to cook maggi with some chinese cabbage added la. But then, just short of opening the plastic wrapper of the Maggi mee, she saw something else in her kitchen!
Wah! Got Korean mee!!! I totally forgot that I had bought it over the weekend!! Oh yummy yummy...! Now the truth abt why Korean mee is better than our local noodles :

1. Because they have better texture of the noodles - thicker & more springier

2. Because they have extra ingredients inside the pack besides the seasoning & mee

3. Because they have a much better flavour than whatever the local noodles have (we love hot mushroom!)

4. Because they are much more filling than your regular instant mee

5. Because the South Koreans eat the highest number of instant noodles in the world! So this makes them the instant noodle pros. Trust the experts. Period.

Just like what I said to Superhero W before he tried his first pack of Korean noodles.

"Try it and you'll never want to eat Maggi mee anymore after this"

True enough.

(But being RM2-2.50 per single pack, the two superheroes still have to eat their Maggi mee...paiseh paiseh)

Remember "Stairway to Heaven"?

I'm sure all those Korean soppy drama fans would have watched this super duper torturing serial a few years back right? haha.

Well, the two superheroes had just finished watching the entire serial (oh finally...!)

Superhero S was really really crazy and extremely into Stairway to Heaven when it was first shown in Malaysia over at 8TV and immediately went to bought those two killer CD collections of the drama and even the soundtrack (She's cuckoo over the leading actor, Kwon Sang Woo, but ever since she found Superhero W, she has given up her share on Sang Woo and let other girls drool over him instead! Nah)

So since Superhero W has not watched this ridiculously draggy and soppy drama (unbelieveable!), Superhero S decided to introduce him to one of her most favourite Korean dramas. So the two superheroes has been watching it over the past few weeks (it's really loooooooong!) and despite Superhero S having watched it for countless times (she used to watch it every single day during lunch time while she was still studying to perfect her fireball superpowers), she's still happy to watch it once again. hehe. *blush blush

Just the other day, we finally finished the entire series!!! Arghhhhh!! Cannot stand ah. Never felt so relieved to see Jung Suh die in the end (faster die la...want to drag drag!) Haha. Cruel. Bluek.

Monday, October 22, 2007

BPL @ EPL Highlights

It's been 2 weeks that the English Premier League had its holiday because of the International Matches for the qualifying session. So, I will bring you a few highlights of matches from last weekend.

Aston Villa (1) VS Manchester United (4) ;
Arsenal (2) VS Bolton (0) ;
Everton (1) VS Liverpool (2)

Just wanted to bring you some updates :

- 2 Aston Villa players were sent off in the match against Manchester United !
- 2 Everton players were also sent off in the match against Liverpool !

And 3 of them were sent off and conceded a penalty kick for Liverpool and United
( But sadly, Rooney missed the spot kick )

p/s : I can't put the video feed in my blog for this week because of the lack of bandwidth.. Hope you guys will enjoy the highlights from the link I provide. See ya.. !!!

Wah! So cheap ar??

After our breakfast at McD, the two superheroes happily cruised to Low Yat Plaza to jalan-jalan. We wanted to upgrade Superhero S' PC since she kept complaining that the PC always gets stucked whenever she plays her favourite The Sims 2 (+all the expansion packs).

But it's been a while since I last kept up with the hardware prices..
So we were just there to make a survey first to get a clearer picture of the price. We wanted to buy a piece of 1 GB DDR2 RAM and maybe even a bluetooth device. So we headed straight to the 3rd level, to the same shop where we bought our PC 6 months ago.

Superhero S preferred that I talk to Ah A, the salesperson since she's still in breakfast mood and she's a bit blur when it comes to IT . So, I asked the person for the price :

Superhero W : Bro, how much ar the RAM, for 1GB DDR2?

Ah A : aiyo acai, wait ha, I take the pricelist first; sudah naik harga la ( the price increased already ) ...

Superhero W : Haa? naik ar? how much bro? naik banyak ka? ( I turned to Superhero S, giving her the signal to get her fireball superpower ready if the price is too expensive )

Ah A : Sekarang sudah mahal. RM100.. Bulan ini dia naik halga ( Now the price is RM100, it increased this month)

Then, I smiled and thought, "Aiya, so cheap ar??!!" Hehe. Good good.

Superhero W : ok la bro, I angkat ini RAM, mana ada mahal bro.. hehehe.. (ok I'll take this RAM, where got expensive?)

I was actually quite surprised about the price, because it has dropped so much in the last 6 months. I thought it was still around RM170...So since the RAM was so cheap, we asked about the bluetooth device and grabbed it as well since it was only RM20.

So the two superheroes went out of Low Yat, RM120 poorer but it got Superhero S very excited about the additional memory space because then, she can play her Sims happily without getting stuck stuck...

Gimme 2 Sausage McMuffin with Egg, please...

Yup, that was what Superhero W said to the girl over the counter on one "early" Sunday morning yesterday at McDonald's Ampang Park...

Superhero S had tried really really hard to wake up yesterday just for the breakfast. She dozed off twice after she "woke up". But on the 3rd try, she had to jump out of bed because it was nearly 10.30am already! McD's breakfast ends at 11am!

With time running out, she desperately gave Superhero W a "fast & furious" morning call because otherwise, they won't be able to make it already. Having overslept on Saturday morning and missing out on Subway breakfast, there is no way the two superheroes and baby3 are going to miss out on McD's breakfast! Faster faster! hehe.

Well, we sped thru Smart tunnel and took the Jalan Tun Razak exit. Ahhh...we finally made it there just in time before bfast closes! Phew! Superhero W ordered two sets of Sausage McMuffin with Egg which comes with hash browns & coffee/tea. Superhero W ordered a Coke instead (I dunno how he can drink Coke in the morning!) while Superhero S had her tea.

The burger seem to have shrunk a little, from the last time we had it like 6 months ago over at the McDonald's near The Curve. Aiya..everything seem to be getting smaller & smaller already. Thank goodness it's freshly made and everything's still hot and fresh. At least the quality is still okay.
*Psst! McD! where's my $$? Heheh.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Congratulations to our 1000th visitor!!

Yes! That's you!
Okay, we don't know which one of you won it but let us all share this unique superheroes 1000th visitor award together ok?
The two superheroes have been waiting for this moment for a long long time now! Oh yeah!

Well, to date, A Tale of Two Superheroes is officially 3 weeks plus old. Yes, we're pretty new but we're really happy to see the progress we've made so far.

A big big THANK YOU to all of our readers and fellow bloggers out there who have made all this possible!

happy anniversary, my love...

Was on the phone just now with Superhero W.
It's our 1 year 2 months anniversary today!!!

Superhero S had nearly forgotten all abt it until Superhero W mentioned it to her just now! Oh..blush blush!
Sorry, baby!
Just wanted to say "I love you very very much & thank you for sharing 14 months of your life (and counting) with me!"
Thank you for all the hand, leg and neck massages and thank you for being so patient with me all these while. (Superhero S has not used her superhero ability of turning into a fire ball for a long time since she has been showered with so much love and care from Superhero W)

I love you...

Break Out Blogger Award .. *wink

"This award casts a spotlight on bloggers who are just beginning to draw lotsa attention — the equivalent of a song with a bullet on Billboard’s Top 100 chart. Lotsa good posts. Lotsa good buzz. These bloggers are going places in a hurry."

Almost forgot about this acknowledgement. Since I arrived from Sabah 2 days ago, L’abeille has passed this award to our humble blog :D.. hehehe.. anyway, thanx for the compliment :D ..

So, we shall pass this award to :
- A Lazy Nest
- Daisy Cave
and the most funniest blog we have ever read ... drums rolll...
- Just Sewjin

Don't go to these KFC outlets!!!

Well, don't get us wrong. The two superheroes are not anti-KFC people.
We are fans of Kentucky Fried Chicken, our finger lickin' good chickys!

A couple of posts ago, Superhero S wrote about KFC ("We ate KFC until we got sick! (Wah...)") and the two superheroes were quite surprised by the not-so-positive response we've got. So, to be fair, we are here to give you our side of the story behind KFC.
Melvin commented that KFC has lost its quality control. Well, I have to agree with you on that one, which is why I've decided to tell the rest of the world, "Don't go to these KFC outlets!!!"
But which outlets?
Okay, good question!

Well, Ting once told us that only certain KFC outlets serve you good quality chickys. Very true! Ever since a few encounters with lousy KFC chickys from certain outlets, we nearly gave up on KFC until he told us these 2 rules about eating KFC which is very very VERY true!

Rule #1 : Eat only at KFC outlets which stand on their own. Try to avoid eating KFCs located within shopping malls or along a stretch of shoplots. E.g., KFC near University Malaya (hey, we don't call this our fav joint for nothing, ok? The truth is, the two superheroes will only eat KFC from this particular outlet and try to avoid the others) or even the KFC right after the Sungai Besi Tol Plaza (the one with Dunkin' Donuts as their neighbour)

Rule #2 : Don't eat KFC during weird hours in the day. Eat them during hot hours when they would keep restocking their KFCs and selling them off immediately. That way, you will always have fresh, hot KFCs!

Ever since we adopted these golden rules, our makan-makan adventures at KFC have always been superb!
*Superhero S is very very particular abt her food as mentioned much earlier on in this blog. So, she insists on eating only quality chickys!
Say no to lousy, cold KFCs!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Curry Puff and Hot Dog @ IKEA

Just as soon as Superhero W touched down at LCCT, the superhero family were reunited and all geared up for a full day of "action-packed" holiday the next day. So just yesterday, the two superheroes were in IKEA, Sweden's furniture mega store for some shopping.

Our first stop? IKEA's food & beverage corner.
Can you believe these two superheroes actually went to IKEA and headed straight for the food instead of the furniture? Hai....hopeless. Tsk tsk tsk.
So, we bought 2 of those extra large, delicious curry puffs packed with potato and chicken fillings and a slice of boiled egg, priced at RM1 each and of course, the DIY hot dog set with a cup of soft drink (priced at RM3). Superhero S filled the hot dog with the sweet pickles, a little bit of mustard and chilli sauce. So all in all, RM5 to get us ready for our next big meal over at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

We walked and walked and walked around IKEA and found out that we didn't have much things to buy actually. Wanted to buy a nice wooden single bed but there weren't many nice choices and the price was not really what we had in mind. So, we walked and walked again and finally said adios to IKEA after buying a measuring spoon (for Superhero S's cooking purposes) and a pack of 3 plastic containers. (...)

Their culinary adventures at the Curve shall remain for now, a secret and will only be revealed when the time is ripe. Heheh.
*Hint hint...there was this girl who was standing on the chair singing a Raya song while we were there.

We ate KFC until we got sick! (Wah...)

Superhero W wrote a few posts ago about KFC rite..that reminds me of a story about Superhero W, Superhero S & Baby3 not too long ago...

*flashes back in time...

Not too long ago, the two superheroes were coaxed by Baby3 to visit KFC (he calls the Kolonel, his "uncle") on a late late weekday nite at the 24-hour KFC near University Malaya (our fav branch! drools...) So we ordered our regular 2 snack plates (2 pieces of spicy chicken) and of course the large cheezy wedges (yum yum yum...!)

The next day, the two superheroes received an extremely good news and decided to treat their benefactors, Uncle Ting and Auntie Soo (as Baby3 calls our close friends) Ting's favourite food, which is no other than KFC!!! haha. Let me tell you la, this guy really really REALLY loves KFC. People would pay to watch him gobble down the bucket of KFC! KFC should really get Ting for their commercials la. After watching him taking bites off his KFC, I tell you will surely be rushing to your nearest KFC to get those chickens! He makes chicken breast look so delicious! haha

So, we ordered a variety bucket, a black pepper chicken meal (a promotional item at that time) and 2 large cheezy wedges!!!! Oh! Oh! Oh! (melts...)

And after two nights of KFC in a row, the two superheroes got sick! Not for a day or two but for a good whole month! Wah! (Shakes head)

But we're okay now, so don't worry! So KFC, anyone? hehe.

I Love You, Superhero W !!!

*blush blush...
Yup, this is my worldwide confession of my love for Superhero W!
Haha..oh yeah... *blush blush more

I've been away for such a long long time, and I had to spend such a long long time reading all his lovable posts written with tender loving care while I was away...
So cute! Muak muaks!
Oh man, I really really REALLY miss this blog so much, and just before the long break I had made Superhero W promise that he would keep this blog updated regularly because Superhero S will not have access to internet back in her home.
And he kept his promise! And he had done a really fine job at it, don't you guys agree? :)

Well, Superhero S is now back to save the world and to keep everyone on their toes for the next best experience in our blog!

p/s : Superhero S & Baby3 got reunited with Superhero W on late Tuesday nite and the superhero family once again lives happily ever after...!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I'm Going Home, yeah !!

Since saturday morning I am waiting for the moment to continue my normal life as a blogger, freelancer and a worker :D.. Although it is only 4 days holiday, but it is the longest time I ever experience in my life.. hehehe..

The first reason is because I am away from my Superhero S and my baby3. But I can meet them up tonight :D.. hehe.. And the second reason is about the internet connection in my hometown. It is a disaster to use a dial-up speed internet connection to post a blog and do some surfing.. But today I will end it up..

So, as soon as I reached Kuala Lumpur, I will have a rest and then tomorrow we will have a great decent meal which we will share with u all, our friends and our readers. See you soon.. :D

Monday, October 15, 2007

What? KFC? hurm...

When superhero W woke up from sleeping just now ( around late evening ), suddenly I smelled something familiar.. hehe.. After eating so much foods within 3 hours before I slept ( after ate 2 nasi minyak meals ), I am shocked my brother bought one KFC bucket for dinner.. fuh..

I dont know how to react to this dinner meal :D.. hahaha.. i can said that KFC is one of superhero S and our baby3 like the most :D .. hurm, but in this kind of situation, I think I have to reject it.. but ohhh .. hoooo... ohhh .. I CANT.. hehehe .. let see.. I was quite late already because they finished the thigh part and no chicken wing, there were breast only.. hurm.. dont care la.. eat only :D

hehehe.. actually KFC is our all time favorites because of its unique recipe.. :D I think I need to wait for superhero S to give some comments about KFC.. she has more experience rather than me.. haha.. well, I end my day with Kentucky Fried Chicken and a SMILE ..

Nasi Minyak at 2 Houses

Fuhhhh... I just came back from a 3 hour trip ( jalan-jalan ) from visiting my relatives and my family's close friends house. In Sandakan, Sabah it is quite hot, and I cant handle this weather anymore.. I need to go to the fridge every 1 hour to take some cold air :D ..

As of for today's menu.. hahaha.. nah, my mum didnt cook so much today ( only cook fried mee ), however I was in others house's menu that can save my special food marathon... But the miserable time has came when I reached the last 2 houses which served NASI MINYAK as their maincourse.

Yeah, I admit the NASI MINYAK is delicious, can lawan my mum's cook but it is a disaster if having NASI MINYAK in 2 houses consecutively ( same dishes - 'ayam masak merah' ).. oh boy, its a challenge for my tummy to eat at both house with the same menu.

But for me, these few days especially when RAYA, you will see the same dishes between every house. Thank to the Land Lord because prepared the Nasi Minyak for us( my family n I )

56Kbps .. Beg Your Pardon

56000 BPS... It's been so long time ago when Internet Service Provider came up with this kind of speed for Internet Connection. Did you know? Yes, I think it was around 10 years ago.. However, I'm not going to talk about the history but I just want to express my feeling when I have to make a break through, using the 56Kbps Internet Connection at my home..

Yesterday, I cant find my modem driver and then suddenly just around 20 hours ago I manage to installed the driver for the modem. I am happy.. But.... the happiest moment only remained for 20 minutes, when I try to make the first dial-up connection since 5 years ago.. Oh my gosh !!!

It's a disaster for people who used to surf internet using Streamyx ( 512 KBPS ) or T1 ( 1 MBPS ) when they have to use 56Kbps to surf Internet or Blogging. What a disastrous moment in my life have to wait the page load in few minutes time.

As of this blog "A Tale of Two Superheroes", using this kind of Internet Connection Speed is a valuable experience for it because I can see what other people see when they are using low Internet Connection. For the result in this few days, I have to reduced my overall posting display up to 5 posts only. This is to make sure the blog can reload faster than displaying 20 posts in one page.

But without the 56KBPS modem in my hometown today, it will be a break heart moment for me because cant visit my own blog and put up some posting inside it. What do u think bout this fact of Internet Connection Speed still exist in this world? :D

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Nasi Dagang and 'Pengat Pisang'

Wow, second day in my house... as usual, my family will treat me with SPECIAL OCCASIONAL MEALS. Because I only have 2 more days at home, they have to do 2 meals in one day t save time.. hahaha.. :D

So, for today meals are Kelantan's Nasi Dagang and Sabah's Pengat Pisang ( Banana Porridge ).. I think for Malaysian they already know about nasi dagang because I hope they quite familiar with that meal :D ..

Actually my dad is Kelantanese, so he knows how to cook Kelantan's food. This nasi dagang comes with 4 things :

- special dagang's rice ( softer than other rice )
- Kuah Ikan Tongkol ( i dont know what Ikan Tongkol in English )
- Kuah Kari Udang ( prawn curry - which I like the most )
- acar ( combination of pineapple, cucumber, carrots and some onion : sliced )

Although I am not 100% fan of this meal but it still make my tummy happy with such a wonderful prawns ; hehehe.. superhero S will cant handle these kind of prawns..

As of for the dessert, my mum's Pengat Pisang is the most delicious meal for today because I like it since I was young ( when Im still dont have any superpowers ). It is based on santan(coconut milk) , banana and some gula melaka ( sugar ). I added some ice to make it nicer and cold :D ..

Got any ideas with these two meals, have you taste it before? hahaha, please try if you dont want to regret in your life

( hehehe.. try at your own risk, dont claim from us :D )

Nuffnang, Thank You

So, today the first Nuffnang Ads officially display in Superheroes blog. Thanx to Nuffnang Management that help new blogger like us ( 3 weeks old ) feel and have this kind of opportunity.

Actually, I also quite surprise when Nuffnang sent me an email state that there is an advertiser want to appoint my blog. Because I always read posting about this ads site ( who need somesort of election ) before we can have some advertisement on our blog.

So, we hope that Nuffnang and us can coorperate again in the future or sooner :D ... we hope so :D... because Superhero also need help from other people to save the world :) ...

p/s : its also a pleassure for me having MAXIS ads because I am a Maxis Postpaid Subsriber :D


Nasi Beriani Save The Day

In my tension and miserable first day at my hometown, there's still something save me from throwing my PC to the KOLAM IKAN at my granny's house which is my family's FOOD !!!! ..

yeah, it's been a while I dont eat my family's foods.. Yeah, especially when I come back from KL, I can guarantee that my mum will cook special meal everyday when I am here ( no more magggi aaaa ) hahaha...

So, as on the first day of RAYA (eid mubarak), my family cooked Nasi Beriani.. Wargh.. finger linkin' good.. The meal save Superhero W's life for today :D .. The nicest part is my mum's Sambal Belacan which is very delicious ( until I feel like want to eat it like that ) , so spicy and haaaa cannot describe how's my feeling ( hehehe, dont feel jealous yeah ) ..

I end up eating the Nasi Beriani 3 times and I put aside the Ketupat and chicken rendang (
see related post ).. So sad, never mind, TOMORROW NEVER DIES :) .. so, for today meal this is Nasi Beriani :

this is other's Nasi Beriani, not like my mum's but the point is THIS PIC : Nasi Beriani

p/s : people in KL or PJ, please tell me la, where's the place that I can get the best Nasi Beriani that can challenge my mum's one :D hehehhe ... one to try also in KL... :D

Warghh.. Reach, Tension, Explode

At last, on 10 AM of 13th of October, I've reached my hometown in Sandakan, Sabah with the AirAsia flight - opsss fly by myself la.. hehe.. I reached at the Sandakan Airport with one mission and vision, hope my PC at home still OK and the MODEM ( 56k DIAL MODEM - god still have to use dial-up.. hahaha ) can be use, so I still can spend my time in my blog...

Dub dab dub dab ( my heart beat so strong ).. hahaha, I cut short the story la.. I reach my home, directly go to my bedroom and ON my old PC.. Oh boy still can work, then suddenly I see Windows XP wizard, Add New Hardware Wizards..

haaaaa?? the modem driver is MISSING !!!!!!!!!!! *& )(*(*)*&^%&&^%^ %^ ... I pengsan a while thinking how to settle this problem ( I left my PC around 1 year ago, the CD's also donno where my mum place it ).. so, for the FIRST DAY OF HARI RAYA I stuck at my bedroom try to fix the problem for 1 whole day and the result is bad.. SO SAD !!!! ...

So, u must be wonder how I can make this post tonite.. One little secret, my elder brother's laptop can ACCESS THE INTERNET !!!! .. YEAH YEAH.. ( although its only 56k speed ) but I ..still can make posting in my blog, for me it's more than enough already...


p/s just now, this laptop suddenly auto off.. darn.. haha... miserable.. wargh.. thanx to Blogspot la got the autosave function.. Thank god.. :D

Friday, October 12, 2007

Chicken Rendang vs Kenny Roger's Roaster..

Just before I go back Sabah.. I will go Kenny Roger's this evening.. So just want to ask your opinion.. Which one is the best.. Come come come.. Tell me.. hahahaha.. SO for the fair competition, I give u take a look of the pictures to make the judgement :D

p/s : I like kenny roger's also.. but rendang .. haiiii ... :D

Kenny Roger's Roaster

Chicken Rendang

AirAsia.. can u fetch me?

Tomorrow is 13th October which is First Day of Hari Raya.. but Im still in KL.. WHY???? hehhee.. i think this year, im going to celebrate it with Superhero S.. Oh boy.. Miss my rendang, miss my ketupat... Never mind la, at least still got TGI, McD, Burger King.. hahaha...

hahhaa.. actually tomorrow morning I will go back Sabah with my Air Asia's flight, but its early in the mourning... so lazy la want to go there.. How to go there as early as 5AM ??? !!! ...

Can someone help me?? got any suggestion how? .. Today, I still dont pack my things up.. Warghhhh... Oh my god, I forgot.. I can fly... Hushhhh.. Why la I forgot.. Okay my dear bloggers, hereby I wish U a very Selamat HARI RAYA to all Malaysian ( World also la ) .. I am going to fly to LCCT.. cannot reach Sabah, dont have enough energy.. So, hope to see u all when Im in Sabah.. ( hope my PC there still ok ) .. But just drop by at OUR BLOG whether where are here or not.. Thanx for the support.. Chaiyo!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I will miss you, Murtabak!

With the month of ramadhan coming to an end tomorrow, so does the fate of our most-loved ramadhan bazaars...

"I will miss you, Murtabak!" exclaims Superhero W.
"I will miss you too! Eat us again next year same time, same season ok?!" shouts the Murtabaks.

While Superhero W mulls over his favourite murtabak ayam & murtabak daging (chicken & beef murtabak), Superhero S smiles in satisfaction over the great accomplishment of devouring all their favourite food in the bazaars for nearly one whole month.

We would like to thank the following for your noble sacrifices for our stomachs!

Murtabak ayam & dagings (roti canai-like, but with fillings)
Roti Jalas(string-like yellow flour weaved into a small bundle and dipped in chicken curry)
Kuih Kerias(miniature donut-like delicacy)
Karipap ayam, kentang & sardins(chicky, potato & sardine curry puffs)
Pari Bakars(Baked sting ray)
The mee & kuey teow gorengs (fried noodles)
Nasi ayams (chicky rice)

Roti Jala

Pari Bakars


and lots more...

See you next year at the Serdang & Bangi ramadhan bazaars! You two are the best!

BYE BYE...bye bye...byeeeeee!!!
(*heh Superhero W can concentrate on eating Superhero S's home-cooked dishes already!)