Thursday, January 31, 2008

Let's spread the love around...

Courtesy of a tag from our super cutie cutie Yozoranitesky, the two superheroes have decided to fulfill our promise and continue spreading the love around. This is a really simple tag with no questions asked and no need for 20-page long answers. Haha. Good. :p

The following 4 superhero friends is supposed to follow suit by also tagging 4 other bloggers and keep adding on to the list below. (Do not replace, just keep on adding! Yes, we hope it will be a long list!)

This "Spreading the Love" Mission (as the two of us call it) is said to be one of the fastest ways to see your technorati authority explode, increase your Google PageRank, attract large volume of new traffic to your site, build your community and most importantly, find you new friends -- all through Viral Linking.

Kuching, here we gooooooooo.............!!!

The two superheroes finally landed at the Kuching International Airport shortly before noon. Haha. Kuching, here we gooooooooo.............!!! *running around the airport smiling like idiots*


This is officially our first holiday together. A zillion thanks to our Super blogger friend, Dreckker who became the official two superheroes' tour guide during our stay there. We specifically told him to bring us for makaning marathon only. FOOD, FOOD and more FOOD. Thanks, Dreckker!! :p

So the first thing we did was to get out of the airport and check-in to our hotel. What other hotel to go other than.....

Haha. 5-star mah. Time to enjoy! :p

Dreckker picked us up at Hilton and we went for a yummy lunch at Madam Tang's. He told us this place is famous for their Sarawak Laksa. But told us that in Kuching, people usually have laksa during breakfast. Well, no matter. Haha. Anytime is the best time for the us two food addicts to mamam.

We ordered 3 large bowls of Sarawak Laksa, complete with large prawns that are sooooo fresh! Good stuff this one! We have never tasted this laksa before. Yes, not even in Laksa Shack. Hehe. It tasted kinda weird at first but the taste sort of grows on you the more you eat it. Tasted really really good actually! *drools...*

NEXT: The two superheroes continue their Kuching makan-ing adventures in more places to come! Stay tuned for more yummy yummy food! :p

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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My FIRST excited but nervous too

This is Superhero S's first time boarding a plane. YES. No kidding. Superhero W actually booked the tickets for a holiday over the sea so that Superhero S can FINALLY fly for the first time on an airplane! Thank you, baby... :p *blushing*

Can't describe to you how excited I was feeling. It's a moment I've always been dreaming about. It surely meant a lot for me that I'm sharing my first time with Superhero W. Hehe. Seeing the Air Asia airbus from the big glass panels sure got my heart pumping faster. Haha.

Stepping onto the plane for the first time, it all felt surreal. It looks like a bus and even feels like a bus actually. Okay, the name explains it all. AirBUS mah. Haha. We got our seats near the middle exit of the plane. That's where we get to see the wing. Love the view from my window. :p

As the plane started gaining speed on the ground, I was so nervous but awfully excited at the same time. I'M FLYING!!!!! weeeeeeeee..... Haha. When the plane took off, I couldn't describe how strange I felt as everything on the ground started getting smaller and smaller. WOW.

The moment I saw the clouds, it was soooo cool...! :p

Haha. So it's BYE BYE Malaysia... OOops! I meant bye bye Peninsular Malaysia! *wink*

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McD Breakfast has HOTCAKES on their menu!

Yeah, I guess it's a NEW addition to the McD breakfast menu... They call it HOTCAKES, which are actually pancakes lah. Hehe. Since it's something new, you bet the twosuperheroes would never miss the chance to experiment it at McDonald's @ LCCT.

We were desperate for something to keep us munching since it was BORING spending the night at LCCT. After waiting for what felt like an eternity for McD to start their breakfast menu rolling, we settled for a Hotcake set and of course the Sausage McMuffin with Egg set.

Superhero W ordered the one with 3 big pieces of pancakes along with a Sausage McMuffin chicky patty. He also asked for extra maple syrup. Clever! Hehe. He knows I like my pancakes "banjir" style. So the set actually comes with hash brown and coffee or tea. Seriously yummy. No kidding.

I wouldn't hesitate to order this again the next time around. Very soft and springy texture to the pancakes. Very big portion too. Only thing that got me wondering was the chicky patty. What in the world is it doing there??? Haha. No complains though. :p

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Spending the night in LCCT (tak boleh tahan)

To kick off their weekend getaway adventures, the two superheroes flew over to the LCC Terminal on late Friday night to catch a morning flight. In other words, they've gotta spend the night at LCCT.


Not a smart move indeed. We were prepared for the worst before making our way to the airport. Spending the night in an airport is never a good idea unless you brought along a sleeping bag and just sleep on the icy cold floor and can endure the many eyes looking at you.

We arrived at LCCT shortly before midnight. The first thing we did was to survey the area, looking for a suitable place to build our nest for the night. Superhero W looks at Asian Kitchen, carrying our polka dot "luggage". The place looks dead. And the chairs don't look comfortable. All plastic chairs. *sigh* Not good.

Superhero W looks at McDonald's. McDonald's...Hmm...McDonald's. Then the two superheroes saw a particular table with nice comfy looking chair. Got SOFA wor. The two of us hovered around the table, eyeing like a vulture from afar. WE WANT THAT TABLE!

Haha. Our eyes never left that table. The McD staff were taking a long time to clean up the area. But we persisted. That is the only human friendly thing for us to sleep on! Must fight for our territory. Haha. In the end, of course we won. Ran to the table and hurriedly sat on it.

And that was where we spent the night, eating 2 meals of McD. Once for supper (nothing to do mah...better grab a bite rather than doing nothing!), and another time for breakfast. Time never passed so slowly in my life before. 12am, 1am, 2am, 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am. WAH!!! Cannot tahan already!

Great experience nevertheless. But, from now on, we're just gonna make this a once in a lifetime thing. No more 2nd time. :p

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Pavilion KL - "You are beautiful"!

I sure have to admit that we both were pretty impressed with Pavilion KL. Despite both our workplace being somewhat rather near to Pavilion, we can never seem to drag both our lazy selves there. Why of course the traffic jam in the area played a huge part in demotivating us to go there!

Okay, so we parked opposite Menara HLA, or you could say it's the parking lot beside Novotel. After 6pm, all you need to pay is RM3 per entry as opposed to the flat rate price at Pavilion. So NO, I'm NOT going to pay like RM7 just for parking. Hehe. :p

Just a few steps and we made it to the escalator outside Pavilion, bringing us straight to Level 3 to the open-air area where there's La Bodega and bla bla bla...This shopping mall is indeed very spacious, very elegant and very big. Haven't explored even 10% of Pavilion since we were actually there for TGI Friday's. But Pavilion feels like a crossover between the Curve and KLCC. Dunno why...

Chinese New Year decorations are beautiful, and there's even a nice lion dance / Chinese acrobats performance while we were there. Unbelievable. How come there's performance when it's like just 7pm on a Monday??!! This, I truly salute! :p

All in all, I guess we'll be coming back for more of Pavilion pretty soon. Haha. Since there's still like 90% of Pavilion left unexplored! :p

Friday, January 25, 2008

OMG. I **** at TGI Friday's!

Remember in our previous post we told you that it wasn't the end of our meal at TGI Friday's Pavilion KL just yet? You bet I'm saving the best for the last. Haha. :p

You see, this was what happened.


Yup. That probably sums up the whole drama.
Superhero S somehow ended up vomitting after her meal at TGI Friday's.

She puked so much it could've easily filled up half a pail! Haha.
Gosh. I felt soooooooooo bad for the staff at TGI for having to clean up my puke. I seriously tried to control but it just went off like a pipe!

Ting said that of the many many times he has talked to friends, this is the FIRST TIME that people actually hear him talk until VOMIT! ahahhaha... :p

Superhero S puked all over the table, the chair, the floor and some even landed on her pants and cardigan! Yuck. I couldn't describe to you how shitty I felt at that time.

I have NEVER puked in a public place in my whole life before. Let alone puking in TGI Friday's. (of all the places!) And puking in Pavilion since it's my first time there!

A few reasons could've contributed to Superhero S's puking:

1) She laughed too much throughout the meal
2) Had too much of TGI
3) Ting's speech is all too "inspiring" till she felt like vomitting
4) It was too hot in TGI Pavilion. No joke!

But one thing's for sure after all the drama, I don't think I'm ever going back to TGI Friday's Pavilion KL again. Haha. :p

P/S : A big big thank you to all the wonderful staff for being so helpful at TGI Friday's Pavilion KL. So sorry for the puke guys! :p

Thursday, January 24, 2008

We finally made it to TGI Friday's @ Pavilion KL


The two superheroes made it to TGI Friday's before the expiry date after all! Haha... :p

Because they knew that no matter how much they eat, they won't be able to finish off the RM100 voucher, they've decided to bring along their best buddy, Ting to help gobble down all the foodies! Hehe...

They eventually settled for TGI Friday's @ Pavilion KL for 2 good reasons:
1) The parking is damn cheap and we don't have to walk far
2) Surprisingly, we came back from Mars and have never been to Pavilion before!

Okay, for the parking...we didn't park in Pavilion but somewhere very near. Since we're just so damn familiar with the area, we settled for a cool strategic parking spot which cost us RM3 ONLY per entry (after 6pm). With that, we can save ourselves from paying RM7 flat rate after 7pm. Ngeh ngeh ngeh ngeh.... :p

This is the stairway that will take us to our TGI Friday's... Wahhhhhh...

Finally reached TGI on the 6th floor. Made reservations for 7pm. Yay!
As soon as Ting reached TGI, we went in and cashed in on our winnings... :p

Thank you, Nuffnang and TGI!

Drinks - 2 'teh o ais limau' ( ice lemon tea ) & 1 Sprite

We ordered two 3-course meals, so there's like 6 dishes for the 3 of us. For starters, there's of course the Mac & Cheese and Buffalo Wings. For the entree, we chose Chicky Parmesan Quesadillas and Pineapple Mojito Whitefish. For dessert, we took both the Friday's Sundae and Cookies 'N' Cream.

So are we satisfied with our meal? Hmm...Yes and no, actually.

Mac & Cheese

Chicky Parmesan Quesadillas

YES for the Mac & Cheese, Chicky Parmesan Quesadillas, Friday's Sundae, Cookies & Cream AND I can never leave out the ultra excellent service we received there. The staff there are like the smiliest bunch of ppl I've ever seen. Wonderful!

Buffalo Wings

Pineapple Mojito Whitefish

NO for the Buffalo Wings because it's too salty and the portion's too small, the Pineapple Mojito Whitefish because it tastes kinda weird (highly NOT recommended) and the ambience in TGI Friday's Pavilion. We felt that the ventilation's kinda bad in the outlet. Plus it's really warm and we can't actually feel the air-con. At one point, I nearly couldn't breathe...

Cookies 'N' Cream

Friday's Sundae

But thanks to the fun company we've got, Ting got us both laughing in stitches throughout the meal. Thanks man! :p


P/S : This is NOT the end of our meal at TGI Friday's. Stay tuned to find out what happened next to Superhero S. Such drama!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Restoran Chin Chai -- best place for dinner in Malacca

Be prepared to drool
, everybody... :p

No doubt about it. This is the best place to go for dinner in Malacca. The two superheroes wanted to treat Superhero Mum to a nice feast before they make their way back to KL. So, where else to go other than Restoran Chin Chai @ Taman Kasturi, Semabok?!! Haha.

When I was little, this cook used to operate during night time near the place where I have my regular Chicken Rice Balls in the morning. Yeah, the one in Ujong Pasir. Then it kinda shifted to this new location quite some time ago. Pretty smart move I would say. :p

For our meal, we ordered, Claypot Tauhu (Ultra delicious. Just look at how the tauhus swim in the sauce!!), "Fu Yong" Egg (MmmmmmMMMMmmm.....), Kangkung Sambal Belacan "Water spinach in spicy belacan" (Makes your taste bud go wild!!!!!)

And of course, the big star of the day, Jenak in Special Sauce! :p
Their house specialty is their fishy. OHHHHHHH...fishy!!! The moment you taste their fishy in special sauce (dunno what is its exact name in English) you'll be floating in Neverland. It's so so so so good. The fishy is very fresh and the meat's really springy. Unbelieveable.

Great meal this one! All for only RM40, including a pot of Chinese tea.
*still drooling....*

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Murder attempt foiled, my mum escapes traumatized

MELAKA, 20 January 2008: A murder attempt on a mother was foiled when a broken nail was found right before she swallowed the little curry puff which contained nuts. The freak incident occured around 3.30 p.m. when the mother was laying back on a lazy afternoon happily munching away on a pack of puffies.

Why would you....yes, YOU...want to kill Superhero Mum????

You guilty little bugger! You deserve to serve time in JAIL you freak!

Unbelieveable eh. Why would you, a little mini kacang karipap want to be a suicide nailer (think suicide bomber) and carry a broken nail inside you???? My Superhero Mum would've swallowed that broken nail if she hadn't bitten on something really hard and pulled out your broken nail from her mouth!

Gosh. It was terrible. Traumatizing. Maybe next time gotta put food through an X-Ray before eating it. Who knows what's hiding inside your food??!!!

A Tale of 2 Red Eggs and some Fruit Tarts

After a nice afternoon nap, the best thing is to wake up and see THIS on your dining table ... Haha. :p

Yeah. Thanks to Superhero Mum's friend whose grandson just turned a month old. Love those Fruit Tarts. In those days, people use to give us those small round butter cakes (topped with lots of disgusting cream) which can get quite eeeeky after downing 2 - 3 slices. But these days, people are going for tarts instead now!

And just look at those 2 red eggs! Haha..haven't seen those in a while. :p

Thanks to the two superheroes, the tarts vanished before Superhero Mum could even notice. Muahahahah...

P/S : Auntie L'abeille, when are we getting yours ah?? :p

Monday, January 21, 2008

Famous Duck Mee -- the best you'll ever get!

Yeah. This is definitely the best a duck mee can ever get. Haha. Superhero S went out with her Superhero Mum to whack this really famous duck mee in Malacca last weekend.

Our breakfast choice is rather limited really. Usually, if we don't eat Pan Mee, we'd go for Ipoh Hor Fun. If not, then Yong Tau Foo. Well, since we'd quite a feast on those yummy breakfast regulars already, Superhero Mum suggested that "Hey, why not we go makan the duck mee??"

My eyes lit up. OH. My long lost DUCK MEE!!! I miss you so much. If not for the mention, I would've totally forgotten about you...! Haha. Haven't had this for quite a long while now. This duck mee is certainly the most famous and the most yummy one in Malacca.

They are quite generous with the duck meat, giving you nice chunks (though I remember the last time I ate it, it was a lot bigger!) and there's also this really really nice chilli sauce to complement the noodles. In a nutshell, the duck mee still retains its signature flavourful "ducky" taste but of course the duck soup is a lil bit high on ajinomoto. :p

If you're anywhere in Malacca and you wish to grab a taste of this really good duck mee in town, the shop is right next to Bukit China opposite the hard-to-be-missed Heng Ann Association.

This is how to be FAT without trying hard

Nah...this goes to show how far the two superheroes would go to stock up on their weekly supply for the rainy day. :p

There's Mamee Monster, Funkees, Double Decker BBQ, the big pack of Snek Ku, Cadbury Chocolate bar and Crispy. Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh...yeah baby yeah..........

Time to pump the two superheroes with "healthy" junk food. We need the extra calories to build up more fat around our tummy, thigh, booty and.... :p

Could've bought more until we realized that the trolley was spitting out what we put inside. Yeah, like "Ptuiiiiiiiiii! Cannot tampung anymore already lah you fei chai & fei por!" And the next thing you see is a pack of Kit Kat flying back to the shelves. Haiii.... *shakes head*

You see, money cannot buy everything. Haha. :p

Friday, January 18, 2008

Chinese New Year MUST HAVE -- The Prosperity Burger

The two superheroes were doing what they do best again last Tuesday. Not wanting to miss the season's hottest must-have food, they headed off to McDonalds @ Ampang Park to grab a bite off their favourite Prosperity Burger.


I've been waiting for you for 365 days...and you're finally here!

Yeah, we know we're a bit late in eating Prosperity Burger but's still before Chinese New Year ok?! :p

Superhero W ordered 1 Prosperity Beef while Superhero S ordered 1 Prosperity Chicky. The bill came to about slightly over RM20 but it's all worth it. Can never complaint much when it comes to this black pepper variety. MmmmmmmMMMMMmmmm....

Haha. Superhero W would have been more pleased though if there were more black pepper sauce on his one but after having tried both the burgers, I will settle for Prosperity Chicky as the better of the two. The chicky version somehow seem to taste better and it's more moist than the Beef version.

But anyhow, at the end of the day, we're both lovin' it! Haha. Can't wait for another round of Prosperity before it goes off the menu again. OH the curly fries...!! *starts fantasizing about how curly is the curly* :p

Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Dang" system in Innit (Nuffnang) is being abused

If you're a Nuffnanger, you will know what I'm talking about. What's up with the dang system? It's ridiculous seeing blog posts being danged till they are -8 and so on. Isn't this a case of blogs being humiliated by certain people who may be abusing it to put down other blogs?

We write blogs for bloggers and for whoever readers who are not bloggers. We take much effort in cracking our brains to write you a good post to laugh about or to teach you to earn $$ or whatever. Getting humiliated with a -ve score isn't helping us or any other bloggers in any respect at all. So what now? Should there be a top danged post? Or most danged post? Or voted "lousiest" post?

Isn't it enough with the NANG system going on before the DANG system is introduced? The theory is simple. If you like the post, you nang it. If you somehow feel that you get turned off or disgusted by the post, you leave it alone and don't nang it AND avoid it at all cost or even black list the blog or whatever it is that you want to do.

But seeing your post being danged irresponsibly till it becomes -99 (literally) is ridiculous! This is only going to make bloggers to NOT want to ping posts through Innit because of the sheer irresponsibility of certain people in putting down a blog.

Imagine putting up your post in Innit and the next thing you know, you got danged till -6. Now how would you feel. Not good for the morale I suppose. And then the guy thinks that hey, maybe I am such a lousy blogger who can't write good posts. "Lemme try again." He tries again, cracking his brain to write another post. Puts it up in Innit. Got danged till -7 this time. Get what I mean? There are jokers out there who take pride in danging people!

Yes. We are putting up this post because we got danged. And because many other poor fellas got danged far worse than us as well. We put this up because we took so much effort crafting up a post but still ended up being abused in Innit. In fact, every new posts gets danged. We've really done our homework and monitored Innit. So this is not a baseless accusation.

OK, even if there IS a good reason behind this dang system. But why is a post allowed to be danged till it becomes -ve? Why not just stop at 0? Wouldn't it be better that way? If a post is being nanged unreasonably, and some kindred soul wants to stand up for the rest of the community to take justice in his hands and dang the lousy post. FINE.

But why not just strip off whatever unjustified glory of the lousy post and dang it till it becomes zero and leave it alone? Why must the lousy post be further punished and humiliated beyond reasons?

Timothy or Ming, if you guys are reading this, perhaps you may want to think over what we're facing here. Thanks. We'd appreciate it.

Two suspicious looking individuals raided McDonalds Ampang Park.

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 15, 2008 - Two suspicious looking individuals have been spotted wandering into McDonalds, the international fast food franchise in Ampang Park. Eye-witneses claimed the two individuals had come in through the front door before they raided the outlet off their supply of a certain new product.

The two individuals were seen by many eye-witneses to have actually levitated off the ground before being seen heading straight for one McDonalds' staff. The drama unfolded around 8.30 p.m. with sources saying the two created havoc and set off a mass panic with their abnormal "flying" abilities before settling down to place an order for 2 sets of Prosperity Burger - 1 chicken & 1 beef.

This picture was taken outside the McD's Ampang Park

One of the two individuals was said to have worn a body-hugging blue suit with red XXL- sized underwear outside. The other however was dressed in a tight all-black leather outfit and even carried a whip with her. Shortly after the two downed their food, they were seen to have levitated off ground again before smiling and flying out through the back exit.

Locals have stepped forward to claim that the two individuals may have been their friendly neighbourhood superheroes. However, the authorities are not convinced and have requested for the public to head over to A Tale of Two Superheroes to keep a lookout for any recent postings of the Prosperity Burger. Those who have seen the post should step forward and drop them some comments, specifically telling them never to wear those super hot outfits to arouse the public again.

The twosuperheroes -- unveiled

Want to know our true identity? We thought we'd give our readers an update on how the two superheroes actually look like. Haha...

Check it out.

My Photo


Still in black and white, but our image is much sharper this time. Think you can make out how we actually look like? Haha. We hope not. Cos superheroes are not supposed to have their identities known!

Okay okay..we'll give you some tips on who's who. The gorgeous babe on the left is Superhero S, while the hamsom boy on the right is Superhero W. Get it? haha... :p

In comics and cartoons, masks are designed to hide a certain superheroes' true identity. But in this modern age of the Internet, a little touch here and there with Fireworks is all it takes to throw us both into anonymity... well, almost! :p

P/S : our new photo was actually uploaded since yesterday... bet not many realized eh.. :p

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's all your fault, Timothy Tiah

Yes, we are referring to the Timothy Tiah. In case you just returned home to Earth from Jupiter, the man is the co-founder of Nuffnang.


It's all because of you. Because of your Lengmou and TimothyTiah blogs. It's killing us! Since we are relatively new in the blogging world, we never knew about those two blogs. Superhero S already ran through most of your top posts in Lengmou yesterday during office hour. Yes, she chucked her entire workload aside just to read your Lengmou blog.

( Their mysterious blog header )

Then discovering how darn funny it was, she decided to tell Superhero W about it and together they were sitting down in front of the darn PC right after dinner, running through your posts and laughing through till tears started pouring out!

How can you make us laugh so much at 1 am??? Cannot sleep lar like that! Why did you have to make nearly every post so darn funny????!!!! And THEN came your TimothyTiah blog.

Since we wanted to catch up on your transition from Lengmou to your TimothyTiah blog, we read from the beginning. THE BEGINNING. And you know how far your blog dates right?? And you were telling how you started your little dot com thing. You got us even more intrigued and addicted.

( Their first ever PC came alive after Boss Stewie assembled all the parts :D )

It was 4 am then that Superhero W left Superhero S's home and god knows what time he slept. And today is a working day. We both couldn't wake up. Felt more like dying rather than waking up. OH the headache. My head is spinning and feels heavy.

We were supposed to eat TGI Friday's tonight to cash in on our winnings. But all we're thinking now is to head home straight to our lovely beds and sleep. Tak jadi again lor. You tell me lah. You're making us even more panic because the expiry date is another day closer.

Okay, 'nuff said. I feel like fainting now.

Haha. :p

(This picture is taken from Lengmou blog.. hrmmm... cannot elaborate so much..
go there and find it on ur own :) )

P/S : Thanks for making us laugh so much, Boss Stewie. You da man! :p