Monday, January 21, 2008

This is how to be FAT without trying hard

Nah...this goes to show how far the two superheroes would go to stock up on their weekly supply for the rainy day. :p

There's Mamee Monster, Funkees, Double Decker BBQ, the big pack of Snek Ku, Cadbury Chocolate bar and Crispy. Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhh...yeah baby yeah..........

Time to pump the two superheroes with "healthy" junk food. We need the extra calories to build up more fat around our tummy, thigh, booty and.... :p

Could've bought more until we realized that the trolley was spitting out what we put inside. Yeah, like "Ptuiiiiiiiiii! Cannot tampung anymore already lah you fei chai & fei por!" And the next thing you see is a pack of Kit Kat flying back to the shelves. Haiii.... *shakes head*

You see, money cannot buy everything. Haha. :p