Friday, January 16, 2009

Our tales have come to an end

With a heavy heart, I'm here to declare that this will be the final post for the two superheroes. Yes, our tales have concluded, as the two superheroes have gone separate ways for now, and since this blog has always been a chronicles of our lives together, it's only right that this be the end of A Tale of Two Superheroes.

Thank you for all your support all these while, and we're going to miss all of you!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Makan-makan at Sri Petaling Seafood Restaurant

After having concluded the two superheroes' super long chronicles of their Singapore trip in their previous post, they are now finally able to post some of their backdated posts. So sometime in November, we actually went for a makan-makan session with our dear Superhero S' sis, Winnie. Reflecting upon her excellent recommendation of Boon Boon Cafe last year, we believe that her next recommendation would be just as equally great! Haha. Yeah, we absolutely believe in her good taste... *grins*

And so, after giving us super detailed instructions on how to get to her next recommendation, we headed off there in hope for a delightful foodie adventure. Finding our way there is already an adventure by itself. According to Winnie, the restaurant is located pretty near Carrefour at Sri Petaling, "Just pass by Carrefour on your right, turn here turn there, go straight, do a little u-turn, and... voila! You will be able to find the restaurant on your left". Since we were quite unfamiliar with the area, and with the unhelpful dim lighting and all, we actually thought that we had lost our way when we found ourselves venturing deeper into a residential area. Haha. It turns out that the open-air restaurant IS in fact located there! Phew!

Sri Petaling Seafood Restaurant is apparently right next to a golf course, and it's also one of Winnie's favourite place for dining. Since it's obviously her territory, we were absolutely comfortable with her ordering her usual favourites. Haha.

And while waiting for our dishes to arrive, we were comfortably sipping our hot Chinese tea... Ahhh.... such bliss! With the restaurant being so spacious and airy, it was really pleasurable even to sit there and watch the world go by...

Since Winnie mentioned that the serving here is pretty large, we were comfortable with just having ordered 3 dishes since there were only the 3 of us. And the first dish to arrive was their signature Claypot Homemade Taufu with (some kind of) Vegetable... *grins*

Absolutely delicious with the soft, smooth taufu being nicely coated with some super thick and flavourful sauces! Yummmmmm........ And she's right about the big serving! Haha. :p

Next, the Fried Chicken Bits with Salted Egg.

We're not sure if we got the name right, but we do know that the fried chicken bits were coated with salted egg and fried with curry leaves! Haha. Now this dish is quite a refreshing touch for the two superheroes. Not having accustomed to order such a dish with a twist, Superhero W loved the fried chicken to bits!!! The best thing was that the fried chicken wasn't dry, but rather moist! All thanks to the salted egg I think. Thumbs up!

And finally, Fried Fish Fillets with Butter...

This is another of Winnie's favourite must-haves... and it's not hard to figure out why. Frying the fish with the butter makes the dish very fragrant to start with, and flavour-wise, it's really quite fantastic! I've always loved dishes with all these messy strands of fried butter... :p

This place certainly receives a good recommendation from us as well... all thanks to the wonderful food and soothing environment! In short, we'll definitely be making our way here again. Haha. :p

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random pictures of Singapore... and Daiso

Finally.... after our numerous posts on our Singapore trip back in late November, this will be the post that marks the end of a great foodie adventure in the Lion City! We honestly had a great time there, and we surely look forward to visiting again, but maybe not so soon. It's just that the two superheroes and Superhero Mum might be having other plans this year when it comes to travelling... Haha. *wink*

And so, we're just gonna post random pictures that reflect some parts of our adventures in Singapore that are not so... well... food related. Haha. Enjoy...

Now don't these look like little diamonds falling down from the 'sky'? Haha. We figure that this 'diamond' fountain in one of the shopping malls around Marina Square area is too interesting to go unnoticed, so we decided to eternalize the 'diamonds'!

Just beautiful... I could stand looking at this for hours! Haha.. :p

Oh, and of course...the gateway to Sentosa Island, which we sadly didn't have time for. Yeah, maybe next time then... *sigh*

Oh, and here's the Esplanade, the 'durian'! Haha... We ended up parking inside the Esplanade to enjoy the amazing night view in the area...

And Food Junction is the makan place near our hotel where we had our last breakfast before leaving the island... The food's just average, which explains why we didn't particularly highlighted this area. *grins*

Finally... Daiso!! We've heard so much about this "everything $2" place in Vivo City that we just couldn't miss it! Haha. They sell everything imaginable... from hair clips, plasticwares, plastic flowers, disposable underwear... to neck ties! Yes, everything's from Japan, and they're all going for $2... And I believe Daiso has actually just arrived in a few locations in PJ/KL as well, according to Daiso's big fan, our dear Y! In Malaysia, everything's going for RM5 instead! :p

So this concludes our wonderful gastronomical as well as sight-seeing adventures in Singapore. Till our next travel adventure... we'll be bringing you back to KL/Malacca for more of the two superheroes' local makan-makan episodes!! Haha. :p

Friday, January 2, 2009

Superdog at Vivo City, Singapore

Okay, after the two superheroes' super important announcement just before New Year, it's time to get back to our foodie adventures in Singapore! Continuing from where we left off in our previous Singapore post with a Superdog teaser, we're going to bring you over to Vivo City for a lil munching on the hot "doggie" dogs brand! *grins*

We were in Vivo City for more shopping (particularly to see what Daiso is all about!) and makan-ing during our final night in Singapore because the place is just a stone's throw away from our hotel. Not walkable, but definitely driveable... Haha. Well, Vivo City is in fact just adjacent to the gateway to Sentosa Island, but since time wasn't exactly on our side, we had to kiss goodbye to the idea of dipping in Siloso Beach.

After a brief shopping trip at Giant (yes, Giant!!) for some orders from Debbie and friends, the party headed over to Superdog, located at the basement (we think) of Vivo City. Not having heard of this fast food joint before this, it looked really promising actually. The crowd is there, and the food sure looks good from the menu!

And yes, they even have a philosophy!! Check out the Superdog Philosophy and their Hot Dog Etiquette... Haha. :p

OH, and having a horribly short memory span doesn't help with remembering the names of the foodie at Superdog... for now, we'll just have to make do with this burger being called... the Chicken Burger! And this hot "doggie" dog below as the Chicken Hot Dog... *grins*

The following is another variety of Hot Dog from the menu...We didn't exactly order their Superdog (yeah, as in a hot dog of their brand name) which is actually beef hot dog. Body was getting too heaty with all the sinful foodie we had in a mere span of 2 days! *sweats*

And these fries are the Cheesy Beef Fries.... Apparently, we heard that this is a signature item at Superdog. A must-order. Haha. :p

And of course, our Fish 'n' Chips... I believe that's not the food's actual glamorous name on the menu. We're still on the memory loss thingee... Haha.

So what about the food eh? Hmm... well...I think they are just....well....



Haha... No kidding!! Especially their hot "doggie" dogs!!! OMG. Imagine biting into the hot crisp on the outside, and juicy, tender meat on the inside... OH.......... I'm salivating at the mere thought of sinking my teeth into the sausages again. Unforgettable! With so much topping to shout about, this Superdog sure delivers!

And their fish 'n' chips is absolutely delicious!!! Tastes very fresh and of course...very crispy as well! Haha.. we love this place! We're definitely putting Superdog as our MUST GO foodie destination in our next trip to Singapore next time... Oh yeah.... *grins*

We LOVE Superdog!!! Haha. :p