Friday, February 29, 2008

Too much of Old Town Kopitiam is not always good

You know why? Because too much of a good thing is never good...

Since the two superheroes have been flying frequently over to Ipoh Old Town Kopitiams around KL, it is safe to say that we have experimented many of their signature dishes. Some EXTREMELY good, while some are forgettable. So we get to taste the good and the bad...

Last night, we dined at the Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam in Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, which is just a walk away from KLCC. We would have headed over to the outlet at 3 Miles Square in Jalan Klang Lama if not for the advice dyck had given to us earlier about the bad service there. Thanks man!

Love the decor

To date, we've sampled their Ipoh Hor Fun, which was absolutely delicious...

Ipoh Hor Fun

their Nasi Lemak Special, which was also a great choice!

Nasi Lemak Special

their kick-a$ Curry Mee, definitely not for the faint-hearted...

Curry Mee

And so, last night... we decided to try another 2 of their famous dishes. Superhero W ordered their Nasi Ayam Rendang, their signature dish, while Superhero S ordered Prawn Mee, yet another Malaysian favourite!

The Nasi Ayam Rendang is much like Nasi Lemak Special, only it doesn't have the fried anchovies, the nuts, and in place of the fried chicken is a really BIG rendang chicken drumstick. Besides the rendang, they serve the same sambal used for the Nasi Lemak too, if we're not mistaken. Huge portion, very filling and it's really quite good as well.

Nasi Ayam Rendang

The Prawn Mee on the other hand is well, nothing much to shout about. It doesn't screw up with your senses by leaving an unforgettably delicious taste behind, but it also doesn't put you off from eating it. I found only 2 prawns, but they are not quite as fresh as I would expect them to be. They're quite stingy with the kangkung too. The soup is not as thick as those found in those really good prawn mees, but it does have a nice "prawn" taste to it.

Prawn Mee

For drinks, we decided to stick to our Xi Mut Milk Tea and Ice Blended Mocha which we are entirely fond of.

But among all that we've sampled, we still think that their Curry Mee and Nasi Lemak Special rank as the best of them all. But after dining at the Kopitiam for so many times to date, maybe it's time to take a break from it eh. *wink* Hehe.

Remember, too much of a good thing is not always good for you. :p

Thursday, February 28, 2008

We love the food at Tasty Recipe Chinese restaurant

The two superheroes headed over to Tasty Recipe at Taman Danau Desa for a nice brunch last weekend. Since it was officially a Sunday, Superhero S decided not to cook and suggested for the two of them to go munch in this Chinese restaurant near home sweet home.

Recommended by my good friend, Winnie...I know the food there must be good. Just what we needed for a nice relaxing meal on a slow weekend. We arrived to a nice windy air-conditioned restaurant and there were only few customers around since it was way too early for lunch. Good. No need to wait... :p

Tasty Recipe is located in this Taman Danau Desa area of shoplots and enjoys relatively good business. The boss is really friendly and helpful, and it's really okay to double park in front of the shop because finding a car park depends a whole lot on your luck for the day. Just tell the boss where you've parked your car and he'll keep a lookout for you.

So back to the food then. Superhero W ordered their Kung Po Chicken (RM7.90) which comes with rice, while Superhero S ordered the Fried Loh Shu Fun with Minced Meat (RM6+). We called for them to add-on 2 fried eggs for us.

Kung Po Chicken with Rice

Fried Loh Shu Fun with Minced Meat

Nice eh? The serving is huge, so the food is really worth the price tag. The Kung Po Chicken is nicely done with lotsa chicken, green capsicum and cashew nuts. While the Fried Loh Shu Fun is simply out of the world! One can truely feel the egg bits in it and it's just so beautifully fried! Yum yum... :p

For drinks, Superhero W had Cincau, since he's quite heaty right now... and desperately needs to cool down. Haha. And Superhero S ordered their signature Iced Soda Ribena Lemon (or at least that's what I think it sounds like...! *grins*), which is actually Ribena mixed with some Soda drink, added with a piece of lemon. Tastes a lot like a flavour out of Spritzer Pop.

Great meal, and I'm definitely coming back for their Loh Shu Fun again since it's right next to home! :p

P/S: If you need a map to get to Tasty Recipe, head over to KYspeaks. He recently featured Cafe Libre which is just right opposite Tasty Recipe. Check out his nicely hand-drawn map! Haha... :p

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sushi Zen at The Gardens, Mid Valley

The idea of heading over to Sushi Zen came up when Superhero S told Superhero W of this Japanese restaurant she has read over at Parisbeaverbank's foodie blog not too long ago. I was seriously intimidated by the delicious foodie pics in that post that I could hardly get it off my mind since. OH....yummy~!!

And since The Gardens is like our next-door neighbour, we flew over there in no time and found a nice seat with a nice fengshui because most people are seated around that corner, right in front of Jumbo. You see, for the uninitiated, Sushi Zen has 4 seating corners, with the middle part being the place used by the chefs to cook you your favourite meals. Niceeee...

We love the mood surrounding the foodie area in The Gardens. Not too crowded, but just enough people to make you feel comfortable. So once seated, Superhero W ordered the Sushi Zen Bento Set (with Sashimi, Tempura,Unagi, Sonomono), which is priced at RM38.

Superhero S ordered the Nabeyaki Udon & Temaki Set (Claypot Udon with California and Salmon Rolls) priced at RM22, coupled with a nice Crabmeat Mayonnaise Roll at RM4.90 as the side order along with 2 hot Green Tea.

The bill came immediately, which surprised us for their display of extreme efficiency. And then came our 2 green tea. Nice and hot, just what I needed to warm-up to the air-con in The Gardens. And after another short wait, came the Udon Set...

WOW... we're shocked.
It's not just any ordinary set. There is just sooooooooooooo many side items accompanying my XXL Claypot Udon and for a moment, I seriously felt so lost!?! Which one to eat first????

The Udon Set comes with 2 fresh Californian and Salmon Rolls...

and this really hot chawamushi or Japanese Steamed Egg Custard which is ultra delicious!!

And the Claypot Udon itself is just soooo BIG with soooo many ingredients inside! There's the egg, the Tempura, a whole lot of Enoki mushrooms, ridiculous amount of Chicky bits and many many more! OH I dunno what to say?! Simply delicious. The soup is really tasty, and with taste of the egg accompanying the soup, WOW... :p

Then came the Crabmeat Mayonnaise Rolls. There are 6 to a set. And my my...You should really order this. The rolls are so soft, and I just love the beautiful egg roes coating its outer layer. When you sink your teeth into the Crabmeat rolls, you can taste the fresh crabmeat, the seaweed and of course, the superb mayonnaise! I likeeeee.... *grins*

Superhero W's Bento set came soon enough. More surprises. Soooo many dishes in the Bento!!! Okay, so now it's his turn to look lost. Which one to eat first?!? Haha.

The Sushi Zen Bento comes with a nice big piece of Unagi, Tempuras and those fried veges, lotsa assorted Sashimi, those sweet Eggs, some fresh octopus and prawn, chawamushi, and a nice bowl of steaming Miso soup.

Love the Unagi, which is actually eel. Sweet and tender... one bite is all it takes to get you floating around and get high! Haha. And the Sashimi is really really really fresh. No kidding. Recommended. You can taste its freshness right from the first bite. But too bad we couldn't finish it because our stomach were on the brink of exploding already! Heheh.

And you know what? One of the staff actually came over to our table immediately after seeing Superhero S pointing her fingers (no, no the middle finger!) at the unfinished Sashimi. He was concerned if anything was wrong with the Sashimi. "No sir, I can't help but feel so sorry for the unfinished Sashimi, that's all." *sad look* Haha. :p

Great service, great food, great ambience. What more can one ask? And the bill came at only RM78. Looking at how much food and happiness we've got in return, I'd say it's sooooo damn worth it!

We're definitely coming back soon!!! :p

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

KFC breakfast falls flat against McDonalds

Seriously, we don't believe that the KFC breakfast could fare better than McD's. Though we're fans of both McD and KFC, but for the breakfast? Hmmm... So on one early Saturday morning, we decided to set off to KFC @ Kuchai Lama to fulfill our KFC Challenge Episode 4 : to take a bite off their KFC breakfast. :p

We have a love affair with McD's breakfast menu, so we're rather cynical about KFC's breakfast menu actually. But after reading 2.0 Silent Whisper saying that KFC breakfast is not that bad, that the KFC Egg Wrap is good, we trust you buddy! Blogger's trust! With the recommendation buried in our thoughts, we drove to the big big KFC at Kuchai Lama which sits just right next to Pizza Hut in the same building.

As soon as we placed our orders for 2 sets of KFC Egg Wraps, we kinda had the whole KFC for ourselves. Nice place, really... but it's a little bit... see for yourself. Because this is what we saw when we turn to our right...

And to our left...

WAH!!!! Nobody wan arrrr???!!! Either KFC has such bad reputation for its KFC breakfast or the marketing for the KFC breakfast is waaaaaaaaay below horrible. Due to the cold response from customers, the staff there didn't even bothered making anything from the menu in advance. So we gotta wait for our food to arrive...

Food came kinda quick actually, which is niceeeee. First impression of the Egg Wrap? Wah... looks a whole lot smaller than the one we saw over at Silent Whisperer's post. But the Egg Wrap is very freshly made, and it came to our hands steaming HOT... Oh yeah... Check it out...

Lookin' good? Haha... It tastes good too! The Egg Wrap is actually this really thin bread ala popiah (which KFC has actually used before in their menu on some items that never made it to the regular menu), used to wrap around the chicken meat that are all shaped like rods, some eggs, some lettuce... and oh, I can see a dash of black pepper, and of course... the lifesavers, my favourite mayonnaise and cheese!

All sets come with a choice of either coffee or tea. Superhero W took the coffee, which is labelled to be Arabian coffee, while Superhero S took the tea...which is not Boh, not Lipton, not Twinnings, but something else which I cannot recall (its a black tea :) ). The tea is more thick, not to mention more bitter than McD's... But one thing we noticed, KFC's packaging of the cups look sooooo much better than McD's cups! :p

The verdict? The KFC Egg Wrap is really good. It's worth a try. But it's not something we would want to have on a regular basis, because with a steep price of RM7+, it's actually kinda expensive. We can have a healthier meal at Subway's with only RM6.

Or even our all-time fav McD breakfast too...

So, is KFC breakfast better than McD's? We won't say it's better, but we can safely say that McD's menu for its breakfast definitely wins hands-down. KFC needs to improve on its breakfast menu because we don't think it's sufficient to survive only on the Egg Wrap... which is the only thing we'll eat because the other sets on the menu are not worth mentioning. :p

Monday, February 25, 2008

Back on the red carpet. Where are my Oscars?

Thanks to sweet JenJen, the twosuperheroes received like 4 straight awards in one post. Clean sweep ah. Haha. Since it's been quite a while since we last participated in the awards seasons for blogs, *grins* it got us thinking, "Hey! we are back on the red carpet once again eh?! Same time with the Oscars!"

Where are our bald-headed naked gold figurines? Heh heh. :p

And so, we received the following awards. *drum rolls please*

Rated Excellence and Five Star Blog Award

Peace and Blogging with a Purpose Award

As what most noble bloggers would always do, we would like to dedicate and present these awards to the following high-flying bloggers we love. It's all in the name of healthy fun and good spirit okay. Haha. *applause for our lovely bloggers!*

Yozoranitesky because we're hengtai chimui and we love all your home-made foodies

L'abeille and X-T because you're both getting married

Quickening because you are just so lovely and interesting

Dreckker because you're the first ever blogger we've met and you've been so nice

And of course, Andrew Ooi because we love our currently ongoing TwoSuperheroes vs. AndrewOoi competition

Congratulations! *grins*

Move over McDonalds, this Chicken Porridge will give you a run for your money

Besides Superhero S's first attempt at cooking Nasi Lemak not too long ago, this is yet another of her 1st attempt at a whole new dish... Chicken Porridge!!

Yeah... Haha. I know you're laughing and thinking that "WAH!!! This girl doesn't even know how to cook bubur ayam worrr...." Which is not completely baseless because I have never tried cooking porridge at any time before. Been too busy cooking rice mahhh.. Where got time want to cook bubur worrrr?! :p

And without wasting anymore time, Superhero S decided to cook Bubur Ayam McD for lunch. Haha... After sitting down and visualising how to cook porridge and thinking what ingredients are needed, she's off to work on her Chicky porridge. *fingers and toes crossed that it turns out well...* Haha.

Check it out. My Bubur Ayam McD is still boiling...

And complete!!!

How? Okay or not? Lookin' and smellin' good over here... Even the texture is just perfecto! Haha. Thank goodness my Bubur Ayam McD turned out just all ritey! Add some fried anchovies... OH! Best-nya.. Notice that the spring onions and fried shallots are suspiciously missing? Can't have 'em onboard. Because Superhero S hates 'em! Hehe. :p

So, Superhero W... Okay or not my Bubur Ayam McD?
Superhero W answered my question by whacking my whole big pot of porridge, leaving only the big big bowl.

And yes, he's still alive and kicking! :p

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My first disappointment with Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam

Remember the post where we told you that we would be hunting down Ipoh Old Town Kopitiams around KL? :p

We initially intended to head over to the newly-opened outlet over at 3 Miles Square, Old Klang Road. But right at the last minute, there was a change of plan and we headed over to the also quite newly-opened Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam at Berjaya Times Square instead! *oh food... drools!*

Situated just next to GSC Level 3 and with the many buntings guiding you the way and pointing the direction, you can't possibly get lost. We find that it's much cooler than the outlet at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng where we ate previously since it shares the air-con with Times Square.

The service is good too, if not for a certain staff there who insisted on speaking Cantonese to Superhero W despite him repeatedly answering back in English. Superhero W's understanding of Cantonese is very very limited to "sek fan lah" (makan-lah), "kau meng ar" (help!), "song pei lei" (a gift for you) and "sarangeh" (I love you). Oh wait. That is Korean! Haha... So you see, the first 2 phrases is important for survival, while the following 2 are to please Superhero S. Haha. :p

After checking out the menu, Superhero W ordered his favourite Nasi Lemak Special again because he can't seem to have enough of it, while Superhero S decided to try something different. Curry Mee lahhhhh... my favourite... Hehe...

Well, the Nasi Lemak Special is of course still as yummy as ever. You really gotta try their nasi lemak because its really one of their specialties. As for the curry mee, if you're seated near our table, you can actually see smoke coming out from my ears, see my hair rising, and my face turning red like a tomato.

It's soooo...soooo...sooooooooooooo delicious!!!!!!! However, the curry mee could be a little spicy for people who cannot handle spicy food well. But the portion is ridiculously BIG... But sure can finish wan...because it's too tasty! The noodles that they use is slightly thinner than the usual mee, and the hot flaming curry is damn thick and powerful! Just look at how RED the colour is... *drools...* MUST-try! :p

And for some munching after our big meal, we decided to order their Curry Puff Basket @ RM2.20. This is a disappointment. Not recommended as it tastes only so-so and the size of the curry puffs are extremely to the small!

For drinks, Superhero W had his Special Iced Blended Coffee Original while Superhero tried the "Cham" or coffee + tea since it was recommended by Falcon. Not too bad, the coffee taste is stronger in Cham, but guess since I'm a tea lover, I kinda still preferred the Xi Mut Milk Tea or "teh-c-ping"...

So far, we've tried two different outlets and the food is consistently good and the portion consistently BIG... Haha.. This franchise should be able to go very far. Just hope it doesn't end up like Secret Recipe by becoming over-commercialized, thus forsaking its quality altogether at times. :p

Friday, February 22, 2008

What's wrong with Berjaya Times Square?

Yeah...I mean, it's hardly ever mentioned by anyone... i.e. about its beautiful marble decors, the food there, the GSC there, the indoor themepark, the hotel and convention centre there..

And not to mention its Chinese New Year decors!?!

Yes. I know Times Square failed to live up to its hype when it first opened. Such an expensive gigantic structure wasted to house many shops selling cheap street clothes and most often frequented by ah bengs and ah lians *grins*. But big brands are making their way into Times Square already.

And hey! These guys over at Times Square certainly did strike up a notch in their presentation for the festive season this time around and I suppose I could honestly say that it's even better than that of many other shopping malls around KL!

Check out their XXL lion head...

It may look slightly small in my pic but in real's actually pretty enormous! Still not convinced? Think that it's nothing special? Never mind...look on.

This is a closer view of the lion's head. Notice its eyes. I's open rite?

Then see again.

And again...

The eyes can close wan cute!!! Not bad uh... :p

Notice the orange inside its mouth? It can actually rotate too... though I'm sure you couldn't probably have noticed this from my pics. :p

And check out these cute red balls hanging from the ceiling...

I'm starting to like Times Square even more now. *smiles*