Thursday, February 14, 2008

My 1st attempt at cooking Nasi Lemak!

Since Superhero W is the King of Nasi Lemak, Superhero S decided to make her 1st attempt at cooking her own Nasi Lemak! Gotta please my superhero's tummy mah... Hehe.. :p

So since the two superheroes were still in Malacca spending their ultra long Chinese New Year's holiday at that time, Superhero S has got no choice but to mess up Superhero Mum's kitchen then! Haha... too bad... :p

Okay, so the 2 things that are most important for a Nasi Lemak.

No.1 - The nasi lorrr...
No.2 - The sambal!

I don't have to worry anything about the sambal because I have already worked out my ultra-delicious recipe for sambal already. Hehe. Now the problem is with the rice.

So, what I did was to replace the water in the rice cooker with santan (coconut milk) and add some pandan leaves for that extra fragrance.

Oh, and not forgetting the small chunks of ginger and a dash of salt.

The result?

The rice looks good...but somehow, the taste is just not there yet. Maybe just a little bit more of santan should do the trick!

And the sambal?? Of course it's a success!! Hehe... Even Superhero Mum gave the nod for my sambal... The sambal, complete with its wonderful explosion of spicyness in its right amount goes really well with the rice. :p

OH Remember MFC? My Fried Chicken? Well, I served my beautiful fried chickys with the sambal to complement the rice and voila! Sangat laku oh...

Haha. But I sure hope to work out a better recipe for the nasi the next time around. Anyone has got any great recipe for the rice to share??? :p


bongkersz said...

the sambal, the colour bit too red eh? normally i see those sambal bit darker red, bit brownish :P looks good woh man! especially the fried chicken, beat any KFC and mamak anytime, looking at the photo. drools! your other half sure proud of you! hehe. happy valentine's day superhero!

twosuperheroes said... brings prosperity must make my sambal more RED... :p
Thanks, bongkersz for your compliments *blushing*..Happy Valentine's Day to you too!!

L'abeille said...

Aiyor...your nasi lemak and sambal looks good wei!

Happy Valentine's Day!

twosuperheroes said...

Hehe..thanks uh, L'abeille..wei, miss u oh..sudah balik kah?? Happy Valentine's Day to you and X-T too! :p

cibol said...

for the sambal part, usually I put some tamarind in it. that would brings the colour and some sour taste but not too much. sugar is needed too for the sambal. most people usually ditch sugar. use dried chili is a lot better than using chili boh or chili paste i think they call it(the ready made one)

nasi lemak part, yeah .. pandan leaves adds to the fragrance. very nice and also it'll be nicer if you put some chicken stock. :)

The chicken looks very tasty eh ..

My first time here but it seems like I talked too mucb ledi .. ha ha ha .. soli soli

3POINT8 said...

i just reached aus... and i'm beginning to miss sambal.

SuperWeightKoalabear said...

eh, try to put some cengkih inside, not too much, maybe 5 batang will do... gives different aroma...and when the rice almost cooked, give a nice stir to it... no need ginger or salt lah... but santan must be fresh one, dun use the canned santan...yuckie taste... more santan,more lemak.. higher cholesterol...

bongkersz said...

wah cibol! expert!! haha~~! why no 'guide to make a kickass sambal' at your blog yet? :P

twosuperheroes said...

Hey cibol, never can talk as much as you can here..we certainly dun mind! fact, we LOVE it.. Okay, I'll try putting some chicken stock for the rice in my 2nd attempt ok? Hope it works better this time...Thanks! :p

3point8, good day to you! you can make your own sambal too mah..then you won't have to miss it..just put in all the ingredients and blend and fry2 for a while..kau tim! :p

Superweightkoalabear, cengkih ar?? If I add chicken stock and cengkih together, will it have a bad effect? Haha..Hope not. I shall take note abt the santan..because I used packed santan for this attempt. Maybe that's why it didn't turned out that well.. :)

Hey bongkersz, yeah lor..cibol's comment really spoken like a true expert! Heh heh.. :p