Wednesday, February 13, 2008

MFC, you gotta try this fried chicken!


Lookin' good eh. It's the town's hottest fried chicken - MFC! My Fried Chicken laaa...
It's Superhero S's first attempt at cooking her own fried chicky and she decided to use SERI AJI's Seasoned Flour, Perisa Pedas (Spicy flavour) for her effort this time around. :p

Since she's never done this before, and since she's a total idiot when it comes to frying chickens, Superhero S decided to be a good girl and follow the directions written behind the box.

Step 1 : Potong ayam kepada beberapa bahagian. Okay... Checked. My RAW and BLOODY chicky is already cut nicely into cute chunks.

Step 2 : Salutkan potongan daging ayam tersebut dengan TEPUNG GORENG SERI AJI.
So simple wan uh...

Eh wait wait. Looks like there's an additional blurb on top that says to get a nice crisp, I gotta coat the chicky with egg white first before going into Step 2.

Step 3 : Goreng daging ayam dalam minyak panas sehingga masak dan kuning keemasan.
So all I need to do is to wait for it to turn golden brown and serve. Sap sap sui laaa... :p

Superhero S poured lotsa oil into the wok and deep fried the chicky till it turned GOLD. Haha. Midas touch ma. *wink*

No big problems while frying the chickys and the end result was DAMN GOOD ah. Very crispy and it's actually really golden brown! The spicy flavour is quite subtle really so it's not very spicy. Haha. I can open shop to sell my MFC already! heh heh.

No doubt about it, Superhero W loved it so much he sapu everything clean. :p


babe_kl said...

aisay kena tipued liau hehehe... i thot can taste, so when r u guys frying another batch huh?

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...babe_kl, don't worry..I'll be frying another batch very very soon..Superhero W is craving for the chickys already. I'll leave some then for you ya! :p

Raising Mercury said...

hey that looks pretty good la =) i made my own once, but i think it was another brand, i didnt bother changing the oil much so my chicken looked a bit charcoal-ish..hahahha, but it still tasted cook =) i am one lazy chef! anymore weird poo in the loo posts... scary, oh happy vals day!

twosuperheroes said...

hey raising mercury...thanks! Haha..I was pretty lucky with the fried chicky that it turned out nicely fried in golden brown..heh heh..

Yeah, Happy Valentine's Day to you too..! :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

wow... i dun want KFC anymore..i only want MFC by my favorite Superhero S...bila buka kedai?? i wanna take franchise lah..but i will have no biz..coz i makan all the chicken myself heehee

twosuperheroes said...

haha..Y,no need to take up franchise time I tapau for you when I cook the next round ok?? Haha...Shall get a delivery boy to send it to your doorstep! Steaming hot MFC.. :p