Monday, March 31, 2008

Pork Ball Noodles at Restoran Weng Hing, Jalan Imbi

It's been a long long time since Superhero S last ate porky. OH porky!!!

But on one fine sun shiny day, the two superheroes decided to go elsewhere for lunch. Bye bye Pulau foodie, and hello Jalan Imbi. We were initially reluctant to go there for food since moving along the jam-packed Jalan Tun Razak is never a good idea, especially when the whole KL is travelling out for lunch.

But the desire for good foodie was too strong to handle that I HAD to go there to sample for myself, just how GOOD is the Pork Ball Noodles at Jalan Imbi. My colleague, Shamini is a regular there and she has been describing so much about the porky noodles there that I can't stop thinking about it! Hahah.

Shamini lead the way, and as soon as we arrived at the restaurant, it was packed with lotsa lotsa hungry looking people. Can't blame them. It IS lunch hour after all! No vacant seats and so we waited for them to add on a table for the three of us.

Superhero S ordered a bowl of Pork Ball Noodles (dry), priced at RM 5. The food came pretty fast actually. Can actually see the uncle putting his skills into action just right next to us. Really really good business ohhhhhhh....

This Porky Noodle is in fact really good actually. The portion is big, hence it's quite filling (or maybe I just have a small tummy! :p) And the porky balls are big enough and there's 3 of them in my soup, along with 2 pieces of special porky sausages. So much porky everywhere. Even my noodles is topped with lotsa minced porky! Haha. NOW I feel like a pig!

Since Superhero W can't eat porky, he decided to order a large plate of Char Koey Teow instead. Beautifully fried, I can see lotsa egg bits too! Yummmmm... And it's really not bad. Priced at RM 5, it's really worth it. :p

We can see the business is really good in this restaurant. There are other stalls selling Chee Cheong Fun, Chicken Rice, Char Siew & Roasted Pork Rice and a few more. This open-air kopitiam type of restaurant is not a good place to hang out for long though. There's the crowd and it can get rather hot too.

But the food is good. And that's a good thing! Haha. :p

Friday, March 28, 2008

Delicious Ipoh Hor Fun at DDP Food Court

Since the day we saw KY eating his yummylicious Soo Kee Ipoh Hor Fun at PJ Seapark, we've been desperately trying to find the opportunity to make our way there. But just before we try Soo Kee, we'd thought it would be a good idea to look around Taman Desa for any good Ipoh Hor Fun too. Haha.

And so, we ventured to DDP Food Court, a monstrous foodie area located right next to the Shell station in Taman Danau Desa, off Old Klang Road. We're not usually a fan of food courts, because we thought that good food has to be sold exclusively in their own shops, not sharing tenancy.

A bit of a misconception there I suppose. Because we actually found a pretty good Ipoh Hor Fun stall over at DDP! Haha. Superhero S immediately flew to the uncle selling the hor fun and ordered a bowl of hor fun topped with additional steamed chicken.

The bowl of Hor Fun arrived at our table shortly after we were both comfortably seated in this airy food court. The first thing I did was to taste the soup. Hwahhh.... Not bad uh. It has this rather distinctive yet subtle prawn taste to it that is absolutely delicious. Not sure if it's meant to have this prawn taste but I sure don't mind its presence in my soup!

The uncle sure did gave me lotsa steamed chicky pieces. Priced at RM5 (or was it RM5.50) with that additional chicky pieces, I would say it's reasonably priced.

Superhero W decided to go for something entirely different with his Special Chicken Chop Rice. I don't actually have this appetite for Fried Chicken in the morning but this one is really really appetizing! The chicken chop is really crispy and flavourful.... But the rice is just rice lah. Haha. There's also a scoopful of coleslaw to complement the dish.

Judging from the endless stream of crowd pouring in, the other stalls in this food court must be pretty good too. Ohhh... can't wait to try the rest of them!! Haha.. :p

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Sakae Sushi at Bangsar Village II

The two superheroes have always wanted to go Bangsar Village II because we've heard there are lotsa LOTSA foodie in the area.

So on a beautiful weekend, we went with our buddy, Yu Jin to surf around KL for fun. Yes. We've got nothing better to do. Haha. And somehow, we suddenly found ourselves in Bangsar! OH YES! And again, we suddenly found ourselves entering Bangsar Village II's car park.

And so suddenly we found ourselves walking towards Sakae Sushi. Haha. Been wanting to try this sushi chain for a long long time already. And we're finally there!!!

Lotsa people
dining inside this Japanese foodie outlet a la Genki Sushi, Sushi King type with that rotating conveyor belt. But Sakae Sushi is more of the uptown version with this computerized concept where you can place your orders via the PC next to your seat.

Too bad we've computer idiots, so gotta make use of the traditional way to place our orders. Haha. Waiter waiter!!! Come come... :p

We ordered so much foodie, it's unbelieveable. Hungry mahh... Won't talk much, just see for yourselves okay.

Macam- macam ada...
What we truly love about Sakae is that the price is really cheap! RM1.90 for Salmon Sushi wor. Where to find?? What's more, their salmon is really really fresh.... Oh yummy!!!!!!!! :p

We were so hungry, we ended up getting all greedy and eat and eat and EAT till when we finally realized that we're actually TOO FULL, it's already too late. *burp*

We left the outlet feeling so FAT. Haha. But we'll definitely be back again. Love the quality food and the ambience. Love Sakae. But I reckon if I wanted to have noodles or bento, I would still make my way back to Sushi Zen at the Gardens. Because they're the specialist. :p

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Vroom vroooooom... and there goes my Ferrari.

Check it out, our brand new Ferrari! Don't play play. This sexy Ferrari is a speed demon that can churn out the most masculine roar from its engine.

Or rather from the battery-operated vroom vrooooooom sound it emits. Hehe.

This little fella is no joke man. It can actually make a speeding sound a la Formula 1. Kimi Raikonnen's little toy I reckon. Haha. :p

"I miss my car.. hurm...."

I really have to pui fuk "salute" the toy makers these days. When you buy petrol from Shell, you just need to add-on some $$ to purchase this little beauty. Despite it being a toy that's less than RM10, I have to say the worksmanship is not bad indeed. Something like what you can get from Hot Wheels! *wink*

Remember those days when we were little superheroes, we didn't have the luxury to own a Ferrari also. Kids these days really have all the luck! Paling paling also we can get those free little cars from buying Colgate or Darlie. Heh heh. Never mind. I don't mind getting the real deal for a change.

This Ferrari sure makes a good father to the little Ferrari we've got in our hands eh? Haha.

exactly the same model...the FERRARI FXX!!

The Famous Fish Paste Bee Hoon (Yesss...I found it!)

On one beautiful Sunday morning, the two superheroes managed to rise and shine as early as 8.00 a.m. to have their beautiful breakfast to set the pace for a beautiful day ahead! And thank goodness Superhero S lives just a stone's throw away from delicious breakfast at Taman Danau Desa. Yummmmm...

Restoran Ho A One Seafood Steamboat is very famous for their Fish Head Bee Hoon. I know it's contradicting to its name. Should these guys be selling steamboat?? Haha. That's what they do at night actually. The crowd comes pouring in from early morning right till noon non-stop and that's how the crowd's usually going to be throughout the week. Yes! Their business is THAT good.

We wanted to try their signature Fish Head Bee Hoon but later changed our mind because we weren't really fish head fans after all. So, better go for their Fish Paste Bee Hoon or Yu Wat instead.

OMG. This is exactly the Yu Wat that I've been hunting high and low for! Oh how I've missed you!!! Haha. The last time I tasted yet another famous authentic Yu Wat is in Seri Kembangan when I was still in my uni days a couple of years back. The one at Seri Kembangan too is packed to the brim. *grins*

And I love restaurants that are packed because it serves as an indicator that the food must be GOOD! Haha. But we ordered 2 bowls of Fish Paste Bee Hoon, priced at RM6.50 per bowl. Thinking that it's expensive?

Oh NO. In fact when the large bowl of Fish Head Bee Hoon arrived at our table, we were so happy to see so many fish paste swimming happily in our soup!! OMG!! There's 6 of them. No..I mean 7! No... it should be 8! Haha. All big big ones!! :p

The jumbo fish paste and the amount of it is enough to justify its price. Tastes very homemade indeed! And the soup is really incredible...!!! No strong taste from the milk as the ginger and salty vegetable (or at least I think so) have brought out such strong flavours, leaving it only with a slight hint of milky taste.

Very very nice indeed! Oh, just a reminder, these folks are closed on Mondays. The restaurant is located at a corner lot amongst the shoplots at Taman Danau Desa, off Old Klang Road. If you know your way around Kuchai Lama, Old Klang Road or Seputeh, this area shouldn't be difficult to find. *wink*

Friday, March 21, 2008

Go to Jasmine Deli for unbelieveably cheap food!

Now this is why we love Malacca so much.

Besides getting some much deserved peace of mind here, we get MORE food with LESS the usual amount of money! Yay!! Yeah, call us cheap but we love cheap food as long as it's tasty. Haha. :p

Superhero Mum thought we should try the newly-opened Jasmine Deli in Ujong Pasir. Just situated next to our favourite Auntie Lee Nyonya restaurant (which serves the BEST Nyonya food around!), Jasmine Deli is actually opened by Auntie Lee's daughter! :p

Because of that, we're pretty sure Jasmine Deli's offerings will fare pretty good with the locals. When we reached there, it was really crowded. A quick glance at the menu pasted on the wall shows that the price range is between RM 1 - RM 3.80. Yeah... so cheap rite???

Superhero S ordered their signature Char Koey Teow...

while Superhero W decided to try their Nasi Lemak...

The Char Koey Teow is pretty good actually. Now if only they could've served the koey teow on some banana leaves, it would've been perfect! Even though this Char Koey Teow may not be the best one I've tasted, but for the RM 2.50 you pay, it's really worth it! :p

The Nasi Lemak, priced at RM 2.50 however does not fare as well as expected. The ones we've had at Wisma Cosway and Menara HLA in KL is still THE best Nasi Lemaks around.

Since everything is just so unbelieveably cheap in this shop, we decided to order MORE food! Haha. We ordered 2 sets of half-boiled eggs, priced at RM 1 per set. Can you believe it ah? RM 1???!!!! Normally it would cost us RM 1.60, if not more to get a set of half-boiled eggs! This is so cheap!!!

For drinks, Superhero S ordered Cincau, priced at RM 1 (yes!). The Cincau turned out to be Cincau Sirap which was pretty refreshing really! Yummmmmm.... Haha.

Sadly, Superhero W's Nescafe Ais turned out to be very bland and watery. Bleark!

Overall, Jasmine Deli is the place to go for really cheap and reasonable food. Play safe and just go for their signature dishes like the Char Koey Teow and Nyonya Laksa. We'll definitely return for the cheap food and nice, relaxing kopitiam atmosphere here. Love it! Haha.