Friday, September 26, 2008

Pink Panther and Chocochino at Big Apple Donuts

Still excited about yesterday's episode where 'A Tale of Two Superheroes' finally turned ONE years old, the two superheroes felt that they should reward themselves with a little something sweet today. And here comes the much hyped Big Apple Donuts which we bought from the outlet at the Gardens, right after dining at the super yummy Din Tai Fung (yet again! :p)

Despite being probably the last people on the planet to try out the donuts, we actually hesitated initially because all the donuts looked awfully sweet. But since there weren't many people queuing up at that time, why not? Haha. Let's pump our body with a 'little' sugar rush!

We decided to go ahead with ordering only 2 donuts. YES. Only TWO! Haha. One for Superhero W, one for Superhero S. With everyone else ordering at least half a dozen of donuts, we certainly stood out among the crowd! At RM2.20 per piece, and judging from the size of the donuts, it's a tiny weeny bit pricey but let's hope it tastes just as good as it was all hyped out to be...

Here are Superhero S' Pink Panther and Superhero W's Chocochino...

Even with seemingly over 20 varieties of donuts being displayed, it was easy for us to make our choices actually. Superhero S LOVES strawberry... and seeing a shiny pink donut is certainly very very enticing indeed... Haha. As for Superhero W, the Chocochino seems like the only donut with real 'character', as it was supposed Homer Simpson's favorite! *grins*

When we bit into the donut, we were a little surprised to find even more cream inside the donuts - mine being obviously the strawberry flavoured one... and the Chocochino being chocolate. The donuts are pretty light, and with the thick sweet topping and crazy amount of sweet cream inside the donut, I was pretty sure we were going to run around like Energizer bunnies soon with all the extra sugar! But having not tasted J.Co Donuts, we couldn't say which was better... but some friends have voted Big Apple to be the better version.

And while waiting to be served, we actually had time to look around and see how they made their donuts. They were shaped using a mould, then placed aside to let it expand, then dumped into the hot oil to fry and finally decorated (and pumped in) with all those sinfully sweet toppings and cream.

We obviously will not be able to handle eating Big Apple often, but it should be a good treat once in a while... :p

Thursday, September 25, 2008

We are ONE years old! omg...

Haha... OMG OMG OMG...!
It's so hard to believe that 'A Tale of Two Superheroes' actually turned ONE years old yesterday! Haha.

Happy Birthday to us! (in case if you're wondering why does the cake looks so familiar, it's a recycled cake from Superhero Mum's Birthday earlier this month! Haha. :p)

Our tales started exactly 1 year, 1 day ago on September 24th, 2007, with our first post, "It's gettin' hot in here". Haha. To be honest, at that time... we know nothing about blogging, the blogosphere and everything else surrounding it. It was just based on curiosity and a mild spark of interest that both Superhero S and Superhero W began writing down their adventures in their life as 'superheroes'. *grins*

What's best was... we had not even the slightest idea that this blog would one day eventually work out to be a foodie blog! Haha. Let alone me putting up my kitchen experiments on this blog. What started as just simple cooking for idiots (i.e. using canned food) soon became a great roller coaster culinary adventure of mine where I started exploring and experimenting with different recipes and even 'baked' my first cake!

The two superheroes' proudest moment in their baking history! Presenting... their one and only (successful) cake... (albeit this being more like a super rich Haagen Daz Cookies 'n' Cream ice cream!)

Many many thanks to all our blogger friends and readers who have been with us since the very beginning, or who have joined us somewhere in the middle and even those who have just gotten to know us both! Thank you all for supporting us till this day, and thanks for spending that few minutes to write us a comment for our posts. It truly means a lot to us, and your words have continued to spur us to write better posts, and taking our adventures out of KL into Melaka to highlight the best foodie places around.

Happy 1st year anniversary to 'A Tale of Two Superheroes'! It was indeed a year well spent in the blogosphere... *grins*

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Best Ramadhan Bazaar of them all...Bangi

After feasting at the great variety of traditional Malay foodie at the Ramadhan Bazaar at Serdang, the two superheroes were off to satisfy their hunger with probably is the best bazaar of them all... Bangi! :p

The Ramadhan Bazaar here is definitely the most elaborate that I've seen so far, and one that certainly offers a ridiculously wide range of foodie choices. Too bad we couldn't actually take a picture of the entire setting because it was really REALLY crowded and the place was really huge anyway. Situated just 5-10 minutes away from the Kajang tol, this massive spread is quite accessible to the crowd.

We honestly tried to stay sane and not go wacko and start buying every foodie that looks delicious, but... alas, mind over matter seem to have failed! Haha. I guess we ended up buying even more than we did back in Serdang. OMG... After forking out close to RM20 (yet again!), we came home with...

The BEST of the lot, the brilliant Murtabak Jala (a superb combination of Roti Jala and Murtabak!) OMG... It's super delicious, especially when topped with their thick curry kuah! *drooling...*

Traditional Lemang (Glutinous rice cooked in bamboo) and Rendang Daging. By far, this is honestly THE BEST lemang and rendang that we've eaten in our lives. The rice was so soft, no hard edges, very nicely cooked over the fire. As for the rendang, it was certainly very very rich and thick with the perfect hint of spicyness and santan to it. We love it!

And finally, the must-have, Pari Bakar (Baked Sting Ray)...

For snacks, we have...

Giant Curry Puffs... Yeah, the shop actually named these curry puffs, "giant" because of their unconventionally huge size as compared to the usual karipaps. Crispy on the outside, soft and steaming hot on the inside. Truly reminds me of IKEA's curry puffs! Haha. :p

Some Otak-Otak (Brains) Haha.

And a nice big packful of Cendol drink. Haha. Never felt better downing a nice load of cold sweet drink during the fasting month!

And if that wasn't enough to feed us two superheroes, the best thing was, Superhero S had actually cooked a nice big wokful of Spicy Fried Beehoon in advance intended to deter us from overbuying at the bazaar. And now... we ended up with food for at least 4 people! *faints*

For the first time, my stomach really couldn't take it anymore... but not before wolfing down every single bit of the foodie! Haha. Personally speaking, this is definitely the best bazaar of them all. No doubt about it. Great selection of foodie choices and relatively spacious walkway that makes it easier for us to walk up and down. Can't wait to fly over there just one more time before the month comes to an end! *excited*

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ramadhan Bazaar at Serdang

The best thing about the fasting month for the two superheroes is naturally.... the (cheap) FOOD! Haha. With a whole month to feast on all the bazaars mushrooming around the city, this is indeed a heavenly month for the both of us. But despite the many bazaars around, we found that only a handful of bazaars are actually worth going. *grins*

And one of them... is the Ramadhan Bazaar at Serdang! Used to be Superhero S' old hangout place, the bazaar here is certainly one of the more elaborate ones to serve an amazing variety of delicious traditional Malay foodie, all centred in one location! Haha. :p

With human traffic jam forming inside this super-packed bazaar, it's really difficult to walk around freely and taking your time in deciding what foodie you want. So naturally, the best solution is to go round the bazaar for one time, get a quick look at what interests you... and then decide. As most of the stalls do sell pretty much the same foodie and there could probably be 10 stalls selling murtabak alone, you'll want to get the murtabak that not only looks good, but is selling like hot cakes as well. So look for the crowd!

After taking our pick and forking out close to RM20, we bought...

LOTSA foodie!!! *super grin*

For main course, we have...

Our must-have, Murtabak Ayam and Daging...

Superhero S' favourite Roti Jala...

Chicken Rice with super big chicken for Superhero S...

and...Chicken Rice with super big chicken for Superhero W

The above are definitely our all-time favourites... And as there are main course, they must be some snacks to finish off a fulfilling and most satisfying meal!

Superhero W's must-have curry puffs, be it sardine, chicken or potatoes!

Some Cucur Udang...

And of course, a big packful of coconut drink to quench the thirst!

But remember, just in case you've not been to bazaars, try not to bring your wallet or purse along and instead, just chuck small notes into your pockets. With the chaotic (and hungry!) crowd, it's better not burden the stall owners with large notes and end up having to wait for your change.

Next up, the best Ramadhan Bazaar of them all....!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Legendary" Wantan Mee at Jasin, Melaka

A few weeks ago when Superhero Bro was back home in Melaka to celebrate my Superhero Mum's birthday, the entire Superhero Clan went on hunt off town for great undiscovered foodie in Melaka! First, we went for the exotic wildlife cuisine at Bemban, near Jasin. And now, I'm about to introduce you to one of the best wantan mees around! No, it's not in Malacca town... look further.... further.... yes, Jasin! Haha. :p

Unfortunately, the two superheroes couldn't tag along on this wild adventure - a 45 minutes journey from town - because there just weren't enough space in my Superhero Bro Senior's MPV. *sigh*
And we're far too lazy to drive because Superhero W couldn't take the wantan mee anyway. So, just have to make do with the "tapau-ed" version of the supposedly "legendary" wantan mee (according to Superhero Bro!).

I managed to grab some pictures from his post here in his Leopard's Blog, and here's a look...

Even though it's truly quite uncommon to see fish cake slices in wantan mees, but somehow, this stall managed to work out the right combi with their super delicious (and fresh!) home made fish cakes, fish balls and even the noodles! Amazing, isn't it?

It's no wonder the little stall, tucked away at some corner off town with not even a decent place to seat gets hordes of customers flocking to their stall to try out their yummy wantan mee. Despite Superhero S getting to taste only the tapau-ed version of the wantan mee, which had already turned cold by the time it got home... the wantan mee still tasted absolutely delightful, especially the noodles. Still has its springy qualities! *drooling...*

Before my Superhero Mum and her friends discovered this place, I didn't even know it existed. All along, everyone knows that it's not easy finding good wantan mee stalls in Melaka. And well... this could be just one of them! I'd actually forgotten all about this wantan mee stall if KY hadn't posted his wantan mee adventures in PJ. Haha. :p

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Buka puasa at Manhattan Fish Market, Midvalley

The two superheroes have been awfully busy of late. But as usual, there is always time for FOOD! Haha. Since it's the month of Ramadhan, it also means that it's the fasting season for our Muslim friends and family. On most days, Superhero S will be fighting against time to whip up a sumptuous meal for buka puasa, while on some other days, we would be most happy to settle for Ramadhan bazaars or eating out at restaurants. *grins*

So sometime at the beginning of the fasting month, we decided to fly over to Manhattan Fish Market at Midvalley Megamall for some oh-so-fishy meal! We initially intended to dine at Kenny Rogers but the awfully "friendly" waiters there looked like they were on the verge of chasing us away to make way for the buka puasa crowd. Honestly, we saw many empty tables that didn't carry any reservation tags. But oh well, since they actually didn't believe that Superhero W was also fasting at that time, we decided to heck with stupid Kenny Rogers and walked a few shops down to MFM. Hmmph!

Since we haven't been to MFM for a pretty long time now, we were looking forward to the foodie there too. We arrived just before the buka puasa crowd started pouring in, and chose a nice table for two at the corner. A quick browse of the menu, and we were ready to order. *stomach growling...*

Despite the waiter's recommendation to try out their Buka Puasa set, Superhero S was adamant in going for their Grilled Norwegian King Salmon Fillet, described as "naturally grilled in basic salt and pepper topped with Manhattan garlic butter sauce".

On the other hand, Superhero W decided to satisfy his tummy by ordering the Flaming Platter for One, "one large grilled catch of the day with our award winning flaming prawns".

For drinks, just a glass of soft drink for Superhero W...

The crowd was certainly growing by the minute. But in spite of that, we were served pretty quickly really. I absolutely loved my chunk of salmon fillet for its pure simplicity and don't even get me going on and on about their butter garlic rice! So delicious....!!! Haha. Or perhaps I was really hungry then; I don't know! But I think I'd still have to say that the monstrous salmon chunk in the Salmon and Vegetable Skillet at Bubba Gump Shrimps remains the better choice. Haha. :p

As for Superhero W's platter, the fishy was really huge! Oh so worth it! Very nicely done too, nicely grilled. And the prawns were deliciously topped with a good layer of lightly grilled cheese. I believe Superhero W truly enjoyed this meal!

All in all, I would say we had a good time here at Manhattan Fish Market, with good service from the friendly waiter, much unlike those in Kenny Rogers!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Presenting.... the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award

Just a couple of days ago, the two superheroes received a fantastic award from our dear Y... It's the Brillante Weblog Premio 2008 Award!

Haha. Thanks a million, Y. Though we do not know what the award means exactly, but hey, it's always nice to receive awards! Haha. We sure are glad that you love our foodie posts and that you've been such a nice dearie to us two superheroes.

And so, as tradition goes, we would like to present this award to the following special people in our blogging lives... Dear Y mentioned that we should nominate another 7 bloggers, but come to think about it, we believe all our readers and all ardent bloggers out there should receive this award. Haha. And so, we would like to dedicate this award to every blogger in this world!

But then again, there are probably a few special bloggers that we believe we should mention here. And they are...

Our dear Y once again... (hey, no one mentioned that we can't nominate those who nominated us in the first place right? Haha. We love you and you deserve it!)
My dear Superhero Bro (Go check out his great adventures!)
Babe (We love all your recipes, babe... Haha. You inspire me to get adventurous in cooking!)
Dear L'abeille (You'll always be on our minds... *hugs*)
Sweet Jen Jen (Love your diary-like posts!)
Pretty Paris (Portuguese Egg tart!!! Haha. :p)
FoongPC and Tekkaus (Would love to know you two better!) we have 8! Haha. Nah, it's okay... We're feeling a little generous today. Haha. :p
Have a great weekend, everyone! More foodie posts ahead... *wink wink*

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Exotic food at Restoran Mini Yean San, Melaka

Whenever Superhero Bro returns home to Malacca, the entire Superhero Clan would usually head all out for foodie adventures all over town. Haha. And so, the last time he came back, Superhero Mum lead the way to Bemban, somewhere near Jasin, off Melaka Town to feast on some exotic delicacies (yes, meaning it's not food for everyone! Haha. :p)

Restoran Mini Yean San had actually been one of our old favourites since Superhero S was still very young. I could still remember those days when the road leading to the restaurant was actually deep inside some rubber estate road. So it was pretty horrifying driving down the really dark and usually deserted road. But it was also great adventure for the family really! *grins*

Superhero S hadn't been here for years (and I really mean years!). So much have changed, with the road leading there now been developed into small towns. But thankfully, the restaurant remained the same, and so are their specialties! Brought Superhero W here for the first time, and Superhero Mum decided to improvise on the dishes and called for some "less exotic" dishes for him. Haha.

After a super long wait as there was certainly quite a big crowd (despite being pretty late at night already), food finally arrived...
Here's our big plate of "sui yee" in special sauce (it's actually some kind of water animal, much like turtles or something). Triple thumbs up! Haha. It's Superhero S' favourite actually...

And then, there's "sei kiok seh" in curry powder (I believe it's iguana, if I'm not mistaken)

This is the more common "tin kai", cooked in "kung pao" style (something like a frog or toad or etc.)

By the time Superhero W saw the dishes above, I could see sweat dripping down his cheeks already. Haha. Don't worry, there's always some fresh fishy for him...

Green leafy vege (sorry, can't seem to recall its name!)

A really big portion of Claypot Tauhu to balance out the spicyness in the other dishes...

And finally, Kangkung Sambal Belacan, another family favourite!

Haha. What can I say? Some people might find these kind of "wildlife" cuisine disgusting, most of them actually tastes like chicken. Very very delicious if you can appreciate such foodie, and the portion is indeed very huge. That's what I like about the foodie off town, really. They are much more generous with everything! Haha.

All in all, I don't quite remember how much the bill was, but I think it was about RM100+. Yeah. Oh, and Superhero Bro also blogged about this outing too. You can read all about it, and much more here. The meal sure brought back lots of memories, with the whole Superhero Clan sitting down once again in this restaurant, feasting on "wildlife"! *grins*

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hersheys, Snickers, MilkyWay, Twix, Mr.Goodbar...

About a week ago, when Superhero Bro came back home to Malacca after his great adventures in the United States to celebrate Superhero Mum's birthday, he brought home some souvenirs along with him. And any souvenir that can be classified as real souvenirs by the two superheroes has got to be FOOD! Haha. We're suckers when it comes to foodie... Can't help it! :p

So besides that adorable Coach bag he brought back for Superhero S (Arhhhhh......!!!), he also brought home...

Yes, he brought home a piece of the chocolate heaven. MMMMmmmm.........
Not just a bar or two, but a big plastic bagful of it! How sweet... *drooling...*

There's everything Hershey's here. From Milk Chocolate, Minis, Special Dark Chocolate, Special Dark Mildly Sweet Chocolate, Krackel (something like Crispy) to Mr.Goodbar (choc + peanuts), and all the different varieties of Snickers-like candies!

We love chocolate... we love chocolate... WE LOVE CHOCOLATE!!
So everyone, let's eat first, then think later. Such comforting food... it's okay for a little sugar surge in the diet, or perhaps even a few pimples popping out later on. Haha. :p

C'mon, take your pick... :)
Hopefully Superhero Bro Senior doesn't finish it all before we get home this weekend! Haha.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday, Superhero Mum!

Today, the 5th of September marks the birth of a very very special woman in the two superheroes' lives. She is and will forever remain as the greatest mum in Superhero S' heart and with this, we're really glad we could celebrate her birthday with the entire Superhero clan just a few days ago.

Superhero Mum, here's wishing you, many many more birthdays to come, stay healthy, may you be happy always and not have to worry for even another day about anything at all. Because the entire Superhero clan (including Superhero W!) have got it all covered for you! Haha.


Superhero Mum grinning away at the surprise birthday mini-celebration! No age revealed here, because there's only 1 candle! Haha. Well, as for her birthday dinner, we celebrated it at the delightful Auntie Lee Nyonya Restaurant just a stone's throw away. *grins*

For the cake, we decided to buy a super yummy Chocolate Ice Cream Cake with little cartoon figurines. That should be a good change from the usual Secret Recipe cakes that are all too serious (not to mention, pricey!) That's Spidey staring at the little portion of the cake that's left... Haha. :p

Initially wanted to try making Chef Y's Tiramisu for Superhero Mum's birthday but unfortunately ran out of time! Since I'm not quite familiar with baking just yet, better stick to buying cakes from cake houses first. Haha. *blushing*

Maybe next time eh? :p

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Spaghetti Carbonara, ahem ahem...

It's really difficult writing a post during this fasting season, especially since A Tale of Two Superheroes is a foodie blog. Haha. Even though Superhero S is not officially required to fast, she still decided to do it along with Superhero W since he's the one who is officially fasting (I'm cheating anyway, 'cos I still drink water! Shhhh.... Haha.) Anyway, here goes yet another foodie experiment by the two superheroes.

On one fine day, Superhero S had this craving for spaghetti and really wanted to have some Spaghetti Carbonara. Since she has not tried cooking spaghetti dishes before this, she decided to play it safe and go with the ready-made sauces first before exploring any further. Haha. And so, we went over to a nearby mini mart and bought the necessary ingredients. Nothing much, just the packet of spaghetti, the big bottle of carbonara sauce and a pack of Ayamas chicken sausages.

We went for Campagna "Pasta of Durum Wheat" and this big bottle of Leggo's Alfredo Pasta sauce "A traditional creamy Italian style sauce with fresh cream and cheese".

Only half of the packet of the spaghetti is used at one time, and off they go, straight into the boiling water. I still remember our good friend, Ting used to say that if we want to know whether or not the spaghetti is cooked, just take out a small strand and throw it onto the wall. If it sticks, it means that the spaghetti is ready. Otherwise, you can also sample it bit by bit, biting on the strand to see if it's cooked well enough. Once it's done, just drain the hot water.

As for the sauce, all that was needed to be done is to heat it up. Decided to add a little water since it looked pretty thick. Almost like something out of a Campbell cream of soup. Haha.

In the meantime, boiled some sausages, cut it into smaller pieces (which we didn't the first time around). The packet of spaghetti and the bottle of sauce is actually good for 4-6 servings. But since there were only the two of us, we cooked twice on separate occasions. *grins*

first try...

second try...

The taste? Hmm... the cream is pretty rich actually. Very very creamy the first time around, which was why we decided to dilute it further on the second try. Overall, it's not too bad really, a little sourish. Added a little sprinkle of black pepper as well. But the spaghetti was just perfect! Nicely done and still springy... But I suppose the next time I'm actually cooking the carbonara, I would like to cook everything by myself, meaning no cheating by using readymade sauces! Haha. *blushing*

But, anyone can tell me the difference between the many different brands of spaghetti? Are they all the same? Because the price surely isn't. Haha. :p