Friday, September 26, 2008

Pink Panther and Chocochino at Big Apple Donuts

Still excited about yesterday's episode where 'A Tale of Two Superheroes' finally turned ONE years old, the two superheroes felt that they should reward themselves with a little something sweet today. And here comes the much hyped Big Apple Donuts which we bought from the outlet at the Gardens, right after dining at the super yummy Din Tai Fung (yet again! :p)

Despite being probably the last people on the planet to try out the donuts, we actually hesitated initially because all the donuts looked awfully sweet. But since there weren't many people queuing up at that time, why not? Haha. Let's pump our body with a 'little' sugar rush!

We decided to go ahead with ordering only 2 donuts. YES. Only TWO! Haha. One for Superhero W, one for Superhero S. With everyone else ordering at least half a dozen of donuts, we certainly stood out among the crowd! At RM2.20 per piece, and judging from the size of the donuts, it's a tiny weeny bit pricey but let's hope it tastes just as good as it was all hyped out to be...

Here are Superhero S' Pink Panther and Superhero W's Chocochino...

Even with seemingly over 20 varieties of donuts being displayed, it was easy for us to make our choices actually. Superhero S LOVES strawberry... and seeing a shiny pink donut is certainly very very enticing indeed... Haha. As for Superhero W, the Chocochino seems like the only donut with real 'character', as it was supposed Homer Simpson's favorite! *grins*

When we bit into the donut, we were a little surprised to find even more cream inside the donuts - mine being obviously the strawberry flavoured one... and the Chocochino being chocolate. The donuts are pretty light, and with the thick sweet topping and crazy amount of sweet cream inside the donut, I was pretty sure we were going to run around like Energizer bunnies soon with all the extra sugar! But having not tasted J.Co Donuts, we couldn't say which was better... but some friends have voted Big Apple to be the better version.

And while waiting to be served, we actually had time to look around and see how they made their donuts. They were shaped using a mould, then placed aside to let it expand, then dumped into the hot oil to fry and finally decorated (and pumped in) with all those sinfully sweet toppings and cream.

We obviously will not be able to handle eating Big Apple often, but it should be a good treat once in a while... :p


foongpc said...

I've tried both J Co and Big Apple and all I can tell you is they are way better than Dunking Donuts! Wonder why Dunking Donuts still around? Anyway, I don't really like donuts. Much too sweet. Will settle for a cake anytime. Haha!
Talking about Din Tai Fung, did you post anything about this restaurant before? I think they are one of the best Chinese restaurant.

Tekkaus said...

Hmm...i've never try J Co and Big Apple before. Perhaps I should. HA =)
But all this while I like dunkin donuts.

jelly said...

had it there twice, dont dare to frequent coz i keep growing sideways :(

twosuperheroes said...

Yeah, foong..totally agree.. too sweet lah. Eat too much get diabetes! Haha. Yeah, about Din Tai Fung, we have a link in this post also. Maybe you can click on it.. :)

We only dare to eat once, jelly! Haha.. Too sweet uh.. Maximum only can eat one donut per person.. Easy to jelak after that.. :p

twosuperheroes said...

hey tekkaus...yeah, all this while we've been having only dunkin donuts as well. Give it a try! :p