Friday, June 27, 2008

Lisa Spaghetti at SS15, Subang Jaya

It was truly a blessing that the two superheroes finally managed to fly over to "the other side" of PJ for a meeting. As we usually tend to find ourselves hovering towards to the KL area for foodie, it's really a fresh change to be exploring the PJ side instead in the hope to search for some affordable yet delicious foodie! Haha. :p

After our meeting at Metropolitan's College, we drove around the area to see if we could spot any good place for a yummy yummy lunch. We know that Asia Cafe is nearby the area, but since we wanted to sample something new, maybe next time eh! Haha. But as we were driving near a corner, we spotted a familiar signage that read...

"Lisa Spaghetti". That name certainly looks and sounds awfully familiar! Haha.

And suddenly I remembered that KY had reviewed this cosy little restaurant, which is rather strategically tucked in the other corner of the stretch of shoplots on the same row as Asia Cafe. Best of all, it's located just right opposite Taylor's College! Even if you're not familiar with this area, I can assure you that it's really hard to miss Lisa Spaghetti. *grins*

We were there slightly earlier than the usual lunch hour, so I suppose there isn't really much to the crowd then. We sat and was attended to immediately and we were given the menu to browse at. A quick look reveals that possibly none of the foodie here is priced more than RM15, if we're not mistaken. Most would go below RM10!

OMG. We love cheap food! Haha. But what about its quality then? Superhero W's Hot Plate Princess, priced at RM8.80 arrived first...

Superhero S' Fried Butter Rice with Egg, priced at RM5.30 arrived soonafter...

The portion for the hot plate is pretty generous, and the spaghetti in the hot plate sure looks delicious! There are 6 halves of the cocktail sausages, and a small piece of chicken meat dipped in black pepper. This is absolutely a value for your money! Simple presentation, simple meal... yet very tasty. And what's best, it tastes even better when it's light on the pockets! Haha. :p

The Fried Butter Rice was also superb. Even though the butter taste was rather distant, this is a really decent plate of "chinese fried rice" mixed with some small bits of chicken ham and LOTS of egg! No kidding. Every single bite, you can taste the eggy in your mouth. There's even a small dash of chilli flakes at the side of the plate to complement the meal. OH! *drools*

For drinks, Superhero S ordered Fresh Orange Juice, priced at RM3.80 while Superhero W decided to get high with Coke, priced at RM1.80.

The Orange Juice is simply very very fresh and I love for the fact that it's really extracted from the fruit itself and not just some concoction! Quality indeed.

All in all, this meal came close to RM20, but we left the restaurant feeling full and contented indeed. It's always such a happy occasion having to discover delicious foodie with a small price tag in a new area. I'm pretty certain that we'll definitely drop by Lisa Spaghetti whenever we're in the area again! :p

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fried Broad Noodles with Fish Cake Slices

After taking a break from eating for a day, the two superheroes are back in action! Doing the very simple thing that they do best. Haha. Oh yeah, give us our foodie! :p

And so, Superhero S decided to fry some noodles. Inspired by the foodie that she used to bring to school during her school uniform days for recess time, she decided to attempt to cook this really simple fried noodle dish her Superhero Mum used to fry early in the morning before packing the food into her big tupperware. *grins*

Yeah, I was always the envy of my friends because I would always carry the best foodie for recess time. Superhero Mum would make sure that I get the best foodie around, which explains why Superhero S used to be quite a chubby little girl! Haha. No joke! I was so cute and round when I was schooling! All thanks to my Superhero Mum's cookings. :p

For my dish, I'd keep it all simple and stayed true to Mum's recipe plus making some modifications. I used Cintan dried broad noodles and a few pieces of the fish cake plus a whole load of Japanese choy sum as my main ingredients. I've actually tried my hands at frying Mee Goreng Mamak and Spicy Fried Noodles not too long time ago. So frying noodles is not going to be something new for me now. Haha. Phew!

And here it is, my Fried Broad Noodles with Fish Cake Slices...!

Very simple to prepare, but super delicious and highly addictive. Haha. All you need to do is to boil the noodles (yes, just like how you boil your Maggi Mee) till it starts to soften, then take it all out and run through lukewarm water to give it that springy feel. I don't like my noodles to be lembik (too soft!)

Then, cut the fish cake into thin slices; the same goes for the choy sum, cut into small pieces. Next, all you need to do is to throw in your finely-chopped garlic and fry it till it's fragrant, throw in the fish cake and choy sum. Whack in the noodles last because you don't want to overcook it. Add in some Oyster Sauce and some thick soy sauce, some salt... and kau tim!

Top the dish with bits of egg and some chilli sauce for Superhero W, and you've got a steaming hot Fried Noodles dish waiting to be served. Simple right? But don't underestimate this dish for its simplicity. Tastes extremely good with sambal if you want to give it a little extra kick! Oh yeah...

We love this dish a lot, and we intend to buy another big pack of Cintan broad noodles and cook this dish till we get sick of it! Haha. :p

Tuesday, June 24, 2008 - Of tutors and home tuition

*This is a special post brought to you by your two friendly neighbourhood superheroes. And no, this is NOT meant to be a sponsored post* Haha. :p

The two superheroes are strong supporters of education and what it brings upon us. *ahem* With Superhero S being the top student in her course while in her uni days not too long time ago (Gosh, I just HAVE to mention this! Haha), it's not hard to wonder why eh?

But wait, please don't start imagining the two superheroes as nerds, or let's just put it in a more pleasant manner, "geniuses with 1-inch thick spectacles with flat centre-splitting hairline". We are in fact, geniuses in tight black leather suit while the other one flies around proudly displaying his one-pack in a body-hugging blue suit and red XXL underwear. *rolls on the floor laughing*

Well, most people put a whole lot of emphasis onto education these days. Like what dear Y said over here, people would save on anything but never on their children's education. So as a parent, it's hugely important that your child actually gets educated by qualified home tutors and not someone who doesn't even understand what he's teaching!

Quite interestingly, we know of a very established tutor who is currently teaching in an international language school in KL. He's the kind of tutor who puts all his passion to teaching his students and making sure that they learn the many little things off the book too. He encourages his students to explore, and to think; to not only accept but to question. A tutor who would guide you along the way to what's next in your life. Now THIS is the type of tutor you would want to have educating your kid at home.

With his teaching principles, he started Malaysia's brand new home for education, "" with a few of his closest friends. is meant to be a place where parents can genuinely put their trust upon the Team to look for quality home tutors, and not those without credibility. A place where you can just "walk-in" to their website, take 5 minutes to register and fill in some tuition details, sit back and let the Team do their job. It's really that simple!

They cater for all subjects, all levels at all locations. So if you're looking for a home tutor in Subang Jaya for SPM English? No problem! Need a tutor in Seremban for UPSR Maths? No problem! If you have any questions popping up in your heads now, why not contact the Team at

Oh, and they're looking for home tutors as well. Go check it out! Hmm... kinda makes me want to be a home tutor myself! Superhero home tutors, anyone? Haha. :p

P/S: Sorry to disappoint you, guys (and girls!). No foodie post today. Haha. *grins* Take a 1-day break lah. Everyday eat, stomach also cannot handle like this...! :p

A simple breakfast of Eggs, Cheese and Sausages

Inspired by Superhero S' Bro's daily buffet breakfast in Crowne Plaza Florida, she decided to cook her own big breakfast as well! Haha. Superhero Bro has been living the life with the luxury to feast on super delicious all-you-can-eat breakfast every single morning. OH...! How we wished we can fly over there now and join him. Haha. :p

Okay, before we get started, I'd say let's NOT show how good and delicious looking the usual breakfast that my Superhero Bro takes every morning. Better show the two superheroes' effort first. Otherwise it won't be worth showing anymore after you've seen the hotel's buffet breakfast! *grins*

Okay, so Superhero S decided to fry 2 pieces of chicken sausages for each of us, and 2 eggs cooked with cheese! Yeah, you've read it right... cheese!! *starts drooling...*
And since we're both crazy over cheese, I've decided to just keep it simple and top a piece of white bread with a slice of cheese. Nothing fancy. No toast or anything (heaty!).

And here they are...

Looks ridiculously simple right? That's the point! I wouldn't want to make something so extravagant so early in the morning (self-consoling!) Haha. But maybe next time I will... After comparing it with my Superhero Bro's super healthy breakfast, mine is kinda embarrassing! But hey, at least I do have the orange juice as well. Only not shown here. *blushing*

So compare mine with THESE...!

omg... *drools!*

I love strawberries!!

Wait...seems like cannot compare at all! Haha. Never mind. Next time I'll surely make a better "western" breakfast. But my breakfast tastes delicious too right, Superhero W...? (stares at Superhero W) Haha.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Nakajima Sushi Set - Our favourite movie snack

Ever since the two superheroes have been going on a regular movie routine every Wednesday (tough times calls for cheap movie tickets! Haha), they have been sick of eating all those unhealthy and super fattening caramel popcorns from GSC. So they figured, perhaps it's time to tukar gaya hidup and go for some healthier alternatives instead! :p

And sometime ago, they actually successfully sneaked a big box of Sushi into the cineplex when they were off to watch Indiana Jones, right before their big Tony Roma's meal at the Gardens. Since Superhero S usually carries a rather big bag because she likes to put her comb, notebook, another notebook, tissue papers, little water bottle, long purse, handphone and some toys inside, carrying one more item is no big deal.

So of course there's always room for our... Nakajima Sushi Set!

Oh yeah... this is our favourite set because of the nice variety inside. Bought from Jusco Supermarket (yes, we banned the vegetables but not the sushi! Haha :p) for only RM9.88, this is definitely a much healthier and delicious option to replace our popcorns! *drools*

Look, there's even some wasabi and soy sauce for a little dip dip. But since we're eating in a cineplex, unless we'd want to get wasabi + soy sauce all over our clothes and hands and legs, we kindly left those two alone as we whacked all the different sushi varieties.

We couldn't really tell you the names of the sushi since they're obviously not stated here, but we can roughly make out what they are. There's the Cucumber Sushi, Egg Sushi, Octopus Sushi, Salad Sushi, Crabmeat Sushi, Salmon Sushi and some egg roe-coated sushi with a combination of cucumber, egg and crabmeat! Those are the yummiest!! Haha. :p

The best thing about eating these little sushis in the cineplex is that, the air-con inside makes it cold... And we love chilled sushi! *starts drooling again!*

So next time, go carry a big bag and stuff your sushi set inside. Haha. *whispers* Don't tell people I teach you all that okay? *wink wink*

Friday, June 20, 2008

Move over Mega Mac, here comes...

We realized that we've not had fast foodie for a period of time now. Yes, we are fast becoming healthy eaters with all the home cooking. Haha. But just the other day, the two superheroes had this sudden urge and strong desire to sink their teeth into some unhealthy big fat burger! :p

So we were off to Burger King's at Midvalley to feast on their super beef burgers because the ones in McDonald's just couldn't make the cut. After being let down by the "I'm lovin' it" guys so many times when it comes to their beef burgers, we couldn't even make ourselves to try the "ultimate" Mega Mac. Because it looks so small in real life, it makes even a whopper junior look huge. Urgh...

In down times like these, it's time to make our money worth by going for some real burgers! No, not Carl's Jr or Wendy's because we've still yet to try them though we've heard some raving reviews. OH... can't wait to try 'em! Haha. Okay, but in the meantime, we are certain that Burger King's beef burgers will always be superior to McD's - anytime! Haha. *grins*'s even eating our fries!!! :p

So move over Mega Mac, here comes Burger King's Black Pepper Deluxe Triple, nicknamed "For the really really hungry"! (or was it super super hungry?!) Beat this. Three thick layers of beef patties in one burger. This is heaven... As there is no way Superhero S can eat that much beef, the big, fat burger goes to...

Superhero W...!! *cheers*

Oh, look at the thickness of the burger and the amount of beef on it! Yummmmmy....

And yeah, that Whopper Jr belongs to Superhero S. Haha. It's her favourite, you see... And not to forget, a whole lot of addictive fries to pump in the unhealthy fats...

And our delicious Mozarella Cheese Sticks being surrounded (ambushed!) by our chilli sauce... Haha.

These three little cheese sticks are really made in heaven... So soft and cheesy in the inside, and yet so crispy on the outside! A must-order for us every time we make our way to BK.

But after having so much beefie...I don't think we'll be stepping foot into Burger King's for a long time now. Haha. And I know my Superhero Bro has already banned BK in the States. Food for the poor people eh, bro? :p

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ipoh Hor Fun at Restaurant Hiap Lip, Malacca

Restaurant Hiap Lip in Ujong Pasir, Malacca is my Superhero Mum's official hang out spot every single morning when she and her gang of aunties would gather after their morning tai-chi session and have their routine breakfast and regular dose of gossiping. Haha. And that has inevitably turned this place into one of our most familiar foodie place in Malacca. :p

Every single time the two superheroes return home to Malacca, they will never fail to go there (or rather, my Superhero Mum would never fail to bring us over there...!) for breakfast or lunch. This is also the very place where we have feasted on the best Chicken Rice Balls around. You should really try their balls! Haha.

But usually, if we were to make our way there in the morning, we would settle for our Ipoh Hor Fun, dried version. Cannot seem to stomach rice balls in the morning when the tummy has just woken up! And over here in Malacca, I don't go for the soupie version like I usually do in KL because the dried one is much better. But if you insist on being on the healthier side, go for the soupie one. *grins*

So this was our order for the day...

Drool, baby...drool!
Now, there's the Bean Sprouts...

Our regular order, the 10 fish balls (if you can take porky, go for their meat balls! Much more yummy!)

Our Roasted Chicken Meat... Apparently, Superhero Mum specifically ordered for the shop owner to give us only the smooth meat near the thigh and drumstick! Ahhh.... such indulgence! Haha. :p

And of course, not forgetting... the Dry Hor Fun with the superb accompanying sambal. The best thing about this dried version is probably the sambal. Goes really well with the hor fun!

The entire meal costs us only RM13. Cheap huh? Now that everything is getting more expensive, it's really nice and comforting to find cheap, delicious food... Yum yum! :p

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Making our first Oreo Cheesecake!

Sometime last week, the two superheroes were in the mood to attempt, for the very first time in their lives... *ahem* making our first cheesecake! OMG. Haha. And this time around, Superhero W was around to help out Superhero S in the "baking" or "cooking", whichever. :p

We started off with no utensils, no ingredients and no knowledge. But the one thing we had was a strong urge that says "We want to make CAKE!" Haha. No... not that cake. Since we had no prior knowledge of making any cakes whatsoever, and for the fact that we don't have an oven to play around with but only a fridge, our options were instantly limited to making only non-baked cakes.

Superhero S actually bookmarked Chef Y's Oreo Cheesecake recipe and like I've mentioned before, I'm no good when it comes to learning from online recipes or cook books. Which explained the fact that I had to read and digest the entire recipe so many times it's too embarrassing to tell here. Haha. *blushing*

So we went over to Tesco and bought all the necessary utensils - whisk, baking pan, aluminium foil, measuring cup, measuring scale; and the ingredients - cream cheese, full cream milk, butter, castor sugar, whipping cream, jelly (which I bought in a desperate measure to replace the no-show gelatin) and of course...the Oreo biscuits!

We followed the recipe...and voila! Here's a peek... before it's off to the fridge.

I left it in the fridge overnight, all the time praying hard that our Oreo Cheesecake would work. The next morning... our little beauty awaits!

Arhhhhhhhhhh...... Fresh from the fridge. It looks almost like the photo inside Chef Y's recipe. OMG. So delicate and I can seriously smell the strong! So by now, I'm sure by now you'd think that we must have successfully made our Oreo Cheesecake eh? Now here's the kicker, somehow... our beautiful Oreo Cheesecake doesn't have the texture of a normal cheesecake. *pauses*

Ahem... in fact, it felt exactly like ice-cream. Or to be more accurate, it felt and tasted exactly like a super duper rich, Cookies 'n' Cream ice-cream. We weren't sure whether or not we should actually rejoice for the fact that we somehow turned a cheesecake into some Haagen Daz ice-cream. Haha.

I'd think it has something to do with the missing gelatin, or probably the temperature in my fridge. Oh well, haha...anyhow, we're more than happy to settle with our first Oreo Ice-Cream.

Oops... I meant, Oreo Cheesecake! Haha. *wink wink*

Monday, June 16, 2008

Roti canai in a Mexican & Spanish restaurant

Just to show you that not all Asian cuisine is forgettable in the States, the two superheroes have decided to dig up the images over at Superhero S' Superhero Bro's blog to prove it. Haha. Apparently, they do serve Roti Canai in La Bamba, a Mexican & Spanish restaurant in Florida.

Well, you see... over there, they don't exactly address it as Roti Canai, or probably even Murtabak (according to the connoisseur's descriptions). They have most likely a super fancy name for it, but being Malaysians, we tend to relate things we see in other strange land to the things we have at home. So, for easy reference, let's call it, Roti Canai... :p

And everyone's favourite mamak cuisine lies neatly beneath this polystyrene cover. Delivery foodie you see. Haha. *grins*

And when you open it...voila! Hot hot Roti Canai from the chefs in La Bamba!!

Haha. It really looks like Roti Canai, isn't it? With curry and dhal, probably some Nasi Bryani... But in actual fact, the "curry" you see poured all over the roti is actually cheese. According to the connoisseur, "This is a mix of beef and chicken, rice and refried beans...and it is totally AWESOME!!! The beef is tender and juicy and the spices really blends well with the cheese... fuhh... " OMG. Sounds so yummy!! :p

Since it's coming from a Mexican restaurant, you can expect some tortilla chips to get you snacking and crunching away... Look at this! OH...

A boxful of tortilla chips... No, this is not Chachos. It's the real deal! And some accompanying salsa sauce to work up the magic...

Superhero Bro a.k.a the connoisseur, can tapau this fiesta combo for us or not? Haha. By air mail will do... *wink wink*

Friday, June 13, 2008

Americanised Asian foodie... no thanks!

Since the two superheroes are foodie fanatics and Superhero S' Superhero Bro is in the States at the moment, they have been keeping tabs on what he has been feasting on over in Florida ever so regularly. Haha. I can't help being surprised by his dinner menu each time he puts them up on his blog.

I grabbed a handful of "delicious" foodie images to show how some (delivery) Asian foodie has been so Americanized that it has probably lost most of its identity, taste and perhaps even colour and presentation of the foodie. Here's a look...

This is, according to Superhero Bro, is the Thai Dynamite Pork! Haha.

Doesn't look that threatening after all eh? Yeah, from its name, I was thinking some porky dish that must've been incredibly spicy to earn the name "Dynamite"! Unfortunately, according to the connoisseur, it was "lame...again, like most Asian cuisine, this tastes weird... not spicy, but worst part is's so DRY..........". *no drools...*

And here's the Kung Po Chicken...

Doesn't really look like the Kung Po Chicken we usually see here huh. Where's the dried chillies and the cashew nuts? And even the colour looks a bit off. Urgh... so disheartening to see what happened to this plate of Kung Po Chicken that has been adjusted to suit the American's taste and level of spicyness.

Compare with the ones we had at Tasty Recipe Chinese Restaurant (apparently, Tasty Recipe has been relocated to Kelana Jaya)

...or even the Chinese stall at Pulau, off Jalan Tun Razak, the Kung Po Chicken the connoisseur tasted must have felt rather disappointed and frustrated! Poor thing...

And finally, there's the Thai Curry Chicken...

Looks like a case of coconut milk-overdose here. Haha. And it looks rather diluted as well. No thanks. Seriously. But Superhero Bro a.k.a the connoisseur said that most of these simple Asian delights cost a bomb over in the States. They could easily amount to USD 15 for just a simple plate of fried rice. Lemme see...USD 15x3 = RM45! *sweats*

This is the time when basic cooking skills can become very useful, huh? Haha. *wink wink* But then again, foodie in the States is not all the time disappointing. We'll be showing you some mouth-watering foodie, next! :p