Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MyLearningFriend.com - Of tutors and home tuition

*This is a special post brought to you by your two friendly neighbourhood superheroes. And no, this is NOT meant to be a sponsored post* Haha. :p

The two superheroes are strong supporters of education and what it brings upon us. *ahem* With Superhero S being the top student in her course while in her uni days not too long time ago (Gosh, I just HAVE to mention this! Haha), it's not hard to wonder why eh?

But wait, please don't start imagining the two superheroes as nerds, or let's just put it in a more pleasant manner, "geniuses with 1-inch thick spectacles with flat centre-splitting hairline". We are in fact, geniuses in tight black leather suit while the other one flies around proudly displaying his one-pack in a body-hugging blue suit and red XXL underwear. *rolls on the floor laughing*

Well, most people put a whole lot of emphasis onto education these days. Like what dear Y said over here, people would save on anything but never on their children's education. So as a parent, it's hugely important that your child actually gets educated by qualified home tutors and not someone who doesn't even understand what he's teaching!

Quite interestingly, we know of a very established tutor who is currently teaching in an international language school in KL. He's the kind of tutor who puts all his passion to teaching his students and making sure that they learn the many little things off the book too. He encourages his students to explore, and to think; to not only accept but to question. A tutor who would guide you along the way to what's next in your life. Now THIS is the type of tutor you would want to have educating your kid at home.

With his teaching principles, he started Malaysia's brand new home for education, "MyLearningFriend.com" with a few of his closest friends. MyLearningFriend.com is meant to be a place where parents can genuinely put their trust upon the Team to look for quality home tutors, and not those without credibility. A place where you can just "walk-in" to their website, take 5 minutes to register and fill in some tuition details, sit back and let the Team do their job. It's really that simple!

They cater for all subjects, all levels at all locations. So if you're looking for a home tutor in Subang Jaya for SPM English? No problem! Need a tutor in Seremban for UPSR Maths? No problem! If you have any questions popping up in your heads now, why not contact the Team at MyLearningFriend.com?

Oh, and they're looking for home tutors as well. Go check it out! Hmm... kinda makes me want to be a home tutor myself! Superhero home tutors, anyone? Haha. :p

P/S: Sorry to disappoint you, guys (and girls!). No foodie post today. Haha. *grins* Take a 1-day break lah. Everyday eat, stomach also cannot handle like this...! :p