Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fried Japanese Taufoo with Minced Chicken Meat

Having taken on a liking for cooking, Superhero S is determined to sharpen her cooking skills and decided to continue experimenting with new dishes to expand her dinner menu. Haha. :p

I've actually been trying to search for the white local taufoo in hypermarkets but just couldn't seem to find any. Frustrated but really feel like eating taufoo (haha), we decided to hell with the white taufoo, just grab the Japanese taufoo lah. Haha. :p

I soaked the Chinese Mushrom overnight because Superhero Mum says the mushrooms need some peace and quiet time alone to release their ultimate mushroom flavours. Fine. And this time around, I bought some spring onion as garnish to make the dish look less dull.

As for the chicky meat, I decided to karate it, chop it and mince it till it is totally inrecognisable. Yes. Haha. So what I'm trying to do here, is to imitate this taufoo dish normally served in sizzling plates with a layer of egg beneath. And this is the best I can do... *wink*

Ta-da! My Fried Japanese Taufoo with Minced Chicken Meat.

You can see the mushrooms are all thinly sliced and I've added some red hot chilli padis as well to give it a little kick! Haha. :p

The spring onion provided some life and contrast into this otherwise brown-looking dish. And I love spring onions to be cooked in this way too. Can never take them in their raw form. :p

And this is for dinner, Fried Kangkung & Cabbage with Chilli Padi, Fried Omelette with Big Onions, and of course, the Fried Japanese Taufoo with Minced Chicky Meat. Actually the portion is enough for 3-4 persons, but we both are the kind who eat little rice but a lot of dishes. Haha.

Okay, so what's the verdict of my taufoo dish, Superhero W?
(Superhero S looks menacingly at Superhero W)
"Oh very good...very good! Better than outside food!" *sweats*

Haha. The dish worked out perfectly, with a hint of spicyness from the chilli padi, and lotsa yummy minced chicky to chew on. Absolutely delicious. Only the preparation is slightly tedious because I had to fry the Japanese taufoo first, and put it aside before I proceed to make the sauce, and finally combine them. But the trouble's all worth it! Haha. *drools...*

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The effect of eating KFC in the morning

On one crazy weekend, the two superheroes planned to use their soon-to-be-expiring McDonald's coupons at McDonald's Kuchai Lama. :p

So, we actually drove all the way from Superhero S's home to Kuchai Lama, which is just like a 10-minute drive away. We were in onother one of our infamous rush hour drives when the time is already showing 10.50 a.m. and we're just getting there, not exactly there yet!

We wanted to make it real badly for McD's breakfast at that point. Faster tekan minyak!!! Oh wait wait, so how did a drive to McD finally ended up at KFC? Haha. We actually made it to McD on the dot at 11.00 a.m. (dramatic!) but somehow, the McD people figured that Superhero W is too fat to eat McD and changed the breakkie menu to the regular one immediately.

Haha. We were going there for their Hotcakes really. Missed it since we had it at LCCT sometime ago. OH Hotcakes!!!! Since we didn't bring the free coupons for the regular meals, no buy 1 Free 1 loh. Dejected, we decided to fly to the KFC just down the road and took revenge on the poor chickens there. *evil grin*

So, just as soon as KFC too changed their menu to their regular chicky menu, Superhero W ordered their Dinner plate for his breakfast (kinda ironic huh? Having DINNER plate for breakfast?! Haha) while Superhero S settled for the Snack plate. Both hot and spicy!

Seriously, both superheroes have never had KFC chicky so early in their lives before. Imagine having to stomach HOT, freshly made KFC chicky when your stomach has in fact just woken up as well. Haha. Dunno our super tummies can stomach the chickys or not! :p

This is our breakfast...

And you know what? We actually enjoyed whacking up the fried chickys actually! So crispy, hot & spicy! OHH...Haha... Not bad wor. I didn't thought my tummy can accept such sinful foodie early in the morning but it actually did!




And Superhero S is now down with a sickening sore throat. *sob... sob...*
I hate sore throat!!!! I promise to be a good good girl from now on and never touch KFC chickys so early in the morning again... and also the Mee Goreng Mamak. Haha. A classic case of "eat first, think later". *sigh*

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mee goreng mamak style (my first!)

The two superheroes were once again in the mood for experimental cooking last weekend. Haha. Since there was still half a packet of both the yellow noodles and kuey teow each, Superhero S decided to take our dear Y's special request for a Mee Goreng Mamak! :p

Hugely motivated by our first success in cooking the Spicy Fried Noodles-Kuey Teow dish the last time, Superhero S was certainly more confident in executing whatever little cooking skills she may have. Haha. :p

Since we decided to cook this Mee Goreng Mamak at the very last minute, I didn't have much ingredients to play around with. No fried taufoo, no choy sum. Only cabbage, kangkung, Japanese taufoo and some chicky bits. Hey, wait a minute! That should do it! Haha. I can fry fry the mee goreng with a twist huh.

I decided to slice the Japanese taufoo into thin pieces and fry them till they turn golden brown. I figure they gotta be in thin slices because I needed them to have the hard outer layer a la the mamak's fried taufoo. Slicing them into big pieces would risk getting them mashed when I'm frying the noodles later on.

And since there's no choy sum, gotta make use of the kangkung (yes, I know it's a little weird! Haha) and finely slice the cabbage into thin bits. Finely chop some dried shrimps for my chilli paste and prepare some chicky bits (Superhero W must have his daily dose of chicky bits!). Run the yellow mee through warm and cold water, and it's all ready. Time to rumble! Haha.

Dump everything inside the wok... OH! And not forgetting the egg (so that the mee goreng will have eggy bits!)

And... ta-da! My Mee Goreng Mamak!

How? Okay or not? Haha. Looks hot & spicy huh. Because it is!! Haha. Really got kick ah! The Japanese taufoo worked perfectly to replace the usual mamak's fried taufoo. But too bad the kuey teow didn't quite made it in one piece. Haha. Learned a lesson here. Next time, use only yellow noodles. *wink*

Ready to serve :D

I'm quite happy with my Mee Goreng Mamak. But I know there's still room for improvement. Hope to do it much better the second time! Haha. :p

Friday, April 25, 2008

Pan Mee and Mee Rebus

When the two superheroes are back in Malacca, Superhero S and Superhero Mum would settle for Pan Mee while we would tapau some Mee Rebus for Superhero W because he is still somewhere floating around in his dreams and couldn't join us for breakkie.

The Mee Rebus at Saturday Ice Cafe along Jalan Parameswara is hugely popular with the locals there because of its cheap pricing, large serving and ultra delicious thick mee rebus kuah. This is quite likely the only place where you can still find some foodie that costs RM1.70 in Malacca. But since Superhero W is a big eater, Superhero Mum had to tapau the RM3.00 version. Haha. :p

So after tapau-ing the Mee Rebus, we would head over to this shop opposite Tadika Bandar Hilir (on the same stretch of road) and order our favourite Pan Mee. Technically, I don't think it is Pan Mee but it resembles it. It is actually Mee Hoon Kueh but in the noodles version. Superhero Mum calls it kau min (in Cantonese)

The auntie selling the Pan Mee is a family friend, so... we need only to wink at her and she knows what we want! Haha. Regular customers mah. The Pan Mee has lotsa fried anchovies, choy sum, porky bits and chinese mushroom bits.

Very tasty and just perfect if you want to start the day with something light. Some of her other yummy specialties are Wan Tan Mee, Dumplings and also Red Wine Mi Suah, all of which are highly recommended too. Haha. :p

You see, Malacca just never runs out of delicious foodie! *grins*

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Super delicious Cheese Bee Hoon and Hokkien Mee

Last weekend, the two superheroes flew back to Malacca on one of their routine flights home. Haha. We still miss all the delicious foodie there despite going back once in every fortnight! :p

Okay, well sometime during Chinese New Year (yes, it was a long long time ago), Superhero Mum brought Superhero S and some of our relatives to Straits Seafood Corner. Yup, that's the place where we also had our Chinese New Year gathering and makan session.

But on that occasion when we went without Superhero W, Superhero Mum actually ordered this really special dish called Cheese Bee Hoon. After tasting how super duper delicious their signature Cheese Bee Hoon actually is, I couldn't wait to drag Superhero W here to try it out for himself! Haha. I knew he would definitely love this.

And so, the two superheroes and Superhero Mum flew once again to Straits Seafood Corner to rekindle their taste of the superb Cheese Bee Hoon! OH..... yummy!

We ordered Hokkien Mee and some Stir-fried Vege (I dunno what's it called! Haha) alongside our Cheese Bee Hoon.

The dishes arrived soonafter, and check it out.... the ultra tasty Cheese Bee Hoon!!!!! :p

Very cheesy but not too overpowering (meaning, it won't taste yucky even after having too much of it) with a hint of peppery taste and the prawns... lotsa BIG BIG prawns!!! OMG. They are soooooo fresh!! Very very springy and just wonderful. Perfect. The dish is truly a MUST if you were to make your way here. Highly recommended.

And the Hokkien Mee. I don't think Malacca is famous for Hokkien Mee actually, but this place definitely serves very good Hokkien Mee! The taste is there, very flavourful, fried just right. Simply delicious.

The Stir Fried Vege goes really well with both dishes too. Simple fried with cili padi and some bean-like thingee (I dunno what's it called, forgot to ask Superhero Mum). Overall, with a teapot of tea, the entire meal costs us RM30. Not too bad indeed! Haha. :p

If you have plans to make your way here, the address is erm... if we got it right, No. 39, Jalan Taman Melaka Raya 30, Taman Melaka Raya. They can be reached at 06-283 6456.
Basically, they are located deep inside Taman Melaka Raya, overlooking the sea. :p

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Our COMPAQ V3759TU is here!!! OMG.

YAY!!! Finally... :p

Now the two superheroes are 100% mobile and on the go! With our Maxis USB Broadband and our brand new Compaq lappie, we can fly and stay connected at the same time! Haha. :p

After a seemingly long and exhausting search for our beloved lappie, we finally FINALLY settled for our handsome Compaq V3759TU lappie. We decided to opt out of buying DELL 1420 despite loving its white exterior. Yeah, exactly like the one our Auntie L'abeille bought!

Why? well, bad DELL service (they are kinda the lansi lanyong "snobbish" type and are extremely stingy with free extras) and we figure it's a bit inconvenient for us to pay using credit card and buy our lappie without checking it out personally. And we didn't want our lappie to have loose joints after 1 year +. Thanks for the info, Superhero Bro!

And so, after much research and hesitation here and there, we flew to our trusted Low Yat Plaza and into All IT Hypermarket, the largest Computer Retail Outlet in Malaysia. Got their contact from the HP website was pleasantly surprised when we got there to check out on their shop.

We paid RM2500+ cash for our Compaq lappie and some other goods we bought from there. The lappie retails at RM2499 with free 1G upgrade, free mousie and free bag. After undressing our handsome Compaq from his box, we could see his curves and of course, his tattoo...!! OMG. Haha.

Now it's Superhero W's turn to tell you about our lappie's specs:

** Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology - Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor T5550
** Free Dos
** 14.1” WXGA Display with Integrated 2.0 mega pixel web cam
** 160GB* Hard Drive
** DVD Burner*
** Intel® Integrated Graphics Media Accelerator X3100

Okay lah. Pretty standard stuff for what we can get at RM2499. Very happy with our purchase and hey, Window's Vista is not bad what... *wink* :p

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spicy Fried Noodles-Kuey Teow (my first!)

Thanks to the success of their Spicy Chicken with Mushroom recipe, the two superheroes have decided to modify it for a simple fried noodles-kuey teow dish of their own, based on Superhero Mum's style of mee goreng basah.

Just like how I've never cooked a simple Fried Rice before, I have also never tried my hands at cooking any fried noodles dish. Haha. Not confident you see. But on our last grocery trip to Tesco Ampang, I bravely chucked 1 pack of yellow noodles and 1 pack of kuey teow into our shopping cart and went home with it. At that moment, I was so proud of myself! Hahahahha... :p

Okay, so back home, I took out my big big Abalone Mushrooms and carefully shredded it into smaller pieces before preparing the rest of the ingredients -- lotsa finely chopped garlic and some super duper powerful cili padi. Haha. I had to get rid of some of their seeds (not all, otherwise no more kick!) because Superhero Mum said they're not good for us.

But since we're dealing with yellow mee here, Superhero W told me specifically to run it through hot and cold water to wash off the "kapur" taste to it. After doing so, time to rumble!! Haha. Whack everything in the wok, and here's a look at it.

Based on my recollection of how my Superhero Mum's mee goreng basah looks like, mine comes almost 99% identical. Haha. :p

And the end result is... ta-da!

My first Spicy Fried Noodles-Kuey Teow dish!
Lotsa Japanese choy sum, chicky bits and abalone mushrooms. OMG. I did it! Haha.

Everything was just perfect -- the taste, the colour.

It was exactly how my Superhero Mum's mee goreng basah tasted like, only mine comes with a hint of spicyness! YAY!!! :p

Now, what else haven't I tried. Maybe can try frying those dry Spicy Mee Goreng huh, using sambal, bean sprout and dried shrimps! *grins*

Monday, April 21, 2008

Spicy Chicken with Mushroom dish

Okay. Sorry for the strange name. Haha. I really don't know what is supposedly the name of this dish and I'm bad at naming dishes anyway. :p

Superhero S decided to experiment with some chicky dishes at home to expand my dinner menu. Since Superhero Mum gave me some dried mushrooms a few weeks ago, I decided to use the mushrooms to make this chicky dish.

Superhero Mum ordered me to soak the mushrooms overnight to give it sufficient time to release its super mushroom flavours. Haha. Next, time to get the other ingredients ready - lotsa finely chopped garlic, finely sliced ginger and some red hot super duper chilli padis (that got my hands really hot and spicy as well!)

And ta-da! My Spicy Chicken with Mushroom! Hahaha.. :p

Sorry for the lack of presentation here. But the dish is absolutely superb! I've never tried cooking this before, and to actually succeed at the first attempt it sooo very lucky! OH thank goodness. Haha. :p

The taste was very mushroomy because I used the water used to soak the mushrooms overnight as the sauce. Add on some oyster sauce, thick soy sauce and some corn flour, the sauce is complete! And thanks to the very wonderful chilli padi and ginger, the sauce even had a hint of spicyness in it. *grins*

And dinner is served. Fried kangkung with chilli padi, Omelette with big onion and Spicy Chicken with Mushroom. Fantastic combo for home-cooked dinner! Haha. *drools*

Friday, April 18, 2008

When the superheroes go shopping for office chairs

The two superheroes have been in dire need of a decent office chair that can accommodate Superhero W's expanding butt size. Haha. :p

So where to go other than IKEA, our favourite furniture heaven. Since we were there looking for the apple slicer, we thought we should seize this opportunity to scout around for any decent office chairs to ease Superhero W's misery.

And the hunt begins...

We arrived at the Work station corner and stood amazed at the beautiful display of office chairs in various colours, designs and of course, PRICE TAGS. Most items here can easily work its way up to RM800. *sweats*. But there are still those that are affordable for the normal human beings who shop at IKEA too. So not to worry! Haha. :p

Superhero W liked Patrik almost immediately. This is our superhero resting his tired butt on Patrik. Oh, so comfy! MMmmmmMMm.....

However, a quick look at the price shows that Patrik costs RM699!! OMG. *shouts at Superhero W* don't even think about farting at Patrik!! Haha.

Superhero S, being the girl in the superhero genes, naturally fell in love with this beautiful bright pink Swivel chair. But just as soon as she laid her butt on it, the babe immediately zapped her with electrostatic force. Owwwwwwwwwww!! Hwah. Dangerous. Lari......

At this point, we couldn't really find anything that comes close to wait we have in mind... that is until we saw...

Karsten!!!!! Hello there, handsome! *wink*

Priced at RM299, now this is something we can afford. Haha. And most of all, Karsten's back is very very airy and the seat is very comfortable and springy. Wah.... We're in love. Now lemme jot down where to find Karsten in the huge warehouse... and let's go! weeeeeeeeeeeee.......

But finally... after much consideration, the two superheroes somehow ended up with...

Yeah. It's not Karsten. Don't ask us what happened. :p

But c'mon, Herman looks good too what. Looks modern, sophisticated, clean... With Herman's extraordinarily big and long seating compartment, Superhero W's butt will be very very happy! *grins*