Monday, April 14, 2008

Chinese Fried Rice with chicky bits (my first!)

The two superheroes were in the mood for a little adventure last weekend, when they decided to undress their blog to make way for their new look. And next, Superhero S decided to also attempt to cook Chinese Fried Rice for the first time! Haha. :p

I know I know. Fried rice only mah. *sweats*

But then again, even after having cooked so many types of dishes, I have never tried my hands at cooking the simplest fried rice. And since Superhero W is crazy over fried rice (which partly explains his now-pregnant tummy), I decided to cook my own version of the fried rice.

Again, I needed to sit down and think over what ingredients to use, taking into consideration of what's actually left in the fridge! Haha. A quick look reveals only some chicky bits and some cabbage. Hmm. Not much, but still enough I suppose! *grins*

After throwing in the cabbage, the chicky bits, lotsa finely-chopped garlic, some anchovies, egg bits, pepper and soy sauce, this is how Superhero S's version of the Chinese Fried Rice came out to be!

Haha. Okay okay, I have to admit it's not so colourful! But thankfully, the fried rice tastes just fine! *Phew*

Superhero W is quite picky when it comes to his fried rice. So when he actually gave a nod to my fried rice, it must be okay. Right, Superhero W? I didn't threaten you anything right? Hmm? Haha. And with our favourite Life's chilli sauce to complement the dish, the fried rice became absolutely yummy!! (Why Life's chilli sauce? Haha. Because that's KFC's chilli sauce mah!) :p

But there's still lots of room for improvement. For one thing, it's the ingredients. Next time gotta be more prepared before I actually decide to start attemping on the fried rice again. As simple as a plate of fried rice may sound, I find that it's not that easy to cook a really really nice plate of fried rice after all.

Anyone with a fool-proof recipe here? Haha. :p


Big Boys Oven said...

this is so delicious! walio just only for two!

twosuperheroes said... lahhh..*blushing*
Yeah, only for two because there's just the two of us, me and Superhero W! :p

vialentino said...

wow...nice food pic! yum yum

twosuperheroes said...

hey vialentino, thanks...haha.. :p