Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Superheroes are changing looks!

Noticed something different?? :p

Noticed the brand new header with the mish-mash of delicious foodie pics, and the *ahem* the caricature of the two superheroes and their cute villain? Haha. Superhero S has even coloured the superheroes' cape red, with Superhero W wearing a tight blue pants and Superhero S wearing a cute blue blue miniskirt! :p

Inspired by babe's new template change and the fact that we've been blogging for almost half a year now (WOW!), the two superheroes have decided to change their original template to this new more modern-looking template.

Never thought that changing templates can be this fun (for Superhero S, that is)! Poor Superhero W had to flex his programming skills to change a little bit of this and a little bit of that because the original template didn't come in a perfect packaging. We are also in the midst of relabelling all our blog posts to make it more friendly for you. :p

So what do you all think about A Tale of Two Superheroes' new look? *grins*
Boleh tahan?? Haha. :p


KaV said...

boleh tahan ah?? It's frickin' great la guys!!!

From a programmer's viewpoint, I can say that this look loads faster than ur previous one, and it's a bit more lighter.

Plus, it's lighter on the eyes too!

twosuperheroes said...

hahahha..terima kasih, Kav! Yeah, we find that it loads a lot faster too. Thank goodness the change went all right! :p

template-godown said...

thanks for wearing oceandancer template and keeping my credit link intact. appreciate it.
keep and congrat on yr half year blogging.

gilachess said...

Wah very very nice!!

I like the theme. It's a big improvement over the old theme. Also, the loading time has vastly shortened.

Hey it's that me on the logo :)

twosuperheroes said...

Hi gre, you deserve the credit too for coming out with such a nice template. Haha.. Thanks! :p

Yo andrew, hahaha...yeah lar. That's you on our header! You're eternalized in our blog header already. hahahaha... :p

Falcon said...

looks cute!!

twosuperheroes said...

Hey falcon.... thanks yeah! hahahaa... *grins* :p