Friday, September 28, 2007

The Hunt for the Best Banana Leaf Rice

This has really been a busy busy week for our tummys...
The two superheroes has been on a great food adventure since the start of the week and they have been feeding their tummys non-stop with a whole load of good food.

Just last night, we met up with my really really nice friend Winnie for a drink and we settled for a really cosy mamak restaurant to dig into some banana leaf rice. (*drooling excessively)

But unfortunately, they ran out of it (oh man! Got the leaves, plenty of them! But no more of the side dishes...sigh!) So we had to settle for the metal prisoner-like plate for the another kind of meal. Well, for some strange reasons that must be related to this banana leaf mystery, we still felt eating out of a banana leaf is far more fun and delicious! It's got that extra feel to it. But why??

Well, as the two superheroes were pondering over this, Winnie's light bulb lit and suggested that perhaps the heat from the hot rice must have brought out the aroma of the leaf itself that just makes the dish so much more fragrant. Hmm..smells really true to me!! Oh yeah...

So, to fulfill our unfulfilled desire for a nice meal of banana leaf rice..we are set on a hunt for the best banana leaf rice around KL. You know, it's really one of the best meals to have since it's sooooooo filling and usually lasts in your tummy for nearly the whole day! And you just can't stop eating it, especially with the soft, warm rice along with the killer, oh-so-powerful curry fish / meat and the various selection of vege..Simply yummy..and the crispy parpadum (hope it's spelt like this!) just complements the meal so so well.

For those who have not tried it, you should! And for those who have a really good place to go for banana leaf rice, please PLEASE tell us two superheroes about it because we would really love to try it!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh, Jack's Place!

The two superheroes went home with an extremely satisfied tummy last night. Superhero S was smiling all the to bed after being well fed with a good meal at Jack's Place, Sunway Pyramid with a couple of her long-time pals and of course Superhero W as well. Oh, she couldn't possibly feast on such a gastronomical delight without him huh? They have vowed to share all good things together and that includes all the most delicious food in the world...

OH, so at Jack's Place, we had a pretty good feast I admit. What can you say about this huh? Superhero W got himself a medium well Jack's Place's Steak Special topped with some special black sauce which tasted like mushroom and was absolutely juicy and tender (yummy!!!) ; Superhero S and her good bud Sharon shared the same telepathic connection and ordered Lamb Chop & Fish with black pepper sauce, was absolutely delicious with the fish being so tender and filled with the aromatic taste of herbs while the lamb was pretty springy I must say, but above all, the black pepper was really good; and finally, another friend Sharlene went for the Salmon Steak which looked really really enticing to the eyes too. But that baked potato accompanying the dishes was a little too big to handle for the superheroes due to its XXXL size!

For drinks, I went for Shirley Temple (oh yeah...!) while Superhero W went for his regular watermelon juice (he's an ardent fan of watermelon juices) and my two friends were up for their fruit punches. All in all, it was a great evening catching up with each other while digging in on the extremely good food. The ambience was quiet and romantic enough for us to enjoy a great conversation too. Though the food at Jack's Place may not be as extravagant as TGI Friday's, but it was simple and good nevertheless.


* Oh darn! The two superheroes left their W55 at Lowyat and has yet to make their way there to get it! senses are saying that it's going to be soon..really really soon..

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Subway, I Love You

Subway. Subway. Subway.

Undeniably the best breakfast in the whole wide world.
Simple and healthy yet sumptuous enough to last your tummy for a good half day. Brrrpp!

The two superheroes' all-time fav breakfast meal - tuna & cheese. Imagine a hot, freshly-baked sandwich bread like no other, with delicious tuna and slices of cheese sandwiched in between..Oh and not forgetting your choice of side fillings like fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles, olive, onions, cucumber slices, all topped with your selection of sauces...
Superhero S loves mustard, chilli and mayo... And finally, we would finish it off with sprinkles of cheese (oh yeah...more cheese!) and pepper!

Two words.
Simply delicious.
And besides that, we have our coffee and tea; with Superhero W swooning over his white coffee while Superhero S just wanted her plain ol' teh-O.

So now you know how our two friendly neighbourhood superheroes get their extraordinary charge of energy from! Oh, for the villains out there, forget about kryptonite. That substance doesn't work on our two superheroes.
So to all kids out there, get a Subway. A bite is all you need to make you feel like a us - true blue 100% genuine superheroes! (Man. I gotta ask Subway to pay me for this! heh heh)

The next time you pass by your nearest Subway store, dun forget to look twice...because that's where our two superheroes would probably be. Seated and shaking legs while munching away on their Subway sandwich and sipping their hot tea and coffee... (*drooling profusely)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here We Come to Save the Day!

Superhero S, who is sadly suffering from short term memory loss got too excited when she finally got her new blog that she actually forgotten to write a little introduction about themselves, the two friendly neighbourhood superheroes. Well, this is how their story goes...

Somewhere among the concrete jungles of KL, are two ingenious superheroes who have flown all the way from Malacca and Sabah to save the lives of many here in Malaysia. With their base somewhere in an undisclosed location in KL, Superhero S and Superhero W are now here to begin their tale of two superheroes...

"With great power comes great responsibilities"
The two superheroes believe that with great powers come greater responsibilities. Hence, they have decided to develop their extraordinary desire and love for food, travel, technology and life into a full-scale story in their quest to provide a better score of entertainment for the folks here in Malaysia. No sacrifice is too great for them as they are more than willing to devour all the best things in life and live to tell their tales to you, with hope that one day, their noble sacrifice would forever be remembered as a significant moment in blog history.

Living a dual life in the city, both superheroes are cleverly disguised as commoners, hiding behind office wears and casual guise among the rest of the fine working people. They may even be one of your colleagues, seated just right next to you! You'll never know...

So stay tuned for more episodes from the tale of two superheroes as they fight to bring you the best stories of their lives!

Thank you for reading. This is their spokesperson signing out. If you have any questions regarding the superheroes, please hesitate to contact me.

Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Gettin' Hot in Here...

Killer heatwaves alert! The two superheroes were trapped in what was reported to be a turbulent wave of heatwaves surrounding the historical city of Malacca...

Well, the two of us had to endure probably one of the warmest weekends when we were back in my hometown for a short break. Oh man...The temperature of late has seriously gotten to a point of being so unbearable that it gave me severe headaches and head spins. (Damn you, weather!)

I dunno what's wrong with the weather back home but honestly, the weather in KL seem to be so much better! Shouldn't it be the case the other way around? Damn...Couldn't get out of the house due to the killer heatwaves and had to endure what felt to be the longest of all weekends, being stuck at home and tied to the seat in front of the dumb box, downing endless E! news, back to back CSIs and America's Next Top Model Cycle 8... My brain was nearly forced to the point of shutting down then. Blame it on the case of severe overdose of TV! Help!

Alas..the two superheroes were rewarded for their bravery and triumph in surviving those bloody heatwaves with a grand feast of our fav Nyonya cuisine...OH..YUMMY!!! I hereby would like to express my heartfelt thank yous to the forever yummy chilli garam fishy, the soft and fluffy cencaluk omelette, the ever delicious daun keladi goreng belacan, the ultra mouth-watering limau purut chicken and the all-time fav on the list, the dessert with the finely shredded ice and gula melaka...give your hands for...(*drums rolling....) cendol!! Thank you so much for saving our day!!

Wished the superheroes could've installed a built-in camera in their eyes where they can just go *blink blink* to capture those yummy food but fear not! Your friendly neighbourhood superheroes will be paying a visit to electronic heaven, Lowyat the great for their W55 very very soon... Hehe.