Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Subway, I Love You

Subway. Subway. Subway.

Undeniably the best breakfast in the whole wide world.
Simple and healthy yet sumptuous enough to last your tummy for a good half day. Brrrpp!

The two superheroes' all-time fav breakfast meal - tuna & cheese. Imagine a hot, freshly-baked sandwich bread like no other, with delicious tuna and slices of cheese sandwiched in between..Oh and not forgetting your choice of side fillings like fresh lettuce, tomato, pickles, olive, onions, cucumber slices, all topped with your selection of sauces...
Superhero S loves mustard, chilli and mayo... And finally, we would finish it off with sprinkles of cheese (oh yeah...more cheese!) and pepper!

Two words.
Simply delicious.
And besides that, we have our coffee and tea; with Superhero W swooning over his white coffee while Superhero S just wanted her plain ol' teh-O.

So now you know how our two friendly neighbourhood superheroes get their extraordinary charge of energy from! Oh, for the villains out there, forget about kryptonite. That substance doesn't work on our two superheroes.
So to all kids out there, get a Subway. A bite is all you need to make you feel like a us - true blue 100% genuine superheroes! (Man. I gotta ask Subway to pay me for this! heh heh)

The next time you pass by your nearest Subway store, dun forget to look twice...because that's where our two superheroes would probably be. Seated and shaking legs while munching away on their Subway sandwich and sipping their hot tea and coffee... (*drooling profusely)