Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Here We Come to Save the Day!

Superhero S, who is sadly suffering from short term memory loss got too excited when she finally got her new blog that she actually forgotten to write a little introduction about themselves, the two friendly neighbourhood superheroes. Well, this is how their story goes...

Somewhere among the concrete jungles of KL, are two ingenious superheroes who have flown all the way from Malacca and Sabah to save the lives of many here in Malaysia. With their base somewhere in an undisclosed location in KL, Superhero S and Superhero W are now here to begin their tale of two superheroes...

"With great power comes great responsibilities"
The two superheroes believe that with great powers come greater responsibilities. Hence, they have decided to develop their extraordinary desire and love for food, travel, technology and life into a full-scale story in their quest to provide a better score of entertainment for the folks here in Malaysia. No sacrifice is too great for them as they are more than willing to devour all the best things in life and live to tell their tales to you, with hope that one day, their noble sacrifice would forever be remembered as a significant moment in blog history.

Living a dual life in the city, both superheroes are cleverly disguised as commoners, hiding behind office wears and casual guise among the rest of the fine working people. They may even be one of your colleagues, seated just right next to you! You'll never know...

So stay tuned for more episodes from the tale of two superheroes as they fight to bring you the best stories of their lives!

Thank you for reading. This is their spokesperson signing out. If you have any questions regarding the superheroes, please hesitate to contact me.