Monday, September 24, 2007

It's Gettin' Hot in Here...

Killer heatwaves alert! The two superheroes were trapped in what was reported to be a turbulent wave of heatwaves surrounding the historical city of Malacca...

Well, the two of us had to endure probably one of the warmest weekends when we were back in my hometown for a short break. Oh man...The temperature of late has seriously gotten to a point of being so unbearable that it gave me severe headaches and head spins. (Damn you, weather!)

I dunno what's wrong with the weather back home but honestly, the weather in KL seem to be so much better! Shouldn't it be the case the other way around? Damn...Couldn't get out of the house due to the killer heatwaves and had to endure what felt to be the longest of all weekends, being stuck at home and tied to the seat in front of the dumb box, downing endless E! news, back to back CSIs and America's Next Top Model Cycle 8... My brain was nearly forced to the point of shutting down then. Blame it on the case of severe overdose of TV! Help!

Alas..the two superheroes were rewarded for their bravery and triumph in surviving those bloody heatwaves with a grand feast of our fav Nyonya cuisine...OH..YUMMY!!! I hereby would like to express my heartfelt thank yous to the forever yummy chilli garam fishy, the soft and fluffy cencaluk omelette, the ever delicious daun keladi goreng belacan, the ultra mouth-watering limau purut chicken and the all-time fav on the list, the dessert with the finely shredded ice and gula melaka...give your hands for...(*drums rolling....) cendol!! Thank you so much for saving our day!!

Wished the superheroes could've installed a built-in camera in their eyes where they can just go *blink blink* to capture those yummy food but fear not! Your friendly neighbourhood superheroes will be paying a visit to electronic heaven, Lowyat the great for their W55 very very soon... Hehe.