Friday, December 28, 2007


This year, the two superheroes will not be ushering in the new year at KLCC on the 31st though. So don't expect to see two strange looking fella in red underwear and skin-tight catwoman outfit. But for those who are planning to join in for the huge celebration at KLCC this year, ENJOY!!!!

Having celebrated many times in KL before, we figured that it would be good to make a change this year and celebrate in quiet ol' Malacca..Hehe.. Too busy and too noisy in KLCC. :p

But from the few times that I've celebrated in KLCC before, it can be a really really crazy crowd. Girls, please BE CAREFUL. Many many naughty hands out there who jump at the chance of grabbing your erm...butt and front..Haha. No kidding. Many friends have been victimised before.

And for guys, please don't be gatal (lustful) and keep your hands to yourself ok. Don't bother trying to call your friends if you get lost in the crowd. You won't get thru the line. Lines would be all congested. Just wait at some landmark, don't move and pray for the best.

One more thing, when you're moving around, just follow the human traffic. Don't move against the traffic. They will swamp you to death. :p

Have a happy new year everyone!

Fried carrot cakes - YUMMY!

The two superheroes were back in Malacca for the loooooooooong weekend...

Superhero W is still nursing his flu...poor thing (You guys didn't wish him well is it? :p) Hasn't recovered 100% but don't worry, Superhero S will make sure he gets well again ok? Haha. :p

Okay, it was such a long break in Malacca with Superhero S's family reunion going on, yup, Superhero Bros were back too! Heh heh. I even had the chance to hop over to a pasar malam (night market) near my place, and brought my cute, adorable Superhero W along...

Look what I had, Fried Carrot Cakes! OH how I missed you!!!

Haha... Check it out. This is the most famous one in town. No kidding. This guy sells his famous kuih lobak in many pasar malam as well as in Jonker Walk! :p


Thursday, December 27, 2007

NOKIA N81: The next episode

Love it? or hate it?

Our verdict: Just don't expect the two superheroes to be seen carrying this gadget around! So it's a NO. *shakes head.

Superhero S's housemate just bought the crazily and overly hyped N81. Yes. The next episode. It's so far one of my most fav handphone commercials. Love the ad. But too bad I don't share the same sentiments abt the phone though.

First of all, it was really BULKY. And I don't like bulky phones. And it comes with a 2MP camera. What the heck was Nokia thinking? And the casing looked kinda plastic-ky and cheap. Dunno why. And its controls aren't exactly friendly either. Not really easy navigating on the buttons. What's worst of all, the slide wasn't really that tough. In fact, it was slightly loose! *horrified!

I know Nokia is not famous for its slide but, can you not make it a little better since you've resorted into making this one of your most publisized phones on TV?? I can't sit through any programme without watching your Nokia N81 tv commercial! And I'd always thought the phone is really really damn cool UNTIL I saw it in its real physical form and played with it.

Kinda disappointed really. Urgh. Thank god Superhero W bought me the 6300 instead. Hehe.. :p
But come to think abt it, after looking at KY's new gadget, the Nokia N82, I feel that KY's one is far better (in terms of its exterior) than the N81! :p

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Giant Hypermarket vs. TESCO (unbelievably kiasu!)

The two superheroes love travelling on this road heading towards TESCO Puchong. We were using this road from Astro, Bukit Jalil that leads to Puchong a few days back when saw them again!

HAHA. Check this out. In case if you find the images a little blur or small or grainy or whatever, they are taken when we were actually on the move along the road - at the very last minute!

The first picture shows the cannot-be-missed, bright yellow billboard that says Giant Hypermarket is like 1.5km away. Okay, fine. In the next few hundred metres, it comes out again. The next huge Giant billboard to coax people there insists that it's KURANG JAUH (less far). Let me translate this to you "less far than TESCO"!

Okay. Desperate.

Then travel another few hundred metres, you are going to see a TESCO billboard on the right that says TESCO is just another 5.6km away. (We didn't manage to take a snapshot of this one)

Now comes the most interesting billboard from Giant. It screams "Kenapa pandu 5.6km?"! What the....! Haha. From this moment, I'm sure you can see that the billboards are actually "talking to one another"!!

Then comes yet another Giant billboard, asking drivers to actually TURN AROUND (make a U-turn!) OMG!!!

It was a great show of billboards really. Very very entertaining indeed. In the end, of course we went to TESCO! :p

Friday, December 21, 2007

My birthday celebration @ Roadhouse Grill

It was Superhero W's 18th (yeah right...) birthday on last Tuesday.

Since Superhero S's birthday celebration was at Victoria Station (see related post), we decided to go for Roadhouse Grill this time. Hehe. Made advance reservation for a nice, secluded corner for dinner at 8pm.

We were quite surprised to see such a huge crowd on a weekday night really. WOW. I love it this way. Haha. C'mon, you wouldn't want to dine in a quiet cowboy restaurant! The moment we got in, the music was rocking already - kinda like the oldies. Love the ambience. Very cosy but EXTREMELY COLD! It's like the North Pole in there!

Okay okay, back to the food. For soup, we ordered the dorry and prawn cream of soup. For main course, Superhero W ordered his medium well Rib-Eye Steak with Potato Fries and Black Pepper sauce while Superhero S ordered her medium Fillet Mignon with Cheese, sweet potatoes and Mushroom sauce. For dessert, we went for the Messy Sundae (have been wanting to try it since we first saw it on L'abeille's food blog!!!)

They served us their famous yeast roll bread, along with butter. The bread has this sweet taste that goes really well with the butter. Nice! Then came the soup. OHHHHHH!!! It tastes like the soup from Prawn Mee! Strange eh. Quite thick and filled with prawns and bits of dory fish. Yum!

Next, we were served this really awesome salad! Guess what?? The salad is served in this little unique ice bowl! WOW... I'm impressed. Seriously.

As for the main course, my fillet mignon tastes really like LASAGNE with a really thick beef underneath!'s so so so so so GOOD! The meat was pink in the middle, very juicy and tender. And the sweet potato was gigantic! I've never seen such a huge one before! The beef goes really well with the mushroom sauce.

For Superhero W's rib eye, his expression is enough to tell me how fantastic is was! The black pepper sauce is really tasty, very strong but not too spicy. Terrific. And those fries he ordered, it's really good. Better than french fries - anytime! :p

Messy Sundae? Heavenly. Haha. We had a fun time scrapping off the chocolate from the surface of the glass. Perfect 10 for presentation. Haha.

Overall, with the friendly service, we paid like RM130 for everything. Kinda reasonable really! Can't wait for our next meal there...! Haha :p

p/s : because of a lot of food we ate last tuesday, forgot to tell you we had one float ( coke and vanilla ) and superhero S only called Mango Juice.. hehehe

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

KL-PUTRAJAYA highway : A Review ( Update : pictures )

Haha...Yeah. Since there are just so many reviews these days about blockbuster movies, how about if the two superheroes bring you a nice review about a HIGHWAY? :p

Haha. More specifically, the KL-PUTRAJAYA highway - the latest addition to the family of new higher concrete and tar masses of blocks to invade the already over-congested KL. So, on Tuesday nite right after Superhero W's birthday celebration, we decided to throw away some money on the petrol and tol to experiment the newly-opened highway!

Surprise surprise! No tol yet for now. Guess they are trying to test the market eh. But I bet ya, it's not gonna cost cheap if you're planning to hit the roads for Putrajaya or KLIA. Expected since the distance travelled is really quite far (and boring!) despite using the highway.

We really should've taken the road in the daylight rather than under the moonlight because riding on that highway is VERY VERY creepy. It's quite deserted really. Nothing on the left and right. Bushes. Hills. Abandoned constructions. Even the rest area is empty and gloomy. And the fact that there's really not much spaces left in KL and Selangor for new construction has forced this new highway to take long detours around KL and S'gor.

We travelled from its first entrance at Jln Tun Razak and we can make a fair guess from the little views that we can see from the highway that the highway passes by Cheras, Bukit Jalil (here's your first exit), Seri Kembangan and all the way till your next exits at the Putrajaya Link or KLIA.

Scared by how spooky and empty the highway was, we decided to take the Putrajaya exit. If we are not mistaken, we kinda exited near Cyberjaya, near MEASAT.

In short, the highway should be more convenient for those travelling during festive seasons or wanna speed their way on straight / winding wide roads. For normal occasions, we find it quite far to reach even Bukit Jalil. Better go through the Sg. Besi tol and continue from there. Seems faster. And more exciting.

Damn this STUPID CLINIC...!

I am on my mobile writing this little post about my anger and disappointment towards this certain clinic I just went!

I am sick today maybe because I have overworked myself for the past few weeks.. but the most disappointing thing is I have to wait around one and a half hours before the nurse even calls out my name! And that's not the end. I still have to wait again inside another room!

What the heck...wasted my entire morning just to get those antibiotics and paracetamol. Help!!!

Sent from Gmail for mobile (edited by Superhero S)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Alvinnnnnnnn.......!!!!!! Simon? Theodore?

Recognise those 3 cute names??
Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....It's Alvin and the Chipmunks!!!!!


The two superheroes will never miss any kind of animated films on the big screen (we love the 'feel' good feeling we get from watching all these kiddie movies! KILL BEE MOVIE!) So missing out on our long-awaited Alvin & The Chipmunks is of course a Noooooooooo....! :p

After having been forced to let go of a booking of the movie on it's big screen debut in Malaysia (too busy at that time!), we "die die" also must make it for Monday night's screening since it's Superhero W's birthday at the strike of 12 on that night!

Forget abt a review here. If you come from the era when you grow up watching the little cutie furballs in the cartoons version (they look so much cuter on the big screen adaption! OH THEODORE!) I bet you will never give this movie a miss!

Their "cuteness" is also enough to make me scramble over to the counter to buy a movie ticket, what more their cute singings! The opening of the movie was incredibly FUNNY! The little chipmunks' acapella rendition of Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" was simply hilarious!

Great movie! Great hip hop songs by the chipmunks! And overall, a great "feel good" feeling! Love Alvin, love Simon but LOVE cute, chubby Theodore the most! :p

Spicy Chicken McDeluxe + Grilled Chicken Foldover = WOW!

The two superheroes had lunch last week at their usual McD @ Ampang Park after having refrained from eating McD for a while now. Hehe. Gotta control fast food intake! Don't want to get traumatized after an overdose of fast food! :p

Superhero W ordered his fav Spicy Chicky McDeluxe while Superhero S ordered the healthier Grilled Chicky Foldover. I was missing the Foldover, so it's really just about the best time to gobble it down! Haha. Yummy...

Superhero W asked me whether I wanted the Beef Foldover or the Chicky one. But after having thought about how sucky his double cheeseburger was, I decided that I'll stick to Burger Kings if I wanted to eat any kind of beefy burger or sth. Better play safe and order the chicky one. :p

Overall, it was a nice lunch on an extremely boring undercover work day! I feel so alive now!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Perfect Birthday ....

6 hours till midnite.. i wonder what will happen when the clock turn
to ====> 12:00 AM - 18 December 2007

ooo I know it will be a Perfect Birthday for ....

I dedicate this birthday poem to whom it may concern :

On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!


oohhh ... hehehehe.. opss... ooowhh I am 18 ... yeah.. yeah...

p/s : for this year birthday present.. my lovely Superhero S bought me

*** one ZARA jeans ( the first ever RM2xx jeans I ever wear ) ..
oohh my baby very understanding about my jeans' condition.. hahhaa..

*** one Esprit T-Shirt.. fuh.. what a gift .. hehehe.. I LOVE U MY SUPERHERO S .. thanx for everything..

##### I HOPE I CAN GET A PHONE ALSO NEXT YEAR ;) hehehhe ######

GREAT bargains if you love chatting!

The two superheroes are quite a chatterbox ourselves. We love talking day in, day out. Even in the office, we can't stop talking to each other too! Haha, but of course since we're working undercover at different places, chatting online is the next best option.

And for our friends or relatives or just about anyone who is currently residing in the States, there's even a better deal for you guys. Have you checked out Talk121? If you haven't heard about it, they are the leader in chat services! They have great services that allow you to chat across the States for free or using a reasonable package! :p

So if you're into chatting, regardless of it being phone chat or online chat, you can definitely make good use of Talk121's many features to get big savings on your bills. They are now offering free access to chat lines where you can just call their free chat lines and start chatting! In other words, you get to enjoy free chat! Wow.

But make sure you're above 18 before you start using the services, ok? Don't get all naughty here. Haha. Happy chatting! :p

Mom's cooking is THE BEST!

Well, what can we say about mom's cooking? Simply the best-lah!

Superhero Mom cooked a simple but superbly delicious chinese fried rice with extra ingredients for the two superheroes last weekend. Superhero W actually finished a whole big BIG bowl of the rice! Amazing capacity for his tummy. Haha.

Check it out. Simple fried rice with erm...hehe...a few slices of lotus root on it! (It's not supposed to be there but since Mom cooked lotus root soup as well, Superhero S picked out some to complement her fried rice!) It has many many chicky bites in it, bits of fried egg and long beans.

Nah..and THIS is Superhero W's BIG bowl of fried rice. Haha. :p

Friday, December 14, 2007

WOW. We've never tasted MEE GORENG this good!

On one very tiring weekday, the two superheroes were just too exhausted to cook anything for dinner. So, they went out for a quickie dinner near Superhero S's place, at Restoran Jalal Yusof @ Taman Desa, off Old Klang Road.

This mamak joint is indeed a tremendously famous hang out corner for everyone who is living around the area and boasts of an excellent location. We've been there only a couple of times for their nasi kandar but never for their 'goreng goreng' (fried food)

So, for a change, Superhero W decided to call Maggi Goreng Mamak and Superhero S, Mee Goreng Mamak. The 2 plates of noodles arrived swiftly. The look itself is already enticing. It seems to be calling out loud for us to eat it! Haha.. :p

The first bite? MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm.....

Never thought Mee Goreng could taste this good. So much egg bits too....Fantastic ah! There's also quite a lot of 'tauhu goreng' in it which I love.... OH!

The best mee goreng mamak EVER! Maggi goreng was good too, but the mee goreng has the extra ooomph to it! :p

Tis the Season for HOLIDAYS!!

Ladies and gentlemen, it's now the end of the year. Tis the season for joy and...HOLIDAYS!!!

The two superheroes can't wait to go for the holidays, in which theirs is strangely scheduled in January 2008 instead of the year end! Haha. Hey, we chose January because most people would be going for their vacation in December. :p

Okay, so for those times when you're planning for your travels, isn't it nice if you can get hold of those really nice hotels at a great deal? And if you have that sudden urge to get yourself to Italy because you missed the chapels there, you can always rely on to give you the best offer for accommodation.

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Over at their website, you can search through all the hotels and their prices to allow you to make a better choice. Cheaperthanhotels even guarantee the lowest available instant booking rate along with many free extras that comes with your hotels or lodgings.

So if you're planning for a nice trip anywhere at anytime, maybe it's a good thing to check out these online deals first instead of walking in to the hotel only to find that it's fully occupied.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Handphone review of Nokia 6300

The two superheroes are not really great word composers of technology stuff, Superhero W maybe but a definite NO for Superhero S. But then again, since parisb specially requested for a review of my new birthday present from my cutie cutie lovable superhero (see related post), I shall write a short and simple review of my Nokia 6300.

I won't say it's a particularly new model from Nokia, really. In fact it came out like 1 year plus ago! Hehe. But what can I say about a classic? It never runs out of trend. It's a CLASSIC! :p

First of all, don't expect technical terms here, because I'm an IT idiot. I only know how to weave my words together that's all. Okay, here goes...

NOKIA 6300 is... terlampau bagus, hebat sehingga tak terkata, too fantastic, incredibly excellent, simply phenomenal, hen-hau, fei xiong hou, mou tak teng, muchisimo bueno, and all other words of similar meaning...!

That's it.

That's my review. Thanks for reading! :p

TRAFFIC JAM? Never mind. Go to Burger Kings!

On one dark and stormy Friday night. Haha. No-lah. On one super congested Friday night, the two superheroes were caught in the usual massive Friday jam when just about anyone and everyone was rushing to either balik kampung or just to go home early for Friday night out!

Superhero W was driving in Jalan Tun Razak when our Superhero Baby3 decided to take over the wheels and drive into KLCC parking! OMG. That PIG!

Haha. He actually knew we were tired from work and from all the jam! Clever boy. Hehe. And so, we drove into KLCC to escape the jam and decided to eat Burger Kings. Superhero W ordered a large Whopper Black Pepper while Superhero S ordered her regular Whopper Jr. and the must-have Mozarella Cheese Sticks. Yummy.... :p

Great meal. Great night. Great time. Hehe.

p/s : by the way, we won a wonderful prize .. hahaha.. here it is ... ( peel and win )

--- hahaha... we won a burger king pen ( I think I can eat the pen when I am hungry :) )

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Say I Do - Malaysia's Personal Wedding Guide

Yes. This post is dedicated to all those who are getting married in a year or two, or even in the next decade or so, OR just about anytime. The two superheroes figure that you guys will like this website that we're about to introduce!

Say hello to, Malaysia's Personal Wedding Guide. It's a phenomenal effort from our friends, Felix and Winnie of Freeman Network! :p

So what exactly is Sayido? Well, it's the perfect tool for all soon-to-be newlyweds to assist in their wedding preparations. You need the perfect cake or the perfect dress for your wedding? Don't worry, you can check out the list they've got at Sayido's wedding directory!

OH. Need to send out wedding invites? Here's great way to do so. Check out Sayido's My Wedsite where you can personalize just about everything you want to make it a page out of your beautiful wedding memories. Share your wedding photos or even your lovey-dovey story with your friends and family!

And if you guys need tips for your wedding, you can search through Sayido's library of articles that can surely help you for your wedding. Check it out! :p are so BEAUTIFUL!

Suria KLCC
certainly never lets us down for their Xmas decors rite? Hehe. Having gone to Suria to escape from the massive Friday night jam, I suddenly met with my first love there...

The most beautiful sight ever. I first saw beautiful a few years back and have been yearning to see beautiful again since...WOW... I can't believe beautiful's actually just there - right in front of me then!!! OH, how I missed you!

Lemme introduce beautiful to you. Introducing, my all-time most favourite Xmas tree!

This time around, beautiful's even brought a companion! The equally cute and lovely, Mr. Snowman. Haha. So cute and chubby! What a nice couple... :p

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Masak Masak @ Home

The two superheroes played masak masak (cooking) at Superhero S' home during dinner time a few days back. Superhero S was the cook while Superhero W was the food connoiseur.

She whipped out the following simple dishes for dinner to pamper his hungry tummy..Hehe.

So there's the main course, which is Curry Beef (Superhero W loves this!) and for side dishes, fried water spinach (in case if you are wondering why Superhero S would always cook kangkung, blame it on Superhero W because he's very picky abt his vege!) and of course..the omelette with big red onions.

Nothing to shout about, but at least it got the tummy going! Hehe.. :p

Students, PAY ATTENTION to this!

WOW. The two superheroes have yet again found another useful site for all students around the world!

We are pretty sure many students out there face a lot of trouble cracking their heads and squeezing their brain juices when asked to write a 20 page term paper or a 100 page thesis or even a simple 1-2 page essay.

If you are indeed one of those who need help in essay writing, we suggest that you go to the professionals for help. Who? EssaysinCollege, the people who specialize in essay writing service, which includes besides writing, editing and proofreading!

They are trained to offer you exceptional writing service in all subjects and all assignments. In short, they have got it all covered under one roof. Making life simpler for students, isn't it? :p

And not forgetting students who are assigned to work on Marketing Coursework or even other coursework, you will find the tips offered in EssaysinCollege to be very useful and relevant to assist you in writing your own! Alternatively, you can of course leave it all to the experts to get it done for you.

Such a wonderful service for students these days... The two superheroes just can't help but envy! Haha. :p

Monday, December 10, 2007

BK'S Whopper Black Pepper vs. McD's Double Cheese Burger

We just had to show the world the difference between a GOOD burger and an imitation sucky burger. Yes. Burger King vs. McDonald's.

We love the both of them. But we despise McD's double cheese burger. (see related post) . Let us show you how a real 2-piece beef pattie should look like...


On the left is how 2 pieces of beef pattie should look like in a burger.

Below is the imitation (one piece of beef pattie cut into 2! So cheapskate eh, McD!)

DURIAN, come here to daddy!

Haha. For the weekends, the two superheroes went back home to Malacca. And Superhero S's Superhero Mom's friend gave us this cute, spiky green fruit called....


Superhero S looks in horror while Superhero W grins.

Superhero S isn't particularly very comfortable with the fruit invading the safe regions of her home. She once got a massive food poisoning after having eaten the brilliant food combination of durian and "tong yuen" (because she was so hungry at that time and she couldn't find any other food at home!)

On the contrary, it has been a while since Superhero W last ate that vicious fruit! Which explains his grin really. Superhero Mom karate-d open the durian and Superhero W sat down on a nice chair happily eating the durian.

Not wanting to miss the commotion, Superhero S lurked behind Superhero W and saw that he was enjoying the fruits of Mom's labour. Hmmph. Where can. I must wallop that durian and get rid of my durian-0-phobia once and for all!

And so, I ate, he ate and the durian was gone! Haha. :p

Friday, December 7, 2007

I can't seem to EAT MORE than RM10!

that has always been the case until...

We decided that it's time to PIG ourselves and eat exactly like one!

The two superheroes went back to Padang @ Serdang (see related post) for lunch to feast on some really good and cheap authentic Malay cuisine!

We have been wanting to break the RM 10 barrier all these while and we can't seem to be able to do it despite the crazy amount of food we took! We've tried the curry beef + fried chicky + baked fishy combination (with vegetables, rice & drinks) for 2 persons and we failed to go more than RM10.

Finally, we know a combination that actually works!

Baked fishy + baked fishy + assam stingray + fried chicky + fried prawns (with vegetables, rice & drinks) = RM11

We just can't believe how cheap (and how yummy!) the food there can actually be. Simply amazing! :p