Friday, December 14, 2007

WOW. We've never tasted MEE GORENG this good!

On one very tiring weekday, the two superheroes were just too exhausted to cook anything for dinner. So, they went out for a quickie dinner near Superhero S's place, at Restoran Jalal Yusof @ Taman Desa, off Old Klang Road.

This mamak joint is indeed a tremendously famous hang out corner for everyone who is living around the area and boasts of an excellent location. We've been there only a couple of times for their nasi kandar but never for their 'goreng goreng' (fried food)

So, for a change, Superhero W decided to call Maggi Goreng Mamak and Superhero S, Mee Goreng Mamak. The 2 plates of noodles arrived swiftly. The look itself is already enticing. It seems to be calling out loud for us to eat it! Haha.. :p

The first bite? MMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm.....

Never thought Mee Goreng could taste this good. So much egg bits too....Fantastic ah! There's also quite a lot of 'tauhu goreng' in it which I love.... OH!

The best mee goreng mamak EVER! Maggi goreng was good too, but the mee goreng has the extra ooomph to it! :p


YozoraNiteSky said...

Is the place opposite the Tmn Desa Hospital or is it nearer the Faber Heights or Faber Tower side? The Mee Goreng looks really yummy. Those around my office are dry and rubbery.. like eatting fried rubber bands :( said...

wow this i must try...

twosuperheroes said...

Erm, since you seem to be quite familiar with the area, do u know the other part of Tmn Danau Desa with all those condos (i.e. Danau Idaman, Danau Murni)? If you notice, there's this whole area of shoplots there. Restoran Jalal Yusof is the one facing the road, with a yellow signage. Hard to miss it! Hehe..Must try their mee goreng mamak..Damn 'keng'! :p

Btw, Y, you working in Tmn Desa ah?

ninadewe said...

u guys..
makan saja hah???
how's life? ^_^
*eat is exception*
so glad to meet u guys here..
superhero S.. approve friend request nina di FS okay ;p

twosuperheroes said...

simontalks, should try this! haha..Definitely worth it. :p

Hey nina! Haha..Amazing to see you here. We were really very very surprised but HAPPY! :p
Yeah..over here, it's all abt makan, makan & makan..Miss ya!

YozoraNiteSky said...

no in KL city.. which is a terrible place, behind Shangrila Hotel .. but the smell of "chaw tou foo" - the smelly tofu brought me to Tmn Desa. Where there is food.. there you will find me... (btw.. didn't eat the tofu... was just curious about the smell heehee)

twosuperheroes said...

haha..smelly tauhu??? Got smelly tauhu at Tmn Desa meh? How come I didn't know? Haha..ok ok..

Oh, you are working near Shangri-la..along Jln Sultan Ismail eh.. Jammed area hoh! :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

I have a feeling the smelly tauhu has either relocated or banned leh.. i have not been able to find the hawker these last few months liow :(

oh yeah.. right in the middle of the golden triangle..waaahhh..i want to find new job in PJ lah..