Monday, December 17, 2007

Mom's cooking is THE BEST!

Well, what can we say about mom's cooking? Simply the best-lah!

Superhero Mom cooked a simple but superbly delicious chinese fried rice with extra ingredients for the two superheroes last weekend. Superhero W actually finished a whole big BIG bowl of the rice! Amazing capacity for his tummy. Haha.

Check it out. Simple fried rice with erm...hehe...a few slices of lotus root on it! (It's not supposed to be there but since Mom cooked lotus root soup as well, Superhero S picked out some to complement her fried rice!) It has many many chicky bites in it, bits of fried egg and long beans.

Nah..and THIS is Superhero W's BIG bowl of fried rice. Haha. :p