Monday, December 17, 2007

GREAT bargains if you love chatting!

The two superheroes are quite a chatterbox ourselves. We love talking day in, day out. Even in the office, we can't stop talking to each other too! Haha, but of course since we're working undercover at different places, chatting online is the next best option.

And for our friends or relatives or just about anyone who is currently residing in the States, there's even a better deal for you guys. Have you checked out Talk121? If you haven't heard about it, they are the leader in chat services! They have great services that allow you to chat across the States for free or using a reasonable package! :p

So if you're into chatting, regardless of it being phone chat or online chat, you can definitely make good use of Talk121's many features to get big savings on your bills. They are now offering free access to chat lines where you can just call their free chat lines and start chatting! In other words, you get to enjoy free chat! Wow.

But make sure you're above 18 before you start using the services, ok? Don't get all naughty here. Haha. Happy chatting! :p


Anonymous said...

Why not try Digi's Happy?

twosuperheroes said...

dunno la the happy is it ok?