Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We hear WEDDING BELLS coming...

We figure that we just had to interrupt our Singapore trip posts with this super important event in the two superheroes' lives... *ahem*

Finally.... FINALLY..... the day has come!!

No...not OUR wedding bells (at least not now! Haha....*hint hint* :p)
It turns out that Superhero S' Superhero Bro has finally... FINALLY... decided that it's time to say the magical "I do!!!" with his looooooong time girlfriend and our future Superhero Sis-in-Law. He broke the news to Superhero Mum just a few days back!! Haha... :p

Naturally, Superhero Mum was most delighted to hear about the wedding bells next year in 2009... and I believe busy times are ahead! Apparently, Superhero Bro is planning to get engaged during Chinese New Year and ride off into the sunset with wifey sometime in December next year!

A huge sigh of relief for Superhero Mum I'm sure... Haha.
Oh, and a big BIG..........

"CONGRATULATIONS (in advance)...................!!!" to my Superhero Bro, and future Superhero Wifey. *grins*

P/S: Happy New Year to all our readers, and enjoy the rest of the holidays!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

'Tis the season to be jolly.... So make sure you have lots of fun okay? Don't get too stuffed on the roast turkey and cranberry sauce okay? Haha. Have a wonderful Christmas day, guys! *grins*

In the meantime, the two superheroes will be flying back to Malacca for a year end Superhero Clan reunion this holiday season! YAY!!! Home sweet home.... Haha.. :p

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Furama Waterfront, S'pore and a lil bit of Superdog

After our traumatic one night stay in Geylang, the two superheroes along with their sidekicks, Driver and girlfriend decided to abandon their initial 2 night plan there and flew off to Furama Waterfront, somewhere near the Clarke Quay area on an 11th hour emergency back-up plan. Haha. :p

One friend whom we met up during our night out at Orchard Road immediately noted the obvious difference between the two hotels and intentionally gave us a raised eyebrow. Haha. We couldn't help but laugh, recalling the miscommunication that got us an interesting stay in Geylang. There were many hotels to choose from, but having googled on hotels in Singapore the night before our trip, the two superheroes were relieved to hear that Furama, being one of the positively rated hotels, was available. YAY!!!

Having stayed in Swissotel the Stamford the last time, it was really difficult adjusting to Hotel 81 and even the contrast between Hotel 81 in Geylang and Furama Waterfront was soooOOOOo glaring. Suddenly we felt like we were brought back to civilisation again. Haha. (Yeah, we are spoilt people!) Well, you get what you pay for! And we were all glad to see what greeted us at Furama...

Suddenly there were beautiful chandeliers...

Suddenly there were super comfy and bouncy double beds...

And suddenly we have a decent toilet... Haha... :p

We have to say that the service and entire ambience at Furama was excellent!! Every staff were more than willing to help us with any information about Singapore, guiding us the way to places... If you're asking us if we would return to this hotel again in the future... I'd have to say that if we were ever to come back to Singapore next time, this would be our definite choice! Though I would very much love to try out the wonderful retro concept in Hotel Re! as well... *grins*

All in all, Furama saved the day, and munching on some Lurves never felt so good before! Haha...

Yeah, by then, we were feeling much safer than whilst we were under the prying eyes of some strange old men in Geylang...

So what's next?
...how about some Superdog perhaps? Haha... *wink wink*

Monday, December 22, 2008

Of Honey BBQ Chicken, Fried Carrot Cake & McWings

After our delightful MOS Burger meal, we were off to check in to our hotel in Geylang. Despite being a little emotionally disturbed by our own wild imaginations of the room next door and the unexplained stain on the comforter, all four of us still managed to catch some precious rest.... *ZzzzZZ.......*

And then, we were off to Orchard Road for some shopping and sight-seeing because the Christmas decorations were supposed to have been put up. The entire place always reminds me a little of our own Bintang Walk. Haha... All the bright lights, blinking neon lights, beautiful xmas decorations were absolutely charming! *grins*

Then Driver and girlfriend decided to chill out at a McCafe in the area while the two superheroes went around spending money like crazy...

Not that we've got a lot to spend but well, what the heck... it's not every day that we're on holiday! One thing we've come to realize is that, there always seem to be a nice, big crowd in most of the McCafes. Must be doing really well eh? With Driver and girlfriend patronizing McCafe at least once or twice a day during the times we were there, I'm sure their coffee and cakes must have been really good.

Which was why, Superhero W actually did finally order their Ice Blended Mocha Frappe (I hope this is the name!) out of curiosity. And sure it tasted SUPERB!!! Oh so very rich indeed! Superhero W liked it so much that he actually bought the same drink twice! Albeit on a different day of course. Haha.

And still on McCafe, remember that for Superhero S' birthday then in Singapore, the gang bought her a cute Oreo Cheesecake from McCafe? Besides the cake, there was also some really REALLY delicious McWings!!!

Crispy to bits, and juicy and tender on the inside... I could not ask for a better fried chicken wing! Yummy!!!!! Haha... So why isn't this available in Malaysia???!!!

And finally, we were all off to Food Republic at Wisma Atria for dinner. Yeah, MORE food!! Haha. Driver and Superhero W were the ones to place orders in some of the many many stalls around. And here comes the food...! *drools....*

Some really delicious looking Honey BBQ Chicken Wings, which actually tasted just okay. Yeah, looks can be deceiving sometimes. Hmm... But the Fried Carrot Cake from the stall right next to the BBQ wings stall was fantastic!!!

OMG... it's probably one of the best fried carrot cakes we've tasted! Surprising indeed... very very flavourful, the carrot cake is nice and springy and the portion is BIG! Much much better than the Fried Carrot Cake from the famous Prawn Noodle stall!

And of course... talking about prawn noodles, we had to order the ever popular Fried Prawn Noodles at Food Republic. It sure tasted all the same, still as yummylicious as its other Fried Prawn Noodle counterpart in Food Republic Pavilion, KL. It was a really good foodie day I have to say... by the time the day was coming to an end, I believe we all slept with a big BIG smile... A happy tummy, makes a happy person! *wink*

NEXT, a change of hotel and MORE foodie!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Teriyaki Chicken Burger at MOS Burger

During her previous trip to Singapore, Superhero S was introduced to this really delicious and unique burger (in the eyes of poor Malaysians like the two superheroes who do not get to taste it back home in Malaysia *sweats*) called MOS Burger!

Short for "Mountain Ocean Sun" (MOS), it's a fast food chain restaurant from Japan that offers some really yummylicious burgers for a change. Not just your ordinary Filet '0' Fish or McChicken fare, they have selections such as Teriyaki Chicken and their unique Rice Burgers as well as the Natsumi "burger"s. Yeah, "burgers" where their buns have been replaced by lettuce instead! Good for those who wish to do without the carbs... Haha. :p

the Natsumi Teriyaki Chicken...

And it was then that after our little snack fest at Ang Mo Kio Hub that we managed to stumble upon a MOS Burger outlet. I quickly told Superhero W that he MUST NOT miss it!! Haha... I've tried the Natsumi Teriyaki Chicken (priced at $3.35) during my previous trip, but since Superhero W is not such a lettuce hero, we decided to share a Teriyaki Chicken Burger this time around.

Also $3.35, the burger is absolutely DELICIOUS!!! Nice chunk of smooth teriyaki chicken, along with some really fresh lettuce! Yes...not those limp, no-longer-green lettuces from the golden arches. Ewww.... This one is really crunchy and green! Haha... *grins*

Though a tad smaller than normal burgers, the taste is what you're really paying for I suppose. We would've very much wanted to try their signature Rice Burgers too... but tummy wasn't too helpful because it was already on the verge of exploding! Haha... Too much foodie for one day. Think McDonald's Sausage McMuffin with Egg at 6 a.m., then Beef Noodles at 10 a.m., then a good streak of snack fest around noon, and then MOS Burger around 2 p.m. *on the verge of vomitting....* Haha... :p

Rice Burger promo...

Short of stuffing ourselves to the verge of being repulsive towards food, we were nevertheless set for MORE foodie for dinner at Food Republic, Wisma Atria... NEXT!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Food Hunting at Ang Mo Kio Hub, Singapore

Carrying on where we left off in our previous food stopover at Ang Mo Kio Hub in Singapore, the entourage decided to fly around this whole section of light foodie bites section in the shopping mall to satisfy our foodie cravings. Haha..

After the super delicious, not to be missed Fresh Mango Snow Ice at the SnowFrost stall, we walked on and found this interesting stall called 'Yummy Bites : Crispy till the last bite!', which sells all the sinful fried fried snacks.

Oh man... I could feel the heatiness already, but what the heck! Haha. Superhero W decided to take 2 Fried Cheese (at $1 each) because it sounded interesting enough *grins* while the others took their own pick from the many other varieties available.

The Fried Cheese is REALLY rich. Something that wasn't entirely expected because we thought the flour coating would've probably masked the cheese's taste. We were soOOoo wrong!

OMG... one bite, and the super cheesy taste immediately came overwhelming our senses! SOOOoooo cheesy!!! *faints*
Now onto our next stop, MORE sinful fried fried foodstuff with... 1A Crispy Puff! Haha.. :p

Superhero W, being the ultimate super fan of curry puffs simply couldn't resist what he saw stacked neatly atop one another in the display panel...

Haha... and so, we bought 1 Curry Chicken Puff and 1 Black Pepper Chicken Puff. It's amazing the variety of puffs they sell at this stall! The filling is generous, with loads of chicken in both the "curry" puffs. But we still think the black pepper one was more outstanding with its strong black peppery taste! C'mon.... it's not like everyday that we get to eat black pepper "curry" puff! *grins* But Driver still preferred his Old Chang Kee curry puffs...

And finally, Driver and girlfriend decided that we all should try the apparently "MUST-have" Durian Pancake sold at the Four Seasons Durian stall. Yeah.... nice name for a stall eh? But man... the q was LONG!!! People just don't seem to mind queuing up for the popular durian snack (according to Driver's girlfriend's auntie) We were amazed...

After the long q, we finally got hold of our small durian snack that looks like a small pancake with fresh COLD durian paste sandwiched in between. Superhero S had to give this snack a go because she's still all phobic about durians after a significant major diarrhea many years back. So, this leaves Superhero W to tell us about the taste!

Judging from the satisfied look on his face, I'm pretty sure the durian snack was pretty good! So finally, the entourage decided to head over to NTUC FoodFare, which was formerly Food Republic for lunch. OMG... Both superheroes were so stuffed beyond words at that point, and so we decided to break away from the rest and ventured out on our own for other food selections in the mall. The food court was simply too flooded with hungry people! Haha..

So final stop for the afternoon before we headed off to check in to our interesting hotel in Geylang, the two superheroes decided to go for something special! NEXT...!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fresh Mango Snow Ice at SnowFrost, Ang Mo Kio Hub

Fresh from our Beef Noodle meal at Ang Mo Kio, Driver's sidekick-cum-girlfriend's auntie's family... *takes in air* ...decided to bring us over to a nearby shopping mall in the district, Ang Mo Kio Hub for a little walk.

They have such an efficient parking system over in Ang Mo Kio Hub. Cars actually had to q up and wait for turns to pass through the barrier because parking is all FULL, and we had to wait for cars to exit before the barrier is lifted to release the number of cars vs the number of empty spaces available. Niceee...! And they have the same system a la Sunway Pyramid parking where the light indicator would tell you which parking lot is available.

Once there, we were all set to give in to our long suppressed shopping cravings and go wild flying around the mall to use our $$!!! Haha... no lah, just kidding! Thankfully, there wasn't much to shop over in the Hub so we can just focus on pampering our tummies with MORE food! And indeed, we found lots of snack food! Ooooooo............ we likey!! Haha... :p

The first to catch our interest is this stall selling shaved ice, SnowFrost!

After our heaty beef ball noodle meal, we were craving for cold drinks or desserts to extinguish the 'fire' within... Haha. Since even the Driver's girlfriend's auntie's family gave this place good remarks, we decided to go for their signature Fresh Mango Snow Ice, priced at around $2 -3 (cannot remember!). Since it was a treat, we were too shy to order one for each of us, so... it was time for a little sharing! *wink wink*

There were just soooo many flavours to choose from!

.... and the Snow Ice turned out to be sooooooOOOOOOoooo GOOD!!! OMG........ *drooling uncontrollably!* So much fresh mango topping and mango flavoured ice!!! Wooooo........

The mango is soooo sweet and juicy... and generously served! And the shaved ice actually felt really interestingly "chewy"! I have no idea how to put this into words, but the ice really tasted very very special! It's super fine.... and chewable! Very unlike the kind of shaved ice found in cendol or ice kacang! Haha... I know I know.... it sounds weird! :p

But thumbs up to this wonderful dessert!! Will definitely order this again the next time we get back to Singapore! Next time... no more sharing... Haha. Next time, it would have to be 10 Snow Ice per superhero!! Haha... :p

More snack bites, NEXT!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hong Heng Beef Noodle Soup at Ang Mo Kio

Continuing with our adventures in Singapore where we spent our first night in Geylang, remember we mentioned that our first destination was actually Ang Mo Kio? So, let's back track a little here, and go back to the morning when we first arrived in the Lion City. Haha... :p

Well, Driver's sidekick-cum-girlfriend's auntie lives in Ang Mo Kio, which was why we had set Ang Mo Kio as our first destination. Time to pay a little visit to relatives first. Haha. *wink wink*

The auntie's family stays in one of these buildings in the area...

After passing by so many of such similar buildings, the two superheroes just realised that most of them (if not all!) look pretty much alike! Amazing...! And they're in fact pretty old I think. Didn't appear to be new, if not for the fresh coat of paint here and there. Heard that these are government housings for the citizens, and they actually have to q their names to own one of those...

Upon meeting up with the auntie's family, they decided to bring us all out for breakfast! Where? Very near... just take a few flight of stairs down the building, and there you have it! A nice, little food court! WOW... this sure takes the term 'convenience' to a whole new level eh? Haha.. :p

They recommended us to try the stall selling beef noodles, the "Hong Heng Beef Noodle Soup and Katong Laksa" stall! Not quite accustomed to taking beef sooooo early in the morning, we seriously didn't know what to expect, and how our tummies were going to accept it. But well, what the heck... since people said it's good, why not? *grins*

We ordered their signature Beef Noodles and Beef Ball Noodle Soup, priced at around $4 I think. Considering the portion, it's SOOOOOOO cheap!!! OMG... Just don't convert to Malaysian Ringgit, ok? Haha... :p

The Beef Noodle came with a small bowl of soup, and topped with loads and loads of beef slices. Taste wise, it's pretty good, but we find the beef slices to be a wee-bit...raw? Not sure if that's the right word to describe it, but it didn't felt too "smooth", and it felt a little odd when we chewed the beef. Haha... But it's okay... it's okay... we survived! Haha. :p

But the Beef Ball Noodle gets a strong thumbs up from us! Oh man... the soup is rich and flavourful, the beef balls are bouncy and plentiful, the noodle is smooth and springy... SEDAP! We likey... :p

So after downing our 2 bowls of beef noodles, we were up for a shopping mall in the area, the Ang Mo Kio Hub! YAY!!! Time to jalan-jalan and exercise after downing McD breakfast and big bowls of beef noodles back-to-back in the same morning! *sweats*

Our adventures in Ang Mo Kio Hub, NEXT!