Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fresh Mango Snow Ice at SnowFrost, Ang Mo Kio Hub

Fresh from our Beef Noodle meal at Ang Mo Kio, Driver's sidekick-cum-girlfriend's auntie's family... *takes in air* ...decided to bring us over to a nearby shopping mall in the district, Ang Mo Kio Hub for a little walk.

They have such an efficient parking system over in Ang Mo Kio Hub. Cars actually had to q up and wait for turns to pass through the barrier because parking is all FULL, and we had to wait for cars to exit before the barrier is lifted to release the number of cars vs the number of empty spaces available. Niceee...! And they have the same system a la Sunway Pyramid parking where the light indicator would tell you which parking lot is available.

Once there, we were all set to give in to our long suppressed shopping cravings and go wild flying around the mall to use our $$!!! Haha... no lah, just kidding! Thankfully, there wasn't much to shop over in the Hub so we can just focus on pampering our tummies with MORE food! And indeed, we found lots of snack food! Ooooooo............ we likey!! Haha... :p

The first to catch our interest is this stall selling shaved ice, SnowFrost!

After our heaty beef ball noodle meal, we were craving for cold drinks or desserts to extinguish the 'fire' within... Haha. Since even the Driver's girlfriend's auntie's family gave this place good remarks, we decided to go for their signature Fresh Mango Snow Ice, priced at around $2 -3 (cannot remember!). Since it was a treat, we were too shy to order one for each of us, so... it was time for a little sharing! *wink wink*

There were just soooo many flavours to choose from!

.... and the Snow Ice turned out to be sooooooOOOOOOoooo GOOD!!! OMG........ *drooling uncontrollably!* So much fresh mango topping and mango flavoured ice!!! Wooooo........

The mango is soooo sweet and juicy... and generously served! And the shaved ice actually felt really interestingly "chewy"! I have no idea how to put this into words, but the ice really tasted very very special! It's super fine.... and chewable! Very unlike the kind of shaved ice found in cendol or ice kacang! Haha... I know I know.... it sounds weird! :p

But thumbs up to this wonderful dessert!! Will definitely order this again the next time we get back to Singapore! Next time... no more sharing... Haha. Next time, it would have to be 10 Snow Ice per superhero!! Haha... :p

More snack bites, NEXT!


foongpc said...

Gosh! Have never been to Ang Mo Kio Hub before. Must go next time and try the snow ice! Wonder if they have outlets in any other mall?

twosuperheroes said...

Erm...not sure about other outlets though.. but you should really try it! It's really good.. :p

Tekkaus said...

Fresh mango snow ice? Wonder if malacca have. Looks nice o. *drooling* ;P

twosuperheroes said...

Hmm...haven't seen snow ice in Malacca though... *sigh* We miss it! :p

Narrator said...

Oooh the mangoes looks yummy!!
craving for one lor!! hehehe

twosuperheroes said...

Yeah!! They are really sweet oh!! Haha... Kinda miss having it.. :p