Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hong Heng Beef Noodle Soup at Ang Mo Kio

Continuing with our adventures in Singapore where we spent our first night in Geylang, remember we mentioned that our first destination was actually Ang Mo Kio? So, let's back track a little here, and go back to the morning when we first arrived in the Lion City. Haha... :p

Well, Driver's sidekick-cum-girlfriend's auntie lives in Ang Mo Kio, which was why we had set Ang Mo Kio as our first destination. Time to pay a little visit to relatives first. Haha. *wink wink*

The auntie's family stays in one of these buildings in the area...

After passing by so many of such similar buildings, the two superheroes just realised that most of them (if not all!) look pretty much alike! Amazing...! And they're in fact pretty old I think. Didn't appear to be new, if not for the fresh coat of paint here and there. Heard that these are government housings for the citizens, and they actually have to q their names to own one of those...

Upon meeting up with the auntie's family, they decided to bring us all out for breakfast! Where? Very near... just take a few flight of stairs down the building, and there you have it! A nice, little food court! WOW... this sure takes the term 'convenience' to a whole new level eh? Haha.. :p

They recommended us to try the stall selling beef noodles, the "Hong Heng Beef Noodle Soup and Katong Laksa" stall! Not quite accustomed to taking beef sooooo early in the morning, we seriously didn't know what to expect, and how our tummies were going to accept it. But well, what the heck... since people said it's good, why not? *grins*

We ordered their signature Beef Noodles and Beef Ball Noodle Soup, priced at around $4 I think. Considering the portion, it's SOOOOOOO cheap!!! OMG... Just don't convert to Malaysian Ringgit, ok? Haha... :p

The Beef Noodle came with a small bowl of soup, and topped with loads and loads of beef slices. Taste wise, it's pretty good, but we find the beef slices to be a wee-bit...raw? Not sure if that's the right word to describe it, but it didn't felt too "smooth", and it felt a little odd when we chewed the beef. Haha... But it's okay... it's okay... we survived! Haha. :p

But the Beef Ball Noodle gets a strong thumbs up from us! Oh man... the soup is rich and flavourful, the beef balls are bouncy and plentiful, the noodle is smooth and springy... SEDAP! We likey... :p

So after downing our 2 bowls of beef noodles, we were up for a shopping mall in the area, the Ang Mo Kio Hub! YAY!!! Time to jalan-jalan and exercise after downing McD breakfast and big bowls of beef noodles back-to-back in the same morning! *sweats*

Our adventures in Ang Mo Kio Hub, NEXT!


foongpc said...

Wow! 2 breakfasts in one morning - not bad, yes? Hehe.
I do find Singaporean food quite cheap ie. if we work there and get paid in SGD. No wonder we malaysians complain - our food so expensive and quantity so little! : )

twosuperheroes said...

Yeah, our tummies were literally on the verge of bursting after the beef noodle meal! Haha.. :p

sloppy said...

hey i think i ate there before!!!!

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...REALLY?? It's pretty good isn't it? :p

Tekkaus said...

What? Cheap meh? Haha =) Well...why is everybody talking about singapore? Like that I kena go visit lor. Then I also can blog about it. ha =)

twosuperheroes said... when you don't convert AND if you earn the money there.. Haha.. :p