Friday, November 30, 2007

COMPLAINT Letter to Maxis

Dear Maxis,
You are going to be so DEAD by the time you receive this letter that has already been sent.

( why we send this letter, read this post )

To the Manager,


With regards to the matter above, I would like to lodge an official complaint to the Maxis Customer Support concerning the rude and lackadaisical level of customer service I have received at Maxis Centre on the 30th of November 2007 (Friday) at around 1.45 p.m.

I was at the Maxis Centre to make further enquiries about your Maxis Broadband service and was prepared to purchase the service if the conditions meet. However, not only was I not properly given any form of assistance in information regarding Maxis Broadband but I received extremely bad-mannered treatment from your staff members there.

This is not the first time I have received such conduct from your staff as I have been there a few days back to make initial enquiries about the Maxis Broadband service. On both occasions, I was not given any satisfactory answer when I made simple enquiries such as the following. I was asking your staff whether or not IF the street name of my residence is NOT listed in the list of street names that is able to receive coverage for Broadband, does it accurately mean that I will not get Broadband coverage despite with the area that I live in, which is Taman Desa near Mid Valley and Seputeh is in fact being listed as one of the areas that can receive Broadband?

I have even called the Maxis Customer Support Hotline to enquire about the validity of the Maxis Broadband 7-day trial which I have heard from some of my sources. They were helpful enough to explain the details to me, unlike the Customer Service personnel at the Maxis Centre who know little or barely anything at all about the product they are selling.

I am absolutely flabbergasted and very upset when your staff rudely answered me in broken English, “don’t have, don’t have-lah” and sulked right in front of me. I am seriously fine if Maxis Broadband is not interested at all in making business but the manner I have been treated with at the Maxis Centre is entirely unacceptable by all means. Please make sure that your Customer Service personnel are professionally trained and not just have their presence for show.

I have decided not to subscribe the Maxis Broadband service thanks to the terrible treatment I have received from your Customer Service personnel.

From two of your very UNHAPPY customers,

The two superheroes

( why we send this letter, read this post )

Streamyx vs Maxis Broadband

Both also got so many complaints and both also got SUPER BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. So you tell us la..

"How can the two superheroes ever get an internet connection at home like this????!!!"

Streamyx seems like the better among the only two choices we have (sorry ar, NO Celcom please) This is sooooooooo limited. Superhero W had a ridiculously crazy experience with TMNET's customer service people who really seem to apa-apa pun tak tahu (don't know anything). Looks like what Kavilan mentioned in this blog is very true. Click here to see for yourself how stupid their customer service can be.

As for Maxis, we've had enough of those freaks. PEOPLE, we will NEVER. EVER. SUPPORT MAXIS BROADBAND anymore. Why? We'll tell you why in our next post. That *tut* Maxis really got both superheroes so fed-up until it prompted Superhero S to write a kau-kau punya complain letter to Maxis. *tut* you, Maxis!

So how now? *sigh...

The art of yumcha...


Dunno why but I would always associate the art of drinking tea as being very delicate and really for those who have too much time on their hands - the sek pau mou yeh chou (nothing better to do) type of ppl.

But hey, after actually indirectly learning the art of drinking tea from my friend the other day when we met at up for a chat, I'm actually starting to love it!

From putting in the tea leaves into that little tea pot, washing it with hot water, letting it "chill out" for a while to let the aroma of the tea kick in, pouring it into a small little porcelain jug, then finally serving it in little tea cups...the entire process is to relax you and let you unwind, really!

It teaches one to slow down and enjoy the moment when you ultimately sip the tea and let it soothe your cranky emotions. Well, it definitely calmed me down and made me much so that it gets so comfy for a nap! Haha.. :p

But it was great. Certainly great. We drank Oolong tea @ Ti Wang Tea, Taman Melaka Raya when we were back in Melaka last weekend. We even ordered little titbits such as, curry chicky with mantou, little otak balls and "siu long pau" (little dragon pau)

Ahh....this is what I call :p

Donut donut...on the way!

We love Dunkin' Donut.

And we've mentioned it before. (see related post)


Well, since the two superheroes were still feeling rather full during lunch, Superhero W decided to buy 2 donuts for the both of us. One for you, one for me... :p

He bought Big Orange (our all-time fav) & Chocolate Pudding (yummy!!!!!!!)

Big Orange has chocolate filling, and is coated with orange and little chocolate bits on the outside, while Choc Pudding also has chocolate filling and coated with snow-like sugar on the outside.

OH...I can still feel the taste of the choc, oozing much CHOCOLATE...!!

Makes us feel so chocolate-y! Hehe. :p

Thursday, November 29, 2007

This is no Secret Recipe's Tom Yam Kung

Cos it's even better!

Aiseh kidding.

I've tasted many tom yam soups before, but never one like this.

The soup is soooo thick and flavourful!

And so many ingredients inside. There's like squids, bits of chicky meat, bits of abalone mushroom and cauliflower to complement the soup.

OH. I could easily rank this as the top tom yam soup I've tasted at the moment. Such a fiery and powerful taste. It's spicy but not too spicy until it numbs your tongue. Just okay. Got Ooomph ar! :p

Well, if you want to taste it for yourself, check out the Malay stall that we frequent at Pulau, opposite Menara Celcom (off Jalan Tun Razak).

Wanna eat good NASI LEMAK?

Heheh..the two superheroes were in Melaka last weekend to celebrate Superhero S's birthday with her Superhero Mum and Superhero Bro :p

Oh..please don't think that the nasi lemak is what my mum got me for my birthday dinner. Haha. She's no such cheapo. She cooked me lotsa lotsa LOTSA delicious dishes (which got me shitting twice in a day! My intestines cannot seem to tampung (contain) so much human waste! Haha..)

But we ate nasi lemak for dinner on Sunday nite because both Superhero Mum and Bro were out attending my future Superhero Sis-in-law's sis' wedding. Okay okay, so the best nasi lemak in Melaka in actually in Ujong Pasir! Yes. That's right. Ujong Pasir again. The place we found our best chicky rice. (see related post)

There's this really famous, sell-out nasi lemak stall inside a shop with a host of other stalls right opposite the road that turns into the Portuguese Settlement. It's really the most famous nasi lemak around.

Many kind of side dishes to choose from, everything you can imagine. But we chose Asam Pari (Sting ray cooked in assam) and Fried Chicky in kunyit to complement our nasi lemak! There's also the kangkung (water spinach), peanuts and fried anchovies, slices of cucumber and the best sambal in the world! :p

Even Superhero W a.k.a. the King of Nasi Lemak finds this one good. :p
Truly a yummy yummy experience!

Feeling tight nearing the end of the month?

Superhero S's colleague at work has been skipping lunch for the past few 2 days. Well, feeling curious and worried, naturally she felt that she should ask why.

You know what?

Looks like our friend here is facing what most people face when nearing the end of the month. She has been living on biscuits since Tuesday! Oh that poor girl! But I suppose she's not alone in this because I've seen many friends even turning to fasting since they ran out of money for food. Pity.

But hey, look what the two superheroes discovered. Nope, no loan shark telephone numbers or illegal loans, but a site that actually gives you actual reviews from users of cash advance or payday loans! With so many people turning to getting advanced money to get through the month, it's no wonder that these websites are mushrooming in the Internet.

Well, allows readers to get reviews about the featured cash advance and payday loan websites. I mean, for me, if you are seriously thinking about getting cash in advance besides using your credit card, that is, wouldn't it be better for you to get the money from websites that are good and secure?

With so many offers from these websites, it would be good to hear from users themselves who have experienced the services when they write a review about it. In that way, at least potential customers can weigh the pros and cons of the product and not be deceived by the heavy marketing of the company.

Well, I feel that is doing consumers quite a service as a useful resource for us to seek real life reviews of many other products too. This is good... :p

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Please dont eat this cuisine food !!

The two superheroes ate one of the most horrible food they have EVER tasted in their whole lives last weekend. What did we do to deserve these kinda food??!!! *woo woo...

I tell ya. I can spend the whole night vomitting out what little things I've eaten over at our friend's party that night. Seriously. I never thought food can taste THIS bad. Astonishing.

We ate a mouthful or two since we were kinda hungry by the time the event got going. The food was kinda like Middle Eastern cuisine I suppose. There's the kebab and a few more weird dishes that are unidentifiable. I mean. I have eaten that cuisine before but it never got to this bad?!! EEEK!

Only the starter, the Chocolate Fountain (that I've always wanted to try!) was okay. Even the kebab was so-so. The rest of the food is not worth mentioning. I don't even want to say anything about the drink. Even plain water tastes better than that dunno-what drink. Oh. Kill me.

I dunno whether or not the restaurant got this bad because they are catering for a big event or the food is in fact really bad there. I will never ever in my lifetime ever go to that restaurant again.

Adios, the whatever restaurant at the Outlook, "best view of the entire KL" in Cheras.

Wanna date me?

Unfortunately..haha..the two superheroes are no longer available.

But hey, our Superhero Baby3 is still looking for a girlfriend! (forget about it, L'abeille..we'll never let you charm our baby....! Haha.. :p)

Okay, so on his insistance, Superhero S had to look for online dating sites to get him a partner. And she found one!

I hopped over to Friendsation where they offer free online dating services. Now what's so special about Friendsation is that when you sign in as a member, you get free blogging, free chat, free flirting and even free dating! Such a convenience.

So if you wanna know more dates from around the world, it is surely a good thing to explore this website. Oh, and you can even record greetings for other members to hear when they go online. Cool. With services like this, no one should ever get trouble finding a date or even a companion anymore.

Time to find a date for my Superhero Baby3 now..haha! :p

My favourite Tiramisu cake...

On some years, I get one birthday cake.

On one particular year, I got 3 birthday cakes.

This year, I got a slice of birthday cake!

Haha. Not that Superhero W didn't want to buy me a whole cake but there just wasn't enuff people to eat it! :p

So, I just told him to get a slice, get from the shop 1 candle and that's it! Haha.

Since I was buying a cake, told Superhero W to get another 2 slices for Superhero Mum and Bro.

I got my Tiramisu, Mum got her Chocolate Indulgence and Bro got his Choc Fudge from Secret Recipe. I only eat cakes from Secret Reciple and no other. Spoilt kid! :p

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No air-con in a 4-star office building !!


What can I say?

I have never experienced this kind of office before. SO HOT!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine an office near KLCC, a somewhat 4-star rated building cutting down the air-con usage to save on their bills???

In my workplace, there's around 30+ PCs working and there's even ONE BIG SERVER ROOM near my work desk. Imagine the heat generated inside a closed office!

What the *tut*! Sh*t man.. So damn hot. My colleagues have also been complaining about this problem. We can't do anything. OH I am gonna to explode already.. Warghhh !!!!

P/S : Superhero W is not harmed in the process of writing this post. He's just sweating like a pig now and close to ripping off his Zara already! :p

Make more MONEY from your blog today!

Well, the two superheroes rarely talk about making money from blogs.

We love blogging a lot because of the community and the circle of friends we have made here. Hehe. So, when we finally talk about money, we mean business! :p

So, just the other day, Superhero W told me about Smorty. I didn't really understand what he was talking about- blog advertising, writing reviews, this and that and finally, "MAKES MONEY". And I was like "OH..!" He should've started with that earlier! Haha. Just kidding. is a blog advertising network where advertisers pay, and bloggers write. It's a win-win situation for both whereby bloggers get to earn some money from their blogs through what they do best - blogging!

Now what's good about Smorty is that bloggers get paid weekly by PayPal and you can choose specific topics that would actually suit your blog content. So you get to write what you really write best about. And the more blogs you have, the more you get to earn! This is GOOD... Wow, we get paid for blogging every week.

And advertisers having known the power of blogging, are now flocking to websites like to help spread the news about their business! is one classic example of blog advertising network that gives the best of both worlds, to the advertisers and to the bloggers. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

C'mon, Superhero W! Let's get moving! :p

My birthday present - only ONE in the world!

Superhero W gave me this really special battery-operated fan for my birthday! The special thing can actually program a series of different messages onto the fan! Haha..WOW..!!!

Thank you for giving me such a unique present with a one-of-its-kind message hidden within.

Check out what was Superhero W's message for me! Hehe... :p

P/S : Okay, for guys or girls who think that getting a fan as a birthday gift is such a cheapo thing, I actually feel it's sooooo romantic! Haha...Oh..besides..that's not exactly the real present right, Superhero W? :p

My birthday celebration @ Victoria Station

Superhero W brought me to that oh-so-very-cute Victoria Station at Jalan Ampang on last Friday to celebrate my birthday! Haha. Yup. You got me there..I've always wanted to get my hands on that choo-choo train.. :p

Haha. So we had a fantastic dinner right inside the train shell, together with all the romantic lighting and soft music playing at the background. The setting of the restaurant is really really cosy and inviting indeed. And the service? Top notch! Definitely ranked as our No.1!

Watermelon & Star fruit Juice


They serve you like lighting fast, and all the time with a smile. The moment you get seated, you place your blink your eyes...and your drinks are already on your table! Man..these ppl must have got superpowers too! Haha :p

Shark's Fin Soup

So, this is what we ordered. Erm, Something & Surf (I can't remember the fancy name on the menu!) which consists of one big lobster and a piece of steak ( lobster...!!), Rib-eye Steak, Shark's Fin Soup and Fruit Cocktail Sundae! Imagine how full our tables must've been! :p

The food?

Something & Surf

Rib-eye Steak

Excellent. Superb. Fantastic. Perfect.

I dunno how else to describe it. Haha.

Fruit Cocktail Sundae

Thank you, Superhero W! For such a memorable birthday.

You are sooooooooooooooooooo sweet...hehe..Love you so so much! :p

Monday, November 26, 2007

I can sing orchestra!

Nope...after many many thoughts..still nope.

Haha. I can never sing opera. It's too high octave and too...impossibly difficult for ppl with no talent like me! :p

The other day, when the two superheroes went to Berjaya Times Square to walk walk...there was an orchestra coincidentally playing at that time. Some Ukrainian Orchestra was it? I'm so sorry..I can't remember.

And it immediately reminded me of Mr.Bean. Haha! :p

Remember how Mr.Bean mouth-lipped the opera singer at one point in the latest installment of the Bean movie? Heheh...How he "effortlessly sang" the song complete with all his miserable expressions? Oh man..that was good! Haha.

We hung around a little while to check out the orchestra and it was really really good. Only the problem it that, the two superheroes have got little interest in it. But it's a real eye opener still! :p

Here are our engagement rings


Haha...I wished!

Simpicity is elegance. And it speaks so truthfully about what has to offer! I chanced upon this website while I was checking out some sample rings to visualize what's mine going to look like when the day comes...Haha.

The website design is really easy on the eyes and it's quite user-friendly really. And check out the free shipping and 30-days return policy that James Allen have. With such a wide collection of engagement rings and wedding rings, I am sure everyone would be able to find their perfect diamond ring here!

What's more, James Allen is the only online retailer with diamond photographs which allows potential buyers to get better view of the rings. Just so that you won't end up buying something that looks different from how it looks.

Oh, I'm lost for words here. Just look at their designs! The diamonds are stunning! I love the Ladies Platinum Elegant Solitaire Engagement Ring! *hint hint


When am I getting one of those, Superhero W?? :p

OH, I wish I hadn't eaten McD's Double Cheeseburger

Sometime ago, when we were shopping around Berjaya Times Square, we decided to eat McD for dinner..

Since the last time we ate so much of McD's Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe already, I ordered a large set of Double Cheeseburger and a medium set of McChicken for Superhero S. For the first time, I saw the new packaging of the burger and I said to Superhero S, "wow, nice ar the new image for McD's burgers now, makes me really hungry!".

But, it was sooooooo disappointing because the double cheeseburger is no more double from my point of view. I asked Superhero S whether this is a cheeseburger or double cheeseburger?

I opened the burger (yes, I lifted the bread and investigated each layer to find my "missing" beef pattie!) to check whether it is single or double.

The results? Yes, that damned burger is a double but it looks so much like a single! I think McD has cut one piece of beef pattie into two! (Now I understand what you meant, L'abeille!) Damn! *sob sob...

But because I was really hungry, can't think so much. I just ate the burger although in my heart, I swore I will never eat McD's double cheeseburger anymore, better go for Burger King's Whopper. More worth it.

P/S : If u think big, never go for McD's beef burger anymore.. *tsk tsk tsk.

WOW..this can save many students' lives!

Yes. The world of education is definitely evolving.

How the two superheroes wished that they had found this website sooner! :p

But you know what? We are so glad that students these days need not put so much trouble into having to figure out what to write and how to edit their essays, thesis or abstracts! Not like the old days...*sigh. Haha.

Check out what we found!
Ta-da...! A tool that can save the lives of students!

If you ever need ANY kind of writing or editing services for whatever level of education you may be in, check out! You pay the money, tell them what you need, and their dissertation writers get it all done for you. They will even update their progress to you! Finally, you only need to download your work from them. Simple.

Satisfaction guaranteed. Kudos!

So, no more worries about your dissertation proposals, dissertation abstracts and your dissertation itself. Let the professionals take care of it for you! :p

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Why men always bankrupt at young age...

I just read a post at Girls will be Girls blog about got "one diva girlfriend of one of her good guy pals is demanding for a super grand birthday bash, but don't want to pay any cent for that celebration".

When I first read about this post, I wondered how come our world today have this kind of high demanding girlfriend. Why they don't have anymore understanding between love couples. They will not live forever with their couple ma? .. So, why this kind of thing still going on?

I also ask myself, as a boyfriend. I know that I automatically have the responsibility to take care everything in both life including the birthday celebration. And someone as a girlfriend also must know their responsibility.

Like my lovely Superhero S, her birthday is coming soon, but she never ask me to make some "Wah... grand grand event, must invite the Prime Minister.. ".. no.... but one thing what I know is I have to paham2 la and I know her for 1 year 3 months already.. So, she know that I will never disappointed her..

And also I do hope 'girlfriends' around the world need to know how's your boyfriend's average income, and from they you set your limit la.. ( let say, if his income is around RM1600 - RM2000 per month only... no need to ask him to book a hotel and have a candle light dinner that cost his 1 month income... die la like that.. )

I can say, man also have their ego but when it comes to their special lovely girlfriend... no need to worry and ask so much... we will do what is the best for you.. :D

Brought to u by "Superhero W" :D

What happen when you see Play Doh Toys?

Last nite while had a shopping at Berjaya Times Square, we saw Play Doh Toys; a lot of them :D ... wow, really missed about this Play Doh stuff.. We really love this toys since we were young child.. hahha. but actually we never had a chance to play this stuff.. why? aiya, so expensive mah last time.. ( if u ready to kena scold, go ahead la ) ...

When we flash back again last time, the PlayDoh advertisement is really best.. they can produce burger and althose food.. wah, so real one :D ... So, Superhero S talk to me, "when we have our babies, we'll buy one for them ok". Then I told her, "Yes, buy early.. so we can play first... hehehe"..

We also hope that we can turn back the time and bring some money back, so we can buy it for ourselves.. :D ... our children nowadays can get a lot of things that we cant had last time.. fuh...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why People aged 60-70 still drive Taxi?

I wonder why this kind of situation happen in our community nowadays. Why can't they have a better rest at home when they're at this kind of age?

Almost everyday, I will take a cab to have lunch with Superhero S at Pulau (see our related post) And I would always look at their Taxi Permit while talking to them.. Because when we talk to someone we also need to know a simple background about them ( I just can't simply talk :) )

I've always wanted to ask them why they still have to drive taxi around KL ( the busiest place ever ) rather than rest at their house and play with their grandchildren. But I couldn't. Sometimes I just answer for myself ... Oh, they are bored and need to do something to kill time..

But just now, I took a cab whose driver is 70 years old !!! What the hell is the world becoming? Why didn't their children take care of them? After witnessing this, I always pray and hope that my future life will not be like them and if I can, I want to save them all from living in that kind of situation..

"Gimme some BEEF CURRY, baby!"

Superhero S flew back home and started cooking like crazy because last night's dinner needed lotsa work! Hehe. Hai...........come back from undercover work still have to cook! :p

For the love of Superhero W, it's all worth it! (fuh!) :p Hahah!

Okay, so the highlight of the day is the Beef Curry! Hehe..
After putting in all the necessary main ingredients like santan (coconut milk), curry powder, the potatoes and most importantly the beef..! Let it simmer, simmer and simmer...and voila!

Check out the end results! :p

Spreading out love to you...

We received a sweet tag from L'abeille who has been pretty caught up with happenings in her personal life that has made her felt emotionally drained to blog and talk all about it.

The two superheroes just want to say, "Cheer up, L'abeille and we will always be here for you!"

Things have been rather busy for the two superheroes these days too. Superhero S just recovered from a slight cold after being too busy working on this and that. Soooo many things to do, yet so little time. But with constant support from our readers and peer bloggers, we have managed to hold on to blogging regularly despite it all. Thanks y'all!

We would like to spread our love to the following people too...

Fight between Blogs - Round 19 & 20 (Latest results!)

Busy busy busy...the two superheroes are soooo busy with so many things rite now. Thank goodness we are superheroes, got superpowers and extra energy! But thank god there's always still that time for blogging! :p

Here are 2 back-to-back results for the fight between Andrew Ooi, Mr.Problogger for the blog with the most visitors in Nov as measured with Sitemeter!

Ting Ting! Round 19!


149 visitors over 97!

Andrew Ooi 149, two superheroes 92! (superheroes lose!)

Ting Ting! Round 20!


105 visitors over 99!

Andrew Ooi 105, two superheroes 99! (superheroes lose!)

Nvm nvm. Despite being faced with a losing streak, it's okay. hehe..

We've got sportsmanship! We're cool! :p

And so, the fight continues...

Use condom and win a Holiday Trip !!!

Yeah, bring it on, baby...!


Hey guys, check out what the two superheroes found..!

"Fiesta Condoms is looking for 100 condom testers"!!

And the best part is,

The BEST CONDOM TESTER wins a trip to Thailand! (Oh man! Of all the countries! Haha.. p)

And how does one actually judge who is the best condom tester??
Is it by the feel one gets out of it? The size of IT? Hahah. Hmm...I wonder! :p

I'll just let your imagination take it from there ok?

Haha..So any takers??

Now don't start asking me if this condom party is for real or not...

Check out for a clearer view of the poster!

Superhero W, don't even think about it eh! *spanks! :p

P/S : This is NOT a sponsored post ... :D

Don't get misunderstood! Haha.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Stupid Maxis Customer Service!

Last week, we critisized about how terrible the Maxis Caller Ringtone Library has become (see related post). And Superhero W had sent a written comment/feedback to the Maxis Support Team to complain ah!

Just now, Maxis called me. They sent someone talk to me (must be having guilty conscience eh, Maxis??!!) She was talking so damn fast that I could barely chip in a word or two..

Maxis : Hello Sir, we received your comment about the caller ringtone problem. OK, for ur information, this problem has been occurring for a few months already, but then Maxis is still working on it to solve the problem. Maxis has to take out all the caller ringtones especially the new English Songs because we have to..
( takes a breathe, then talked again.. fuh, good stamina huh! Been working out eh?)

Maxis : So Sir, we can't do anything right now. So, we have to wait for the music unlimited site to overcome this problem.. bla bla bla bla bla ... royalty problem, copyright song.. bla.. bla.. bla...

( I also can't remember what the *tut* she's talking about )

Me : So, how come there are so many new songs in the True Tones? Are they illegal?
( hahahha...time to make her life difficult! )

Maxis : No Sir, bla... bla.. bla... btw, you have cancelled the caller ringtone subscription...

( wooo, she wants to 'lari tajuk' *run from topic)

Maxis : We have a new offer for caller ringtones about the cancellation of the monthly subscription fee. So you no need to pay RM3 every month. Right now, when u buy a caller ringtone it will be charged at RM3 and you will have to pay RM2 for every month and every single song ( monthly renewal ) So, if u have 3 songs, you have to pay RM6 per month...

Me : ( haaaaa???? kidding me.. more expensive ) .. oo, like that ar RM6 per month.. aaaaaa.. (just layan la...)

Maxis : Yes sir. So, from there you will have more new songs. (???)

Me : ( what I can understand is I have to pay more and I will pay the royalty for Maxis to have the better song .. damn it.. ) ... so what I can do right now?

Maxis : As u can see, u can activate ur Caller Ringtone again by pressing *131# ....

Me : ... (#$%^&***^!!!! she still doesn't get it why I deactivated my caller ringtone!)

Ok, but I don't want to..

Maxis : Ok. Thank you...

It's okay, Maxis.

I'll just stick to my tooott tooott sounds for now rather than paying for lousy songs..
And the next time, please hire real customer service ppl and not preprogrammed automated droids to talk to your customers. Thank you.

I was born in 1901..!!


"And that would make me 106 this year!" :p

Yup, our favourite hot 'doggie' dog, 1901 is still retaining its goodness despite a rebranding. They kinda changed their logo and concept to make it look more fun and appealing.

Oh..they even have a new slogan "Food for friendship"! haha..cute..

So, for dinner last two night..the two superheroes had 1901 hot 'doggie' dogs.

Nope. Don't get us wrong. We're not anywhere near dieting or anything.

We were just not that hungry last night after a hearty lunch! :p

Superhero W had a Great New York Chicky set, while Superhero S ordered the same one, only in Regular! Since the outlet in MidValley is rather small, they decided to bring home their hot 'doggie' dogs which comes with an Orange Juice each.

We missed having all these simple food, so it was really nice there, eating just 1901 for dinner! :p

You need to own 7 pair of jeans!! (If not, you'd better read this!)

Superhero W's jeans is busted with holes here and there, the problem is that one of them happens to be in the wrong place! So I thought I could surf around to check out any good jeans available online.

And look what I found?

I chanced upon, an online fashion boutique that actually has an online stylist to help you create a style that suits you! is really getting much easier these days huh.

Check out what they have...

Nudie jeans! Yup, for those who are unfamiliar with nudie jeans, they are those spanking brand new jeans that are still stiff and crisp!

Well, it seems that Nudie Jeans Co.'s best selling jeans are those that comes raw, allowing you to create your own contour, wash and denim story; because they believe that every jeans has its own soul, it's own wear and tear story to tell that can never be done through factory processes.


So Superhero W needs to wear his own pair of Nudie Jeans so that with wear over time, he can put his own wear and tear on them! Brilliant idea really. Maybe Superhero S should get a new pair of jeans too! :p

But for girls, she found Seven for All Mankind instead!

In case if you haven't heard of this brand, it's really one of the most popular and best selling denim brands around! Even celebrities wear them! They offer affordable jeans at sexy and perfect fits. In other words, they bring out your every curves, girls!

Oh! And you know why the 'seven' in the brand name? Well, it seems that 7 is the average number of jeans a person owns! So, how many jeans do you own huh?

*Ahh...I love jeans...

Great titbits you can never resist!

Well, not too long ago, Superhero W's Superparents brought us some raw keropok ikan (fish crackers) from Kelantan!

So, Superhero S decided to fry some of them over the weekend so that Superhero W can eat them together with the dishes during makan time...

It's soooo cute to see how these raw keropoks GROW into big, crispy bites the moment they hit the hot, simmering oil! hehe... :p

And the results?

Kelantan being a famous ground for keropok ikan, the end results were surely good!

Nice fishy taste, not too strong, just all right...!

Check out our Kelantan DIY keropok ikan from the pics. :p