Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Burger King, anyone??

Me! Me!

Yum yum...Burger King!!

Our first choice for Burger Kings was obviously Suria KLCC, due to its proximity and because for the fact that it's SURIA...heh heh. However, for fear of it being flooded with loads and loads of hungry people getting ready to break fast (it was like 6.50pm or sth at that time), we thought that it might be a better idea to head on to the branch over at Avenue K instead.

However, we arrived at a horrifying scene. *Gasp!
The restaurant was smoky (not in a good ol' romantic way but in the really choking way!) and there were close to nil customers. Hey, I wanted less people but not nobody at all!! Oh man, and I'm pretty sure we'd felt some really REALLY negative aura there! Ugh...

Now you see. Here's the prob. Superhero S is really really particular about having a good meal and at the same time, eating in a nice, cosy environment. She would turn into a fireball (yep, it's her super power!) should her meal at anytime of the day turn out to be anything close to being disastrous. So, dining in an empty restaurant in a really really smoky and unventilated environment turns her really really off.

At the end of the day, the two superheroes decided to take a swift walk to KLCC and die die la! I'd rather eat in a nicely ventilated place with nice air-con despite having to be surrounded with many many people! After all the trouble, the two superheroes were greatly rewarded with a nice, cosy seat at the corner of the restaurant happily munching into their Whopper, Whopper Jr., Cheesy sticks, 2 servings of Onion rings and 2 rounds of icy Coke. Yum.

Sinfully delicious. But well worth it!

*Burger King @ Avenue K, be gone! Shuhhh....!