Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ramadhan buffet - should I or shouldn't I?

I'm always the loser when it comes to buffets.
Having a small appetite for food surely isn't helping me devour all those yummy yummy food in buffets and optimize my value for $$$.

But after flipping through pages and pages AND PAGES of write-ups and hotel promos about each of their fantastic and vividly described Ramadhan buffet spread, Superhero S's imagination has been running wild fantasizing about the Roast Lamb, Sashimi & Sushis, the Pastas, Grilled Fishys, Curry Noodles, the Tandooris, the Rib-eye Steaks, the Lobsters, the Char Kuey Teows, the Ice-blended A-to the-B-to the-Cs, the Murtabaks (Superhero W fancies this...), the Lemangs & Sates, the whatever kind of Soups (Superhero S loves soups)
@$#%^#* arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh yummy yummy yummy...and of course, how can I forget about the Chocolate Fountain-the fountain of fantasies, with liquid chocolate melting into your juicy red strawberries...! (Renaissance, you got me on that! You totally hit my vital point with that fountain!)

Oh..so should I? or shouldn't I? Aiya, it's like once in a year, go all out ar! But what if my tummy has had enough after just sampling 3 to 4 kinds of food? Damn, that would be so down! Tummy, tummy, this is the time to bring out your hidden compartments for me to eat more...haha.

*Superhero S is once again too lost in her thoughts over that choco fountain to continue writing...hiyah!


hcfoo said...

Well, u should ;)

You've got lotsa nice food in here!

twosuperheroes said...

haha..that's really encouraging! Really needed it to boost my tummy's confidence. Hmm..well, maybe I'll go for it afterall! :p