Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My favourite Tiramisu cake...

On some years, I get one birthday cake.

On one particular year, I got 3 birthday cakes.

This year, I got a slice of birthday cake!

Haha. Not that Superhero W didn't want to buy me a whole cake but there just wasn't enuff people to eat it! :p

So, I just told him to get a slice, get from the shop 1 candle and that's it! Haha.

Since I was buying a cake, told Superhero W to get another 2 slices for Superhero Mum and Bro.

I got my Tiramisu, Mum got her Chocolate Indulgence and Bro got his Choc Fudge from Secret Recipe. I only eat cakes from Secret Reciple and no other. Spoilt kid! :p