Tuesday, November 27, 2007

No air-con in a 4-star office building !!


What can I say?

I have never experienced this kind of office before. SO HOT!!!!!!!!

Can you imagine an office near KLCC, a somewhat 4-star rated building cutting down the air-con usage to save on their bills???

In my workplace, there's around 30+ PCs working and there's even ONE BIG SERVER ROOM near my work desk. Imagine the heat generated inside a closed office!

What the *tut*! Sh*t man.. So damn hot. My colleagues have also been complaining about this problem. We can't do anything. OH I am gonna to explode already.. Warghhh !!!!

P/S : Superhero W is not harmed in the process of writing this post. He's just sweating like a pig now and close to ripping off his Zara already! :p


Christine said...

Same here, i dont know why the electricity of the whole residential area here was off..geramnya!!!
except that maybe i am a little tiny bit better than you..hehe, no "BIG SERVER ROOM" around..

Kss said...

Poor you. Where is your office ar?

twosuperheroes said...

hi christine, thats the problem the BIG SERVER ROOM make us suffer here... hope this will end asap.. :D

hi KSS, erm its around the zouk area.. :D

L'abeille said...

Eh Superhero W, you can buy one more "Happy Birthday Fan" to fan yourself in the office hehe..