Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Wanna date me?

Unfortunately..haha..the two superheroes are no longer available.

But hey, our Superhero Baby3 is still looking for a girlfriend! (forget about it, L'abeille..we'll never let you charm our baby....! Haha.. :p)

Okay, so on his insistance, Superhero S had to look for online dating sites to get him a partner. And she found one!

I hopped over to Friendsation where they offer free online dating services. Now what's so special about Friendsation is that when you sign in as a member, you get free blogging, free chat, free flirting and even free dating! Such a convenience.

So if you wanna know more dates from around the world, it is surely a good thing to explore this website. Oh, and you can even record greetings for other members to hear when they go online. Cool. With services like this, no one should ever get trouble finding a date or even a companion anymore.

Time to find a date for my Superhero Baby3 now..haha! :p