Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Please dont eat this cuisine food !!

The two superheroes ate one of the most horrible food they have EVER tasted in their whole lives last weekend. What did we do to deserve these kinda food??!!! *woo woo...

I tell ya. I can spend the whole night vomitting out what little things I've eaten over at our friend's party that night. Seriously. I never thought food can taste THIS bad. Astonishing.

We ate a mouthful or two since we were kinda hungry by the time the event got going. The food was kinda like Middle Eastern cuisine I suppose. There's the kebab and a few more weird dishes that are unidentifiable. I mean. I have eaten that cuisine before but it never got to this bad?!! EEEK!

Only the starter, the Chocolate Fountain (that I've always wanted to try!) was okay. Even the kebab was so-so. The rest of the food is not worth mentioning. I don't even want to say anything about the drink. Even plain water tastes better than that dunno-what drink. Oh. Kill me.

I dunno whether or not the restaurant got this bad because they are catering for a big event or the food is in fact really bad there. I will never ever in my lifetime ever go to that restaurant again.

Adios, the whatever restaurant at the Outlook, "best view of the entire KL" in Cheras.