Thursday, November 29, 2007

Feeling tight nearing the end of the month?

Superhero S's colleague at work has been skipping lunch for the past few 2 days. Well, feeling curious and worried, naturally she felt that she should ask why.

You know what?

Looks like our friend here is facing what most people face when nearing the end of the month. She has been living on biscuits since Tuesday! Oh that poor girl! But I suppose she's not alone in this because I've seen many friends even turning to fasting since they ran out of money for food. Pity.

But hey, look what the two superheroes discovered. Nope, no loan shark telephone numbers or illegal loans, but a site that actually gives you actual reviews from users of cash advance or payday loans! With so many people turning to getting advanced money to get through the month, it's no wonder that these websites are mushrooming in the Internet.

Well, allows readers to get reviews about the featured cash advance and payday loan websites. I mean, for me, if you are seriously thinking about getting cash in advance besides using your credit card, that is, wouldn't it be better for you to get the money from websites that are good and secure?

With so many offers from these websites, it would be good to hear from users themselves who have experienced the services when they write a review about it. In that way, at least potential customers can weigh the pros and cons of the product and not be deceived by the heavy marketing of the company.

Well, I feel that is doing consumers quite a service as a useful resource for us to seek real life reviews of many other products too. This is good... :p