Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Fight between Blogs - Round 19 & 20 (Latest results!)

Busy busy busy...the two superheroes are soooo busy with so many things rite now. Thank goodness we are superheroes, got superpowers and extra energy! But thank god there's always still that time for blogging! :p

Here are 2 back-to-back results for the fight between Andrew Ooi, Mr.Problogger for the blog with the most visitors in Nov as measured with Sitemeter!

Ting Ting! Round 19!


149 visitors over 97!

Andrew Ooi 149, two superheroes 92! (superheroes lose!)

Ting Ting! Round 20!


105 visitors over 99!

Andrew Ooi 105, two superheroes 99! (superheroes lose!)

Nvm nvm. Despite being faced with a losing streak, it's okay. hehe..

We've got sportsmanship! We're cool! :p

And so, the fight continues...