Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Use condom and win a Holiday Trip !!!

Yeah, bring it on, baby...!


Hey guys, check out what the two superheroes found..!

"Fiesta Condoms is looking for 100 condom testers"!!

And the best part is,

The BEST CONDOM TESTER wins a trip to Thailand! (Oh man! Of all the countries! Haha.. p)

And how does one actually judge who is the best condom tester??
Is it by the feel one gets out of it? The size of IT? Hahah. Hmm...I wonder! :p

I'll just let your imagination take it from there ok?

Haha..So any takers??

Now don't start asking me if this condom party is for real or not...

Check out for a clearer view of the poster!

Superhero W, don't even think about it eh! *spanks! :p

P/S : This is NOT a sponsored post ... :D

Don't get misunderstood! Haha.


L'abeille said...

Errr..I wanna sign up for the competition but then...the page is under construction lah!

Eh..don't jump to conclusion wookey... dogs are allowed to join the competition right? right?

twosuperheroes said...

errr.. dunno la why it's under construction.. why want to jump to any conclusion.. no need.. we know already.. hehehe :p