Friday, November 30, 2007

COMPLAINT Letter to Maxis

Dear Maxis,
You are going to be so DEAD by the time you receive this letter that has already been sent.

( why we send this letter, read this post )

To the Manager,


With regards to the matter above, I would like to lodge an official complaint to the Maxis Customer Support concerning the rude and lackadaisical level of customer service I have received at Maxis Centre on the 30th of November 2007 (Friday) at around 1.45 p.m.

I was at the Maxis Centre to make further enquiries about your Maxis Broadband service and was prepared to purchase the service if the conditions meet. However, not only was I not properly given any form of assistance in information regarding Maxis Broadband but I received extremely bad-mannered treatment from your staff members there.

This is not the first time I have received such conduct from your staff as I have been there a few days back to make initial enquiries about the Maxis Broadband service. On both occasions, I was not given any satisfactory answer when I made simple enquiries such as the following. I was asking your staff whether or not IF the street name of my residence is NOT listed in the list of street names that is able to receive coverage for Broadband, does it accurately mean that I will not get Broadband coverage despite with the area that I live in, which is Taman Desa near Mid Valley and Seputeh is in fact being listed as one of the areas that can receive Broadband?

I have even called the Maxis Customer Support Hotline to enquire about the validity of the Maxis Broadband 7-day trial which I have heard from some of my sources. They were helpful enough to explain the details to me, unlike the Customer Service personnel at the Maxis Centre who know little or barely anything at all about the product they are selling.

I am absolutely flabbergasted and very upset when your staff rudely answered me in broken English, “don’t have, don’t have-lah” and sulked right in front of me. I am seriously fine if Maxis Broadband is not interested at all in making business but the manner I have been treated with at the Maxis Centre is entirely unacceptable by all means. Please make sure that your Customer Service personnel are professionally trained and not just have their presence for show.

I have decided not to subscribe the Maxis Broadband service thanks to the terrible treatment I have received from your Customer Service personnel.

From two of your very UNHAPPY customers,

The two superheroes

( why we send this letter, read this post )


tabuxander said...

I think maxis is going down this time. The service from Digi Edge and Jaring wireless broadband is getting better now.

twosuperheroes said...

yeah tabuxander.. we still try to figure out whose the best among all the ISP in Malaysia.. very hard though