Friday, November 30, 2007

Streamyx vs Maxis Broadband

Both also got so many complaints and both also got SUPER BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. So you tell us la..

"How can the two superheroes ever get an internet connection at home like this????!!!"

Streamyx seems like the better among the only two choices we have (sorry ar, NO Celcom please) This is sooooooooo limited. Superhero W had a ridiculously crazy experience with TMNET's customer service people who really seem to apa-apa pun tak tahu (don't know anything). Looks like what Kavilan mentioned in this blog is very true. Click here to see for yourself how stupid their customer service can be.

As for Maxis, we've had enough of those freaks. PEOPLE, we will NEVER. EVER. SUPPORT MAXIS BROADBAND anymore. Why? We'll tell you why in our next post. That *tut* Maxis really got both superheroes so fed-up until it prompted Superhero S to write a kau-kau punya complain letter to Maxis. *tut* you, Maxis!

So how now? *sigh...


Freethinker said...

Maxis USB Broadband or what ?

twosuperheroes said...


we need the maxis usb coz the Maxis Wireless Broadband dont support 5th floor and above..

The main problem is when I call the maxis hotline people, they said I can have this service.. but the maxis representative said cannot have that service..

i'll post our complaint letter to maxis in 10 minutes time :D

kljs said...

I think both 50-50 one. Both just as bad. Only probably screamyx is the worst.

twosuperheroes said...

hheheheh.. thats the problem.. we also dunno what's the best for Internet nowadays :D