Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Why People aged 60-70 still drive Taxi?

I wonder why this kind of situation happen in our community nowadays. Why can't they have a better rest at home when they're at this kind of age?

Almost everyday, I will take a cab to have lunch with Superhero S at Pulau (see our related post) And I would always look at their Taxi Permit while talking to them.. Because when we talk to someone we also need to know a simple background about them ( I just can't simply talk :) )

I've always wanted to ask them why they still have to drive taxi around KL ( the busiest place ever ) rather than rest at their house and play with their grandchildren. But I couldn't. Sometimes I just answer for myself ... Oh, they are bored and need to do something to kill time..

But just now, I took a cab whose driver is 70 years old !!! What the hell is the world becoming? Why didn't their children take care of them? After witnessing this, I always pray and hope that my future life will not be like them and if I can, I want to save them all from living in that kind of situation..


Josh said...

I actually have the ANSWER for this one! From the way our youngsters drive their cars, i think the visually impaired oldies have the edge. At least the oldies in cabbies are not deaf, dumb and blind like our youngsters.

maria said...'s really sad to see these old folks still working so hard.

twosuperheroes said...

hi josh, hahaha.. ya rite now the quality of the young driver almost of them are very teruk.. dunno how to say. The 70year old uncle drive the cab that day also quite patient with the others..

yeah maria, that's why I do hope my parent also can have a better rest for their life. :D

Anonymous said...

my abah said:
"boring laa pencen duduk rumah..takde pebenda nak buat.."

so how?

twosuperheroes said...

if like that, I can't do anything la :D ... but ask ur dad, becareful :D