Thursday, November 1, 2007

The best Chinese Fried Rice ever...!

Just yesterday during lunch hour, Superhero W ate the best chinese fried rice he has ever tasted! Woooooooooo...yummy!!! (flies up to the sky!) while Superhero S ate her favourite "yin yong" (cantonese fried kuey teow & deep-fried bee hoon / rice vermicelli) at a famous makan place here in Semarak (off Jalan Tun Razak, opposite Celcom Tower).

This entire makan place is fondly known to the locals as "Pulau" because it's like an "oasis" with lotsa big, old trees smacked right in the middle of the city. Well, the stall that we went was the only Chinese stall sandwiched in between all the other Malay stalls. And they serve a wide variety of Chinese food, be it chap fan (economy rice) or those fried fried stuff. So far, the food we have tasted is really really good and it's not really very expensive as well. A strong plus point since it's right in the middle of KL!

But be prepared to wait because the orders would usually take some time to reach you since there's like only one cook. But the wait is definitely worth it! Superhero W waited quite a while for his fried rice and when it came, my my..the smell is enough to get you drooling. Very very fragrant! Simple fried rice but tastes really really good.

P/S : Don't expect a classy restarant setting here because the entire makan place is pretty old.