Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Help ! Help ! Fire in my office !

For the first time in my undercover daytime working experience, I had to face a fire situation in my own office (can't imagine if it's on my own level) .. I panicked a while, at the same time contemplating whether or not to take the alarm seriously (could it have been just a fire drill practice??) But everyone was going down the stairs so fast.. What should I do??

Duuuhhh.. when I went downstairs, I saw so many people gathering around because the fire alarm rang so loudly.. I was still confused and tried asking around but it seems that nobody knows what's happening..!

Hmm...strangely, there was no smoke or fire coming out from my office building which got me thinking, "Hey, this must be a joke..!" Well, it was actually a fire drill, aiya!! Panic for nothing... But it seemed so real, man!

So all in all, it took around 30 minutes for the firemen to gather everyone outside the building.. But in the meantime, a few people sneaked around and went up to their office.. What-lah! haha :D ...