Friday, November 16, 2007

Where are all the Maxis caller ringtones...??

Dear Maxis,
We just wanna say this, "What the heck happened to your caller ringtones????"

What is wrong with Music Unlimited???

What is wrong with you??

Superhero S is a loyal Maxis subscriber and she hasn't really had any bad encounters with Maxis really. In fact, she's actually planning to get Maxis Broadband as well.

BUT what she is soooooooo upset about is her caller ringtones. Well, she's someone who likes to constantly change her caller ringtones to keep up with the latest hit songs.

So, not too long ago, she deleted ALL her caller ringtones so that she can have them all replaced with new ones.

Guess what?

When she searched over at the database for caller ringtones, she got thrown with lotsa rubbish songs, songs that are soooooooooo outdated or never been heard of before & barely any decent English songs!

*Gasp! What happened to all those hit songs??
And why the "Your login session has expired. Please login again" displayed over and over again when I'm searching for those ringtones? Is there something wrong with your system?

Care to explain this, Maxis? Hmm..?

Yours sincerely,
Your friendly neighbourhood superheroes


ZeroH said...

Ya. I found out about that too not long ago. Luckily my old songs are still there. However, i've received a discouraging sms from maxis:

Effective 17-Dec-07: No more RM3 subscription for Caller Ringtone! U can buy new songs@RM3each & renew songs@RM2/song/mth.

This is so disadvantageous i'm thinking of cancelling subscription by then. Hotlink's deteriorating...

twosuperheroes said...

Oh Zeroh, I've just unsubscribed my caller ringtones. Nvm la..Listening to *tut tut* sounds is better than listening to crappy songs @RM3 each! :p

Anonymous said...

In this case, I'm afraid we can't blame Maxis. The guilty culprit is the music industry, who wanted so much more $$ that Maxis was forced to do this.

twosuperheroes said...

Hey anonymous, thanks for dropping by. Well, I don't suppose we can blame entirely on the music industry in Maxis' case.

You see..I don't get why Maxis can offer the latest hit songs in their ringtones, but not in their caller ringtones..Now that's not really fair, ain't it, Maxis? Hmmm??? Heheh.. :p