Monday, November 26, 2007

I can sing orchestra!

Nope...after many many thoughts..still nope.

Haha. I can never sing opera. It's too high octave and too...impossibly difficult for ppl with no talent like me! :p

The other day, when the two superheroes went to Berjaya Times Square to walk walk...there was an orchestra coincidentally playing at that time. Some Ukrainian Orchestra was it? I'm so sorry..I can't remember.

And it immediately reminded me of Mr.Bean. Haha! :p

Remember how Mr.Bean mouth-lipped the opera singer at one point in the latest installment of the Bean movie? Heheh...How he "effortlessly sang" the song complete with all his miserable expressions? Oh man..that was good! Haha.

We hung around a little while to check out the orchestra and it was really really good. Only the problem it that, the two superheroes have got little interest in it. But it's a real eye opener still! :p


L'abeille said...

Turning yourselves into two singing heroes now? Wow wee... you'll have our support!

twosuperheroes said... la,L'abeille..we can croak well that's all! :p
With our ultra-sexy voices, I'm afraid it may be too much to handle for our fans! Hehe.