Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You need to own 7 pair of jeans!! (If not, you'd better read this!)

Superhero W's jeans is busted with holes here and there, the problem is that one of them happens to be in the wrong place! So I thought I could surf around to check out any good jeans available online.

And look what I found?

I chanced upon Tobi.com, an online fashion boutique that actually has an online stylist to help you create a style that suits you! Wow...shopping is really getting much easier these days huh.

Check out what they have...

Nudie jeans! Yup, for those who are unfamiliar with nudie jeans, they are those spanking brand new jeans that are still stiff and crisp!

Well, it seems that Nudie Jeans Co.'s best selling jeans are those that comes raw, allowing you to create your own contour, wash and denim story; because they believe that every jeans has its own soul, it's own wear and tear story to tell that can never be done through factory processes.


So Superhero W needs to wear his own pair of Nudie Jeans so that with wear over time, he can put his own wear and tear on them! Brilliant idea really. Maybe Superhero S should get a new pair of jeans too! :p

But for girls, she found Seven for All Mankind instead!

In case if you haven't heard of this brand, it's really one of the most popular and best selling denim brands around! Even celebrities wear them! They offer affordable jeans at sexy and perfect fits. In other words, they bring out your every curves, girls!

Oh! And you know why the 'seven' in the brand name? Well, it seems that 7 is the average number of jeans a person owns! So, how many jeans do you own huh?

*Ahh...I love jeans...