Monday, December 22, 2008

Of Honey BBQ Chicken, Fried Carrot Cake & McWings

After our delightful MOS Burger meal, we were off to check in to our hotel in Geylang. Despite being a little emotionally disturbed by our own wild imaginations of the room next door and the unexplained stain on the comforter, all four of us still managed to catch some precious rest.... *ZzzzZZ.......*

And then, we were off to Orchard Road for some shopping and sight-seeing because the Christmas decorations were supposed to have been put up. The entire place always reminds me a little of our own Bintang Walk. Haha... All the bright lights, blinking neon lights, beautiful xmas decorations were absolutely charming! *grins*

Then Driver and girlfriend decided to chill out at a McCafe in the area while the two superheroes went around spending money like crazy...

Not that we've got a lot to spend but well, what the heck... it's not every day that we're on holiday! One thing we've come to realize is that, there always seem to be a nice, big crowd in most of the McCafes. Must be doing really well eh? With Driver and girlfriend patronizing McCafe at least once or twice a day during the times we were there, I'm sure their coffee and cakes must have been really good.

Which was why, Superhero W actually did finally order their Ice Blended Mocha Frappe (I hope this is the name!) out of curiosity. And sure it tasted SUPERB!!! Oh so very rich indeed! Superhero W liked it so much that he actually bought the same drink twice! Albeit on a different day of course. Haha.

And still on McCafe, remember that for Superhero S' birthday then in Singapore, the gang bought her a cute Oreo Cheesecake from McCafe? Besides the cake, there was also some really REALLY delicious McWings!!!

Crispy to bits, and juicy and tender on the inside... I could not ask for a better fried chicken wing! Yummy!!!!! Haha... So why isn't this available in Malaysia???!!!

And finally, we were all off to Food Republic at Wisma Atria for dinner. Yeah, MORE food!! Haha. Driver and Superhero W were the ones to place orders in some of the many many stalls around. And here comes the food...! *drools....*

Some really delicious looking Honey BBQ Chicken Wings, which actually tasted just okay. Yeah, looks can be deceiving sometimes. Hmm... But the Fried Carrot Cake from the stall right next to the BBQ wings stall was fantastic!!!

OMG... it's probably one of the best fried carrot cakes we've tasted! Surprising indeed... very very flavourful, the carrot cake is nice and springy and the portion is BIG! Much much better than the Fried Carrot Cake from the famous Prawn Noodle stall!

And of course... talking about prawn noodles, we had to order the ever popular Fried Prawn Noodles at Food Republic. It sure tasted all the same, still as yummylicious as its other Fried Prawn Noodle counterpart in Food Republic Pavilion, KL. It was a really good foodie day I have to say... by the time the day was coming to an end, I believe we all slept with a big BIG smile... A happy tummy, makes a happy person! *wink*

NEXT, a change of hotel and MORE foodie!


foongpc said...

How come Malaysia no McCafe yet? Maybe you two Superheroes should open one! Then I'll patronise your shop. Haha!

I remember last time went to Singapore, bought a sundae cone at McD for only SGD0.50. Malaysia's McD sells it at RM1 or if not mistaken, slightly higher now.

The fried carrot cake and honey BBQ chicken and the fried prawn noodles look so delicious! Yummy!!

twosuperheroes said...

haha, foong... we're hoping that YOU could open McCafe so that we could patronize it! Haha... :p

KY said...

I love mcwings!

twosuperheroes said...

we love it too!!