Friday, December 21, 2007

My birthday celebration @ Roadhouse Grill

It was Superhero W's 18th (yeah right...) birthday on last Tuesday.

Since Superhero S's birthday celebration was at Victoria Station (see related post), we decided to go for Roadhouse Grill this time. Hehe. Made advance reservation for a nice, secluded corner for dinner at 8pm.

We were quite surprised to see such a huge crowd on a weekday night really. WOW. I love it this way. Haha. C'mon, you wouldn't want to dine in a quiet cowboy restaurant! The moment we got in, the music was rocking already - kinda like the oldies. Love the ambience. Very cosy but EXTREMELY COLD! It's like the North Pole in there!

Okay okay, back to the food. For soup, we ordered the dorry and prawn cream of soup. For main course, Superhero W ordered his medium well Rib-Eye Steak with Potato Fries and Black Pepper sauce while Superhero S ordered her medium Fillet Mignon with Cheese, sweet potatoes and Mushroom sauce. For dessert, we went for the Messy Sundae (have been wanting to try it since we first saw it on L'abeille's food blog!!!)

They served us their famous yeast roll bread, along with butter. The bread has this sweet taste that goes really well with the butter. Nice! Then came the soup. OHHHHHH!!! It tastes like the soup from Prawn Mee! Strange eh. Quite thick and filled with prawns and bits of dory fish. Yum!

Next, we were served this really awesome salad! Guess what?? The salad is served in this little unique ice bowl! WOW... I'm impressed. Seriously.

As for the main course, my fillet mignon tastes really like LASAGNE with a really thick beef underneath!'s so so so so so GOOD! The meat was pink in the middle, very juicy and tender. And the sweet potato was gigantic! I've never seen such a huge one before! The beef goes really well with the mushroom sauce.

For Superhero W's rib eye, his expression is enough to tell me how fantastic is was! The black pepper sauce is really tasty, very strong but not too spicy. Terrific. And those fries he ordered, it's really good. Better than french fries - anytime! :p

Messy Sundae? Heavenly. Haha. We had a fun time scrapping off the chocolate from the surface of the glass. Perfect 10 for presentation. Haha.

Overall, with the friendly service, we paid like RM130 for everything. Kinda reasonable really! Can't wait for our next meal there...! Haha :p

p/s : because of a lot of food we ate last tuesday, forgot to tell you we had one float ( coke and vanilla ) and superhero S only called Mango Juice.. hehehe


SuperWeightKoalabear said...

the food was great isn't it!? but pity, many outlets had closed down... bangsar, one Utama, bukitbintang... pity pity... for good steak, ROADHOUSE GRILL rawks!!!

twosuperheroes said...

yeah... really great.. the service also nice.. one more the serving is big. hehhee..

so only one outlet left? so pity ar..

L'abeille said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday my Hero!

Err... I thought i published that messy sundae at my food blog? hehe...

I just Love the bread served there... *yums!*

twosuperheroes said...

hey l'abeille,hehe...erm, Superhero W must have messed up the link..heheh..nvm nvm. Superhero S will correct it...

Oh, we simply cannot resist your Messy Sundae you commented abt in your blog, that's why we specially ordered it to try! hehe..It was good..yummmmm.... :p

L'abeille said...

No worries about the link hehe...
By the way, nice hor... it's even nicer when we mess it up a little ;)