Wednesday, December 19, 2007

KL-PUTRAJAYA highway : A Review ( Update : pictures )

Haha...Yeah. Since there are just so many reviews these days about blockbuster movies, how about if the two superheroes bring you a nice review about a HIGHWAY? :p

Haha. More specifically, the KL-PUTRAJAYA highway - the latest addition to the family of new higher concrete and tar masses of blocks to invade the already over-congested KL. So, on Tuesday nite right after Superhero W's birthday celebration, we decided to throw away some money on the petrol and tol to experiment the newly-opened highway!

Surprise surprise! No tol yet for now. Guess they are trying to test the market eh. But I bet ya, it's not gonna cost cheap if you're planning to hit the roads for Putrajaya or KLIA. Expected since the distance travelled is really quite far (and boring!) despite using the highway.

We really should've taken the road in the daylight rather than under the moonlight because riding on that highway is VERY VERY creepy. It's quite deserted really. Nothing on the left and right. Bushes. Hills. Abandoned constructions. Even the rest area is empty and gloomy. And the fact that there's really not much spaces left in KL and Selangor for new construction has forced this new highway to take long detours around KL and S'gor.

We travelled from its first entrance at Jln Tun Razak and we can make a fair guess from the little views that we can see from the highway that the highway passes by Cheras, Bukit Jalil (here's your first exit), Seri Kembangan and all the way till your next exits at the Putrajaya Link or KLIA.

Scared by how spooky and empty the highway was, we decided to take the Putrajaya exit. If we are not mistaken, we kinda exited near Cyberjaya, near MEASAT.

In short, the highway should be more convenient for those travelling during festive seasons or wanna speed their way on straight / winding wide roads. For normal occasions, we find it quite far to reach even Bukit Jalil. Better go through the Sg. Besi tol and continue from there. Seems faster. And more exciting.


Knock Some Sense said...

Thanks for the review :D I actually wanted to find out the exits for this highway to see where this highway will lead me to beside KLIA and Putrajaya. :D

I will definitely try it next week.. for a 'short' ride to Putrajaya.

twosuperheroes said...

hey, you're welcomed kss! Yeah, you should try the highway, but try it in the morning, ok? haha...cos it's really spooky at night! :p