Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Giant Hypermarket vs. TESCO (unbelievably kiasu!)

The two superheroes love travelling on this road heading towards TESCO Puchong. We were using this road from Astro, Bukit Jalil that leads to Puchong a few days back when saw them again!

HAHA. Check this out. In case if you find the images a little blur or small or grainy or whatever, they are taken when we were actually on the move along the road - at the very last minute!

The first picture shows the cannot-be-missed, bright yellow billboard that says Giant Hypermarket is like 1.5km away. Okay, fine. In the next few hundred metres, it comes out again. The next huge Giant billboard to coax people there insists that it's KURANG JAUH (less far). Let me translate this to you "less far than TESCO"!

Okay. Desperate.

Then travel another few hundred metres, you are going to see a TESCO billboard on the right that says TESCO is just another 5.6km away. (We didn't manage to take a snapshot of this one)

Now comes the most interesting billboard from Giant. It screams "Kenapa pandu 5.6km?"! What the....! Haha. From this moment, I'm sure you can see that the billboards are actually "talking to one another"!!

Then comes yet another Giant billboard, asking drivers to actually TURN AROUND (make a U-turn!) OMG!!!

It was a great show of billboards really. Very very entertaining indeed. In the end, of course we went to TESCO! :p


JASON said...

saw that 2. damn funny. but cant beat mydin n giant at subang.