Friday, December 28, 2007

Fried carrot cakes - YUMMY!

The two superheroes were back in Malacca for the loooooooooong weekend...

Superhero W is still nursing his flu...poor thing (You guys didn't wish him well is it? :p) Hasn't recovered 100% but don't worry, Superhero S will make sure he gets well again ok? Haha. :p

Okay, it was such a long break in Malacca with Superhero S's family reunion going on, yup, Superhero Bros were back too! Heh heh. I even had the chance to hop over to a pasar malam (night market) near my place, and brought my cute, adorable Superhero W along...

Look what I had, Fried Carrot Cakes! OH how I missed you!!!

Haha... Check it out. This is the most famous one in town. No kidding. This guy sells his famous kuih lobak in many pasar malam as well as in Jonker Walk! :p