Friday, December 28, 2007


This year, the two superheroes will not be ushering in the new year at KLCC on the 31st though. So don't expect to see two strange looking fella in red underwear and skin-tight catwoman outfit. But for those who are planning to join in for the huge celebration at KLCC this year, ENJOY!!!!

Having celebrated many times in KL before, we figured that it would be good to make a change this year and celebrate in quiet ol' Malacca..Hehe.. Too busy and too noisy in KLCC. :p

But from the few times that I've celebrated in KLCC before, it can be a really really crazy crowd. Girls, please BE CAREFUL. Many many naughty hands out there who jump at the chance of grabbing your erm...butt and front..Haha. No kidding. Many friends have been victimised before.

And for guys, please don't be gatal (lustful) and keep your hands to yourself ok. Don't bother trying to call your friends if you get lost in the crowd. You won't get thru the line. Lines would be all congested. Just wait at some landmark, don't move and pray for the best.

One more thing, when you're moving around, just follow the human traffic. Don't move against the traffic. They will swamp you to death. :p

Have a happy new year everyone!


nyx said...

melaka :) my fav place in west msia :D

happy new year!

twosuperheroes said...

haha..yeah, nyx. It's a really nice place. Lotsa food, food and food! haha.. :p

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too.. :)

Im[a]She said...

i love mlk too..i lovew the food..nyummy..

L'abeille said...

Happy New Year & have a safe journey! Come back with great foodie reports okey? hehe

Jeremy said...

Reading your post make me scared.. Hehehe :)

"Don't move against the traffic. THEY SWAMP YOU TO DEATH..!!"

Wow..That's cool..Anyway, Happy Upcoming New Year to both of you superheroes. May 2008 bring a Good Luck for you. Cheers..!!

twosuperheroes said...

im[a]she, yeah..haha..melaka has lotsa good's literally a food heaven... :p

hey labeille, too bad the two of us went back home to recuperate, not to enjoy! *sigh* haha..Superhero W is still not fully recovered..and Superhero S caught the sick bug from him! Suey.. haha..

hey jeremy, no lah..we don't mean to scare you..haha..we're nice friendly people.. :p
Oh..and happy new year to you too! Many happy returns as well.. :)